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The Gulf of Mexico oil leak has triggered an apocalyptic concern for survival that I addressed in an email to Prof. Jensen a few days ago. Worse case scenarios are always grim, and those espousing them tend to invoke justification for their views by reference to religion or science. Since religion can be truly thin ice, let me try the easier one first.

Someone has decided there are too many people on the Planet. As I pointed out in my essays on Malthus, this is nothing new. It has been argued for centuries that we will run out of food or land or resources or oxygen or something or other regarded as essential to survival. Permaculture specialists are absolutely convinced that with sustainable agriculture, we can feed billions more people than we currently have living on the Planet. However, failing sane and sensible implementation of vitally needed organic growing methods, terminator seeds and the genetic manipulations pose an immense risk, truly beyond an accident waiting to happen. As many know, sterility has been engineered into many crops, medicines, and psyches.

When my career in holistic medicine was just beginning, about 20% of young couples were not able to have children without some intervention. Since only one individual has to be infertile to make conception unlikely, it was more or less assumed that only 10% of the population was infertile. Very quietly, many doctors are today telling me that the 10% figure has moved to 40%.

Loosely translated, it means that countless couples will not have children and others will only have them if they undergo some procedures designed to increase fertility. Otherwise, the options are what we already know: childlessness, artificial insemination, or adoption. In my career, I have only once failed to help people to overcome stubborn sterility and this was understood from the outset to be improbable.

There are countless reasons for infertility. In the past, most male infertility was due to toxicity and/or excess body heat that lowered sperm counts. Today, this remains a problem but there are additional factors such as incomplete sexual differentiation, xenoestrogens, and damage to the reproductive system from electromagnetic frequencies, basically everything from cell phones to radiation.

If the Powers that Be wish to reduce population by any means possible, they contribute to the obstacles to pregnancy in every way possible. Historically, this included wars, famines, and diseases. Obviously, not much has changed.

There are presently 38 wars being waged on the Planet. The three getting the most news coverage are Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia, but you do the math, that leaves 35 more elsewhere. It would be an understatement to say that wars are disruptive. They break up families, cause refugee problems, kill soldiers and civilians, women and children, and maim countless others. Worse, they leave in their wake depleted uranium, anger, tears, and devastation.

Famine is also widespread. Weather changes, crop failures, and scarcity of water are just the tip of the iceberg. Analyzed more deeply, we are forced to the realization that the chemicals used in herbicides and pesticides deplete the watershed, destroy the quality of the soil, and lessen the nutritive value of food. So, modern agriculture is nearly as big a crime as wars.

Disease, of course, has changed dramatically in the last century or two. Due to improved sanitation, there are fewer premature deaths attributable to infections and more debilitating chronic conditions due to suppression of symptoms by vaccines, antibiotics, and other wonders of the pharmaceutical industry.

Looked at this way, one can see that there is a thread connecting all three major issues: the petrochemical industry. We are murdering for oil and then using it to destroy Nature and health. It is definitely time to call a spade a spade and see this for what it is.

Unnatural Causes

Many looking at the population today would argue vehemently that even if there were enough food or the possibility of producing enough food using methods other than those prevalent, there would still not be enough resources to fill what I dubbed the "aspiration gap" when I was an economist in India. Economists always work with "gaps" such as balance of payments, revenues, and such, but what I saw was that when a villager hears his first one band radio, he does not just want a multiband radio but a television. Owning a bicycle leads to the desire for a minivan. The question then becomes one of how nearly seven billion people could ever have all the iPods and dream homes that many in the developed world take for granted.

Frankly, I do not find the challenge insurmountable because better quality goods that last longer would be gentler on the Planet. So, why are the Powers that Be genocidal? or are they?

I would maintain that they are. There is never any reason for war. All issues can be resolved in a dignified manner when civilized statesmen shake hands and talk. The only reason for war is inability to work out amicable solutions to issues when they arise. Surely there are enough people with the diplomatic and social skills to navigate difficult waters without using bullets to decide outcomes?

