Bees, Fungi, Vaccines, and You

Posted to Subscribers on 22 June 2007


Of all the posts I sent to you, posts on health and healing, the environment, politics, and metaphysics, the ones on bees generated the most email to me.  Among other comments worthy of note is that colony collapse disorder is unique to bees kept in the "conventional" (good grief) manner.  At the moment, bees living and working in organic growths are fine.  We surely hope this continues.


Among the many causes of CCD, cell phones and microwave tower radiation, herbicides and pesticides, and fungi are cited as the causes of this tragedy.  While I would agree that none of these posssible or probable agents are congenial, fungi are surely the most dangerous.  I know, many of you may think that my allergies border on paranoia, but once upon a time, I urged you to watch a video on youtube, not a homemade video, but a masterpiece by David Attenborough [removed from YouTube] .

The scientific world is so specialized that connecting the dots is for people outside the box, folks like you and, of course, me.

It's been a few years since I was trotting back and forth between Europe and here.  At first, I was astonished by the word "bio-diesel" seen on many signs.  When inquiring of the secretary who fetched me at the Frankfurt Airport, she pointed to a lot of yellow flowers beside the road.  Eventually, I was to learn that the Greens had analyzed the environmental impact of bio-diesel as opposed to fossil fuels and calculated that until a better alternative became available, fossil fuels were less harmful.  It was not long before I realized that the little hotel where I stayed, which had always been organic and vegetarian, was also connected with honey suppliers so many of the patients seeing the doctor were also buying honey because German bees were dying.

Now, the European Parliament has called for a global ban on genetically modified crops.  Slow as this movement has been, it is obviously absolutely necessary and overdue.  Frankly, I don't care what happens to Monsanto, ADM, or Cargill, but I care what happens to the Planet.  As I have told you in previous emails, these catastrophes do not sneak up on us; they are years in the making and often marketed under false banners such as alleviating hunger or famine.  In reality, of course, the corporations behind the biggest adventure in the history of food all have a revolving door with members of Congress, the White House, the FDA, and even the Supreme Court.  Pamela Harriman warned years ago that ADM was the single largest contributor to both the Republicans and Democrats and could meet the president any time it wanted.  So, who runs our Government?

If you think I am overreacting, I ask you to reel back and think again.  Why can't those of us who want to know if our food contains GMO components have labeling that makes this clear.  For some people this is a health issue; for others it is an ethical issue based on genetic manipulation, use of viruses to make foods, or potential harm to the environment.  The corporations argue on the one hand that the food is no different from other food and therefore does not require regulation, but they also demand patent protection and ruthless punishment of those who inadvertently infringe their patents due to cross-pollination of genetically modified plants with other species.  This is a game played with rules made by corporate thugs, but more importantly, bees are crucial to our food supply and the health of the Planet.  If they do not pollinate our food and flowers, we will starve and the Planet will lose its beauty.  Keep in mind that all species depend directly or indirectly on plant materials.

Have we irrevocably compromised survival on the Planet?  I am not sure but given our diversity, many seem bent on Armageddon whereas others are wondering if the Mayan calendar indeed shows us the end of the world as we know it.

Once upon a time, I had a long discussion with a man who was writing a book on predicting death. I said not everyone would react the same way to news that the end is near.  He, being Indian, insisted that people would harmonize with family members and then go to the Himalayas or forests to be with their gurus and prepare for their next incarnations.  Though I obviously understood what he was saying, I could not resist adding, "and others will max out their credit cards believing they will not have to face the consequences."  Somewhere in between these extremes, we find most of humanity.

A dear friend is a specialist in biodiversity.  He told me years ago, and I have repeated this from time to time for you, that every urban dweller should be cultivating native species plants.  Obviously, they should be growing these organically, preferably with heirloom seeds or some other proven variety that has demonstrated its viability in the face of ice ages and deluges.  These scattered plots are where the necessary species can be preserved because they are going to be needed.

We have this maddening situation in which sociopaths have not only developed franken foods, but they have created an agroindustry that does not renew itself.  The terminator seeds cannot be used to plant next year's crops and therefore, we have a problem in the making for which no one has prepared a solution.  The solution must be in your hands and mine because industry has gone mad and taken the politicians down with them.

Why am I ranting and raving? 

Looking from another perspective, I am livid at the use of fungi to control bacteria.  This is occurring in the health industry as well as agriculture, but I am absolutely certain there is not a single safety study proving the wisdom of this practice.  In fact, it is folly.  Our food is laced with fungi, our medicine is peppered with it, and our homes are riddled with it.  So, enormous amounts of money are being spent to make it seem that people who entertain thoughts such as mine are lunatics who cannot benefit from the sagacity of good science.  The truth is, I have not seen much "good science" in many years.  Those paying for the research buy the result before forking out any money so they get what their money buys.  We have to be smarter than this.

So, I am asking you to be proactive:  plant!  Plant what grows best in your area and plant intelligently to preserve the future and your habitat.  Plant to attract bees and birds.  Plant food crops, and for heaven's sake, do it all organically or biodynamically.

A few of you are new subscribers and some have heard this before. Some write me angry emails when I raise doubts about mainstream practices.  Just for the record, this results in my unsubscribing you because you are guests on the lists and I don't need my vibration rattled.  Most of you just appreciate reminders and occasional nudges, so here come some more.

The handwriting is on the wall.  Vaccines for HPV are being forced on teenage girls by industries that are in cahoots with population reduction proponents in government.  The technology to cause sterility exists. I am not saying this will happen; I am saying, preserve your freedom of choice.  There are ceaseless campaigns to repress stem cell research but mandate vaccines for anthrax or West Nile Virus or whatever.  Resist all of them and take back your right to run your life your own way.  Be vigilant because when you are not, things happen behind closed doors.

I have posted an article on vaccines:

It has been online in a protected area for years, a place where only practitioners could see it.  I moved it to a public place this morning because I think we all need more information.  Before you overreact, read six or seven of the linked articles.  It's not up-to-date, but you can find heaps on this subject once you realize how much you need the information.

Many blessings,



Recommended sources of seeds:


Plants Bees Like
All basils, especially Rama tulsi which is which is highly prophyllactic to plant and insect diseases
All clovers, especially red, white, and crimson
All mints, especially licorice mint
All sages, especially garden sage
Alfalfa, fenugreek, bell beans and flax
True comfrey, Symphytum officinalis
Mallows, especially hollyhock
Mullein, especially Greek mullein
Scotch broom
Oregon grape
Rue, thyme, hyssop, rosemary, oregano, marjoram





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