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This is a day early, meaning it is the type of post I usually write on a Sunday, but today is April Fool's Day so what better day to take up what is real and what is just wool over our eyes.

Once I mentioned a tiny event in my college days. President Sukarno was visiting Hawaii and students were being recruited to join a welcoming party at the airport. I am certain I was not chosen for my looks but rather because I had been studying Indonesian and could converse fairly fluently (at that time). We were briefed and warned not to do anything that might cause an international scandal. It was my first face-to-face meeting with a politician. At the time, I thought he was far less important than appears today to have been the case. Yes, he was president of a large country with considerable diversity, but how could one compare Indonesia with Japan or Great Britain. Anyway, a number of us went to the airport and I asked President Sukarno about rumors and what to believe and what not to believe. He responded that most rumors are true. I forget whether he said 90% or 95%. I deliberately did not refer to any specific rumor, but he was a rather infamous womanizer and surely he knew he had a reputation. Today, we realize that Indonesia is actually a key player in the reorganization of international currencies and this does, in fact, go back to the days when President Sukarno was in power.

What I want to play with right now is what many Internet posters refer to as "intel" because the word used to have a serious meaning but these days it seems to apply to everything from ouiji boards to channeling to gossip. According to Dr. Carol Rosin, Dr. Wernher von Braun discussed the military industrial complex's need for funds rather cynically, saying that to generate a never-ending stream of funds, there would first be a propaganda war on communism, then on terrorists and rogue nations, then asteroids, and finally aliens. After diving under desks in elementary school, we can look back now and ask why. With terrorism, the spying has become so horrific that children are being prompted to rat on their parents. Now, we have "disclosure" in countless headlines. All my life, I have believed there is life on other planets, but this is an appropriate time to ask what kind of life?


If we gather "information" from contactees and whistle blowers and psychics, we have to exercise an absolutely immense amount of discernment because so much seems to be nothing more than projection of our own psychological patterns onto other civilizations. For example, if I tried to explain the difference between an American and a Russian, I would probably look at very superficial similarities and differences, but I could not be sure any of my judgments would be correct if I had never lived in Russia, not learned to speak the language, and only saw through my own windows, which, of course, is the only view any of us ever have. We can try very hard to exchange impressions with others, but we still filter through our own psyches and that means we interpret in large part through comparisons and contrasts rather than shall we say immersion.

In previous posts, I mentioned the quest for gold, wars, and probably also the search for a planet similar enough to ours that it would support life if we wanted to escape for one reason or another. Of course, the possibility of intergalactic tourism probably exists, but many who are tangled up in doom and gloom are thinking this planet will be destroyed because of human behavior or perhaps Nibiru, meteors, or comets. It could, of course, also be destroyed by wars with aliens so to the extent that our imaginations allow us to think this, we will conjure up, perhaps with help from Hollywood, all kinds of spectres of demonic aliens with highly advanced technology who may also be physically gigantic or maybe just intradimensional so now you see them and now you don't. These are mostly mind games because the mind needs a frame of reference and while it can manipulate a certain amount of data and play with what would happen if information from one vault were combined with information from another. The fact would however remain that we would still be projecting from within our own rooms and what we project would still therefore come from a part of the mind that has been colored and conditioned by its own limited experiences. Given that we only use about two percent of our brains, experience must be severely limited.

Even if we are curious and read widely and exchange data — or intel — with others, we are still talking in third dimensional terms about something outside our own experience. Well, that might not be 100% true, but it would be better than 99% true. So, that beats the rumor figure President Sukarno used, but should we believe what we hear?

Personally, I am fairly tired of the reptilian dialogue. I confess to a certain amount of interest in quaint theories about evolution of dinosaurs to birds and humanoids who might be scalier than others or languishing for the wings they lost. This does not quite make them into Avian Humans even if one sees such pictographs in pyramids. Maybe they existed and maybe they did not.

If these beings and the stasis beings exist, the question is where are they and what is the relationship between them and us. I am astonished that people can upload hours and hours of video and radio commentary based 100% on hearsay gained from intel provided by someone else who is relying on second- or third-hand reports from others. So, I want to focus on just two points.

The first is the commentary of Admiral Byrd on Antarctica. He apparently saw continents beyond the ice wall that were enormous. They were rich in minerals and some areas were temperate. If disclosure were to allow the general public to know what exactly he saw seventy years ago, it would be interesting, maybe fascinating, maybe shattering because, at minimum, the geography we learned as children is wrong. I think it is almost certain it is wrong or at least incomplete. The question is why have his findings been classified? He returned non the worse for wear so if he encountered dangerous reptilian aliens, they did not attack much less feast on him.

My mother wrote science fiction under a pseudonym before I was even born. I think there are many frustrated creative writers and film makers who like to tell stories or spin something about which they have no personal experience. The web is full of rubbish and occasionally a pearl. Once more, the ability to discern is much needed when anyone can upload anything regardless of its merit.


What constantly comes up is the immense question of why there is so much secrecy. Admiral Byrd referred to resources, implying, I fear, the passion for exploitation of everything that can possibly generate wealth. Others believe Nazis escaped to Antarctica and built bases where they continued to develop technologies that are in advance of what we see around us today. Then there are those who are certain of the existence of ancient alien civilizations in which either the beings are on the surface or underground, and they are either alive and prospering or in stasis and about to awaken. So, we have room for lots of speculation and "intel" that may or may not be remotely ball park.

In addition to these speculations, there are those who believe there is a second sun or second earth lurking somewhere. In short, sorting fact from fiction will take a lot effort or a declassification of a heap of materials. Whatever is being hidden, it must be very important if so many countries have colluded to keep the secrets. From where I sit, it would seem the power masters need time to reinvent their agenda. Meanwhile, we are confronted by a troubling lack of first-hand information.

