What in the World are They Spraying?

Posted to Subscribers on 6 November 2010


Dear Subscribers,

Sorry for the deluge, but I feel a sense of urgency. This email will be devoted to the DVD on chemtrails which arrived here yesterday. I am scribbling this before following up with strategies that can be used to mitigate the effects of what is being rained on us. I had been holding back a bit hoping the DVD would add to my arsenal but this is not exactly what I gained from watching the film.

The film is difficult to review because there are so many complexities. What I write will therefore be from my perspective rather than that of someone less conversant with this subject.

First of all, the producers — G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murray, and Paul Wittenberger — did a fine job. Moreover, unlike countless other copyrighted endeavors, they encourage duplication, sharing, and promotion of the information, and are not holding out a tin cup asking for more support. What they really want to see happen is for every individual on the Planet to become involved. The film targets those who either have never heard of chemtrails or who believe that chemtrails are just contrails. Sometimes, the material on the web, especially youtube.com, is presented in ways that are less than convincing so while there is nothing at all new in this film about the distinction between normal jet trails that dissipate quickly and chemtrails that linger, the handling of the subject was such that the argument that chemtrails belong to the domain of conspiracy theorists was put to rest.

The second point that was brought out better than any previous effort to explain why we ought to be serious on this subject is that chemtrails are damaging the environment. They are causing such serious damage that the experts believe the harm is permanent. I think "permanent" is a big word and underestimates our capacity to solve problems, but the question of whether or not the consequences are acceptable certainly arises.

Third, though already quite well informed on this controversial subject, the film managed to bring into focus a serious incongruity that was alluded to in the trailers but not framed before in my mind. "Officially" geoengineering is merely under discussion and has not started. This is obviously completely untrue — see call outs and then the charade.

The Patent

So, here we have a situation arriving on the heels of climategate in which the scientists would have us believe that geoengineering of our skies is a new idea that has not yet been tried. They stand before cameras suggesting that the risks of doing nothing are greater than the risks of unforeseeable harm so we must embrace their sense of urgency. They profess not to be aware of chemtrails, not even to recognize the possibility that experiments with geoengineering might already have taken place, and not to have done a single peer-reviewed study — and yet they are asking the world, yes, the whole world, to accept their conclusions. The "international" conference hosting these scientists was apparently open to the public, not particularly well attended, and certainly not aimed at meteorologists, climatologists, geophysicists, toxicologists, soil scientists, etc., etc., etc., etc. In short, any self-proclaimed, panic driven fool who has fallen for the global warming scam can stand up and demand that we poison all life on this Planet before carbon emissions or the sun fry us.

Polar Ice

Once again, to the credit of the producers of "What in the World are They Spraying?", these scientists came off as completely ungrounded in reality. However, there was a bit of weakness by not sufficiently underscoring the fact that the elapsed time between conceptualization, implementation, and discussion was more than 20 years. Moreover, the sequence of events was less than routine.

We are being asked to believe that after the fact, years and years after the fact, that scientists are just now discussing "ideas" for managing global warming when the reality is that their statements merely parrot the concepts described in the patent. . . which, of course, have already been implemented on a scale that is staggering. The film could have handled this just a bit better, but if you are like me, you will not need someone else to highlight for you. However, keeping in mind who the target audience is, the yellow pen would have been helpful. Also, and this is just my view, documents were shown on screen and they were very clean, but if you actually wanted to read them, you had to freeze the screen. I ended up taking some screen shots to read later. I think that the DVD would be stronger if all these documents were added as additional resources, like an archive. The technology exists now for supplementing the basic film with extras such as historic footage, interviews, and studies. The power of the DVD would be 5-10 times greater had these been included or if the source materials used in producing the film were at least organized as an online reference.


The Facts

For the record, though chemtrails are being sprayed in many areas, the spraying is most intense in NATO Alliance countries, suggesting thereby that they serve a military purpose. So far as what is in the chemtrails, they focused on aluminum, barium, and strontium, no surprises there except that the levels are thousands of times higher than normal, well above the level where reports are supposed to be filed. They showed how these toxins are affecting the soil, plant growth, and to some extent human health.

