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Posted to Subscribers on 23 September 2010


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After years of watching and filming the strange trails in the sky — in countless countries of the world — a document has appeared that tells it all and confirms what serious investigators have been reporting for over a decade. I went online to see what the current status of chemtrail reporting is and it seems that despite absolutely insurmountable evidence, chemtrails are still considered part of conspiracy theory. To his credit, Dennis Kucinich attempted to introduce a space preservation act in Congress in which chemtrails were listed as one of the novel and prohibited weapons. However, the new leak is a 300-page document with chapter and verse.


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For those who want the bottom line and do not care about the context of this monumental crime against all life on the Planet, here is the clincher:

“Over the past decade, independent testing of Chemtrails around the country have shown a dangerous, extremely poisonous brew that includes: barium, nano-aluminium coated fibreglass (known as CHAFF), radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, dessicated blood, mould spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide and polymer fibres. Barium can be compared to the toxicity of arsenic and is known to adversely affect the heart. Aluminium has a history of damaging brain function.” 

Not too long ago, I started a list of what newly elected officials must do in their first minute in office. The list was to have sequels, but these have not yet been posted. The reason for putting chemtrails at the top of the list is obvious: there can be no serious discussion about health, about the environment, about food safety, about the purpose of the military, about global climate (changes), about the responsibilities of empire, or even about transparency in government until this issue has been tackled. Since these are topics on which politicians campaign, the promises made on the stump are vacuous unless chemtrails are addressed.

Organic is Meaningless

Late at night, I often read emails that I had set aside for later. Among these was a long suspected fact: "organic" is an essentially meaningless term. When some herbalists were debating whether or not to become organically certified, their conclusion was that the word would soon be appropriated by mainstream agriculture and lose its credibility. We looked for another word. I believe I suggested "sustainable" or "sustainably harvested" but these words can also now be found in U.N. documents as well as various reprehensible strategies for reducing population by whatever means necessary. When I phoned a local "organic" soil provider, I asked how they knew the soil was organic. They said they don't add anything to the yard waste they compost. I then asked if they only accept yard waste from organic sources. They hemmed and hawed and insisted that they sometimes send soil out for chemical analyses. Bull-headed that I sometimes am, I asked how often they run the tests. It seems they only did it once in their history, but I have lived here for ten years and passed the sign practically every time I drive somewhere and the sign has said "organic" all this time.

Animal Input

A few hours ago, I had a follow up session with my animal communicator. I wanted to know why last summer Savika insisted she liked it better outside and this summer, she hardly spends any time at all outside. She said she had studied all the smells and habits of the other creatures in the environment and didn't think she had more to learn out there. I asked what she was doing now. She said she was working very hard on trying to educate me to follow my first instinct and not to allow my mind to question what pops up first. I begged her to continue. She said, "Well, for instance, have you decided to change how you garden?" I asked her precisely what her question meant. She said, "Now that you have proof that you can't trust the sources for the manure (her word choice), what are your plans?" I was, of course, blown away again. She said she learns a lot by reading my mind but she now wants to teach me to learn things in an easier manner and not wrestle with so many details. She was very talkative today and I was simply astonished, once more!

I explained that we had to compost even more and make our own soil and not rely on outside sources. She felt this was a good solution. I asked her then if she'd do me a favor. Since her sense of smell is 1000 times better than mine, I asked if she would take note of any pesticides blowing into the yard. She said, "I'll add it to my list of chores," implying somehow that the list was already a bit too long. I guess educating me is trashing her energy and she needs more down time.

The response to my post yesterday was incredible. I was not expecting so much interest and even felt a little remiss in suspending the talk on parasites for a week or two.

Rod and I just spoke and we'll announce something tomorrow about the plants. He will have roots for growing as well as some that can be processed medicinally.

As some of you know, Patrick Leahy introduced a companion bill to already egregious food safety shenanigans. Senate Bill S. 3767 was to have been discussed today. It is loosely worded, difficult to interpret, but it would provide 10-year jail sentences for people making health claims for food. I suppose food is supposed to be a collection of calories and chemtrails and not promote health? In case you haven't noticed, the government is out-of-control.

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