So what is their agenda? First, they had to separate us from our inner knowing, part of which comes from direct experience. This becomes clear when we study the knowledge of something like medicinal herbs from traditional medicine makers and shamans. They are in tune with their environments and confident of their knowledge because most of it was gleaned from direct observation. In short, they can verify their knowledge by reference to personal experience, something we cannot do if we only read or watch films about matters that are foreign to our own actual experience. How can anyone split any individual off from himself? The simple answer is that this is achieved by force or temptation. There may be punishments for failure to toe the line or temptations that pander to our vices, ambition, or curiosity. If we think about this, it is clear that no one would go to war unless forced or misled. Otherwise, we would choose to live safely and close to those we know and love. Likewise, we would not sacrifice our souls in corporate jobs unless making a living were a necessity or a way to prove oneself in a complex world that is utterly artificial. In short, by moving people around, the immediate consequence is that we are cut off from our roots, often to the point that we cease to know ourselves. People must be rewarded for their compliance so they are allowed to rack up debt and pay interest and so on and so forth. The cycle would seem self-perpetuating unless hoards of people catch on that they are enslaved and they rebel. So, in the event of a rebellion, the powers that be must have a Plan B. In the present time, we are experiencing one false flag after another, and I am at the point that I believe alien disclosure is likely to be another false flag, not because there are no aliens but because the genuine aliens are entirely different from the myths being spun now.

Alien Myths

That is my second purpose for writing but the question now is whether to go on today or split this post into two parts.

The reason I resist swallowing the intel hook, line, and sinker is that I find the assumptions jarring. I am not questioning the sincerity of those have taken the bait, merely stating that I believe there are principles that obey laws so the story lines are often really hard to accept. Here is my basic argument. Consciousness cannot be separate from dimensionality or this can be stated in the reverse, i.e., dimensionality is a state of consciousness so the laws of the dimension are consistent with consciousness.

I may one day be proven wrong, but I think free will only exists in the third dimension. Only free will can make us deviate from "the norm" that is consistent with the integrity or coherence of the Universe. Coherence is a very interesting word because it implies sticking to something that is correct, i.e., living without creating ripples that have repercussions, aka karma.

In the first and second dimension, our behavior is governed by instincts and emotions. In the third dimension, the mind can work to some extent. It is not an independent mind but a conditioned mind. The difference would be a mind that has learned various subjects but not really experienced or understood them in any depth. Let's use the example of the debate that I cited in a recent post on electromagnetic risks to our health. We believe these technologies are safe or that they are dangerous depending on which pundit or propagandist we have chosen to believe. The information has come from school, a book, a marketing agency, who knows, but we choose to process the information in our own way and to make decisions based on what we believe. However, we cannot really be sure our faith has been placed in the right court if we have accepted falsehoods and a clever mixture of fact and fiction. A good propagandist will have just enough truth mixed into his pitch that we accept what we cannot verify on the basis of what seems to be true. Religion and politics have taken this to an even higher level than science, but we are living in times in which profit often motivates corruption of facts.

What is fascinating in the third dimension is all the drama that occurs because of our power to accept falsehoods and to allow them to determine the outcomes of important decisions. I can give some examples from my own life. I do this not so much to be autobiographical but so as to avoid mentioning anything regarded as private by others. When I was in Washington, D.C. explaining my intention to resign from the State Department, someone asked me to have lunch with him. He promised not to talk jobs, just music. Well, he did not keep his promise, and he conned me into taking a job in India. Later, when he visited India, I said, "You lied to me." He said, "If I had told you the truth, you never would have accepted the job." Well, that ended all further polite discussions of music. Most people have been deceived at one time or other. This is lamentable, but I have almost never found a dog with a crooked tongue. Occasionally, I have had dogs do sneaky things but their behavior usually betrays them because they act like they are waiting to get into some kind of trouble, you know for snitching something delicious off the kitchen counter or digging up the garden. Several people have told me one of the hardest things about parenting is finding the proper way to enforce rules and build character. Dogs are generally more obedient than children, but regardless, we try not to break anyone's spirit. Alas, this is exactly what the perverters of truth do. They seed fear so as to manipulate. This crushes our free will and much more because the more fear there is, the harder it is to be in alignment with self or with spirit. So, there you have it! The motivation for creating fear is to control. There will be consequences for failing to fall in line and consequences for trying to overthrow the overlords.

My argument is that our immortality is based on our relationship to a higher power. We can give this whatever name we want: the Creator, the soul, the overself, the divine self, the higher self, you choose. There is no free will at this level and therefore no capacity to create karma or to generate the repercussions for actions. This is a transcendental state and it is formless so there is no need for wealth, no need for battle, and no need for power. Ergo, in the higher dimensions, there are no wars or reasons for fear. Yes, it is possible there are other third dimensional places in the Universe and some may have more advanced technology, but we actually have very little evidence for this, just rumor mills. By this, I am not saying that there are no space ships or interdimensional beings, merely that, in my estimation, we have nothing to fear from the visitors. We should, of course, be wary of psyops that simulate alien abductions. We should also be wary of impersonations so we do not attribute experiences to aliens that are actually related to perversions in our society.

Well, this could in fact go on and on. I have linked to two videos. One to Dr. Carol Rosin and the other to a presentation at the University of Chicago, my father's alma mater, in which an astrophysicist talks about complex matters. I watched the video last summer and did not review it before posting tonight, but I remember thinking that I might as well be reading comic books. Sorry, no disrespect intended, but it seems clear enough that geniuses are dealing with very complex subjects and simply speculating.

Please discern and hang onto your rudders!

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