What is brought out in the film is that the scientists are — after the fact — urging implementation of this "plan" while acknowledging two absolutely critical issues. The first is that the consequences to health have not "yet" been published. Worse yet, once started, we can never just stop in the hopes of undoing the damage done. Apparently, there is one point on which these handpicked scientists agree: stopping will be difficult. However, the truth is not quite as hidden as "they" would have us believe. The truth is that it was well understood that implementation of this plan would cause climate changes, not just forestall global warming, but it could cause droughts in Ethiopia and drastic changes in temperature, up or down, in various places. The fact that these risks were accepted suggests to me that this is in fact a military operation because no politician could stay in office when "collateral damage" reaches such great magnitudes.

License to Kill?

The arguments justifying the "preservation" of life in one area versus the destruction in another are based on using the ability to direct change in a manner that moves the risk from areas with large populations to those with lesser populations. However, one of the many to respond to questions said that it is very obvious to her that the chemtrails are being deliberately used to undermine health and fertility. In short, these operations have medical consequences that are occurring without the consent of victims and perhaps without the consent or even knowledge of elected officials.

Let me try to be as sober as possible. Countless planes are spewing aerosols containing toxic metals. These chemtrails do not disperse like contrails. In fact, they are saying, some remain in suspension in the air for years. I was not too comfortable with that statement, but sooner or later, everything precipitates downwards and fouls our land and water.

What happens to water is that it becomes toxic. The formerly pristine waters of Mt. Shasta are now hugely toxic, more than 60,000 ppm of aluminum (normal being 2 ppm). The pH of the soil goes up in a way that damages the roots of plants until they eventually die. The signs of this happening are softening and whitening of bark and then death of plants, both food and forest plants. Since the aluminum used is highly flammable, forest fires are harder to control.

Meanwhile, science has come to our rescue with plants that are genetically modified in a way that makes them aluminum resistant. Organic farmers on the island of Maui in Hawaii have actually asked Monsanto for GMO seeds.


Do Politicians Really Kiss Babies

There was very little in this film that was new for me except, of course, that all polished presentations are worth watching. So, aside from framing the facts, what was riveting was about 20-30 minutes of footage in Congress where attempts were made to ask elected officials about their positions on chemtrails. I am afraid I am reeling. If you see a politician on TV or on the campaign trail, he or she usually presents the best image possible and appears to be friendly. In the halls on the hill, this is not at all the case. Catching these officials off guard, without make up or teleprompters, shows how completely uninformed they are, how disinterested they are in information that is vital, and how below average their IQs and behavior are. Even if one cuts some slack for failure to make appointments, this footage was shocking. Of those accosted by the camera crews and interviewers, only Diane Feinstein managed more or less to respond appropriately to questions.

Okay, that's the film and if uninformed on this topic, it is obviously time to become informed.

You can order the DVD here: http://www.realityzone.com/whatspray.html


Personal Comments

Chemtrails have been a deep source of concern to me ever since they began more than a decade ago. The film producers did not really mention medical waste products or mycoplasma. To make their point, they did not have to cross that bridge and doing so would obviously have increased the level of controversy. The producers make the point that a massive covert operation is underway. The spraying is presumably being carried out by the military, and it has global impact. There is apparently no oversight by international organizations, meteorologists, climatologists, soil scientists, medical doctors, epidemiologists, toxicologists, public health officials, or even elected officials, all of whom, Dennis Kucinich excepted, claim to be totally ignorant.

This ignorance is completely unacceptable so if you watch no other parts of the DVD than the last half hour, you must look at the body language and facial expressions of all those who "represent" us.   As mentioned, I was stunned. Perhaps we need to make it illegal to read speeches written by others so we know whether or not the people seeking high positions are capable of drafting whole sentences on their own. Yes, folks, it really was that bad.

Now that the subject matter has been presented, we can concentrate next on where we go from here. I believe it is imperative that this DVD goes viral and we deluge officials in all countries until the madness is ended. So far as the recovery is concerned, I have implicit faith in Nature's ability to heal Herself and all living creatures, including humans. However, after watching this DVD, my faith in official science and politicians dropped to the lowest point ever. We have to climb up or go down.

Many blessings,







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