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Posted to Subscribers on 25 December 2010


Dear Subscribers,

It's Christmas Day and the sun already feels much stronger today. I can actually see tiny bits of sky after what seems like an eternity of rain and darkness. I can actually see buds on the wild elder berries growing outside my office window.

Hopefully, most of you are still celebrating. I come from a tradition of celebrating Christmas Eve so last night was the day! I like to spend Christmas Day reflecting and planning and then I consecrate the energies on New Year's.

Photo: NASA (public domain)

I would like to see a grassroots movement to push for a constitutional amendment in United States and hopefully around the world committing all governments and their citizens to sustainability. Let's call it the Environmental Ethic Amendment. I wrote to Campaign for Liberty (Dr. Ron Paul, Dr. Rand Paul, and John Tate) urging them to add this to their plates, but I would imagine the idea would appeal to Rep. Dennis Kucinich as well.

We have lots of alphabet organizations, but they are pawns of vested interests as is Congress and probably the other branches of government, none of whom have taken the environment seriously. In the private sector, there are countless organizations but only nominal success in shifting the balance.

The first step is to accept that it is in the interest of everyone on the Planet to make sure that our actions do not jeopardize ourselves or those who will live here after we are gone. Living like there is no tomorrow is reckless and therefore foolish. To take the steps needed for an Environmental Ethic Amendment, we need to begin where our voices are heard. This could be our email correspondents, our community events such as meetings with those organizing farmer's markets or fairs, our places of worship and sacred gatherings, our places of work and entertainment, our schools and PTA meetings and summer camps and so on and so forth. Inherent in any ethic is an underlying concept that certain principles must be respected and with respect, immense cultural shifts are possible.

Our relationship to the Earth has for thousands of years been one of exploitation, often totally unnecessary exploitation that resulted in hoarding which is always tragic since any congestion blocks the flow of energy. To the extent that exploitation has resulted in immense wealth and power, there has been a tendency towards class distinctions that elevate the privileged over others. This imbalance affects all Kingdoms of Nature so people have been enslaved or massacred as have countless species of plants and animals. This is savage, not civilized, so an Environmental Ethic Amendment would commit us to humanizing our footprints and making sure that the complexity and interdependence of Life are respected, protected, and assured.

Tomorrow, my normal messages will resume, but I wanted to seed this today.

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