War is about pillaging. The Spanish and Portuguese seized Central and South America and for a while held part of North America. The sun never set on the British Empire. It murdered, plundered, and cast down countless peoples of every race and creed. When Tony Blair insisted that the war in Iraq was not about oil and that if it were he'd just go to Iraq and cut a deal, I said to myself, "So go cut a deal." However, it's more than oil, it's the lust for power that justifies all the other asocial behavior.


Hunger is an insult to the soul. Very esoteric arguments could be made for why we have to eat. They would, however, all hinge on our inability to convert solar life to a usable energy source for our bodies. We therefore depend on intermediaries like plants. If people eat meat, they are just one step further away from the source because they eat animals that ate plants that converted the energy for them. This energy is freely offered by the sun but then hoarded and monopolized as if in short supply.

Compound this by the fact that the agricultural methods used today are completely new and have failed every productivity, safety, and nutritional test by which they have been assessed. However, the Powers that Be have foisted not just pesticides and herbicides on agriculture but genetically modified seeds and the totally unconscionable rain of chemtrails. Therefore, if there is famine, it is engineered by those who refuse to share fairly with other inhabitants with an equal right to existence.

Some people base their fear of extinction or prediction of the inevitability of extinction on climate change, crop failure, and food shortage. I would be inclined to say, "all other things equal" which, of course, they never are. Stop the chemtrails, stop the tinkering with seeds, stop burning the soil with chemicals, and watch the flowers grow!


Unfortunately, nearly everything we have been told or taught about modern medicine is sales propaganda, completely unrelated to fact. A number of systems of medicine survived thousands of years before being marginalized by miracle myths. We could trace this back as far as we want, but for the moment, let's say that immunizations have been touted as cures for diseases attributed to bacteria and viruses such as smallpox and polio. In reality, smallpox had already nearly disappeared before the vaccine industry took credit for a successful campaign. If you total all cases of polio and meningitis, the only change is in diagnosis, not incidence, meaning that if one had the polio vaccine, the symptoms are attributed to meningitis. Okay, maybe it isn't that simple but dangerous as some infectious diseases are, most people run fevers and survive with residual immunity. If they consume enough fluids and have good hygiene, the odds of fatality are quite low. However, with vaccines, the primary symptoms are suppressed and the infection does not burn off but incubates at a deeper level where chronic diseases accumulate. Modern medicine has made no headway in curing chronic diseases. Just think about it for a moment. What is the cure for arthritis? how about Parkinson's disease? heart disease? cancer? Now, it's not so impressive. Instead, what we have are millions and millions and millions of pills and lobbyists pressing to force more and more people to comply with flawed theories of disease and bogus "cures".

Top this off with mercury in dental restoration materials and vaccines, chlorine and fluoride in the water, and chemtrails in the air and we have slow genocide, death where the cause and effect are distant enough that few manage to connect the dots.


Extinction could therefore come from any direction. Vaccines may sterilize women. Pills can make men impotent. Xenoestrogens might blur the distinctions between genders and even make conception between alleged opposites unlikely. Or, we could have methane gas spewing from the Gulf of Mexico for years to come or an asteroid could hit us or global warming could melt the poles and swamp our coastal areas where the population is densest. Or, we could have another ice age? This omits alien invasions, Nibiru, and who knows what else, just routine "science", nothing more.

Many have speculated that the only survivors will be remote tribes with very little contact with modern civilization. That's possible unless our mutated crops cross-pollinate or the earth tips on its axis or we are invaded from outer space.

The Religious Perspective

The fact is I covered this in the email to Prof. Jansen. However, more depth can be added at some point. As argued above, the primary threat to survival, at least the threat that is potentially within the control of humanity, is the Powers that Be. Otherwise, it's probable that there is not really anything we could to change the incline of the earth's axis or prevent aliens from landing. The issue with the Powers that Be is that they have usurped and monopolized a phenomenal amount of wealth and power that they refuse to share. They are therefore like a malignant tumor that swells and swells and swells until it strangles its host. If the host is to heal, the tumor has to be destroyed or removed. How likely is this?

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