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Posted to Subscribers on 18 June 2010


Dear Subscribers,

This email might not lift spirits, but I am feeling the necessity to connect some dots.

Many people are falling for the official cover up of the Gulf of Mexico oil leak in which the emphasis is put on clean up and some kind of restitution to those whose lives have been turned upside down by events. In reality, this media presentation is just that: a highly orchestrated attempt to give the impression that the main issues are environmental damage and impact on income of those who depend on fishing and tourism. I am going to challenge this spin by suggesting first that if the primary concern were for the environment, BP would not have used chemical dispersants that are many times more toxic than crude oil. Moreover, if Obama or anyone in his administration were concerned about the environment or health, they would stop spraying us with chemtrails. It's therefore spin.

This is just my first "argument" because the only purpose of using the dispersants was to make the situation seem better than it actually is, at least from an aerial perspective. Corexit is produced by Nalco Holding Company. On May 19th, The EPA ordered BP to stop using Corexit but BP refused. Corexit is a proprietary formula, but the main ingredient is 2-butoxyethanol which was linked to health issues after the Exxon Valdez spill. The primary complaints, according to Wikipedia, were "respiratory, nervous system, liver, kidney and blood disorders." Corexit is a hemolysin and toxic to marine life. Repeat: the sole purpose of using Corexit (or other dispersants) is to hide the extent of the leak from cameras.

So, then we have to ask whose planet is this anyway? Giving BP a permit to drill hardly translates into giving BP a permit to conceal the ramifications of the environmental havoc it has created. This is a time when experts from many disciplines need to have access to the complete facts and thousands of people should be on leave from their normal jobs in order to explore the options and likelihood of success with each available option.

Next Set of Dots

Tony Hayward, CEO of BP, sold a third of his shares of stock in the company on March 17th. He proceeded to pay off the mortgage on his mansion. Is this the behavior of a CEO who is about to open up the deepest and most lucrative well in modern history or the behavior of someone with inside information about just how badly the drilling was going? Now what about Corexit? Rodney F. Chase is Chairman of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of Nalco and the former Deputy Group Chief Executive of BP. He was on the board of BP for eleven years. Now, exactly why is BP using Corexit when it is prohibited in the UK and when the EPA specifically ordered BP to stop using it?

I am not finished.

More Dots

James Cameron, yes the Avatar Cameron but also the director of the Titanic, has a bit to say on the Deepwater Horizon situation. He used Russian built and piloted submersibles to film the sunken Titanic in order to get a better feel for the glamor and decor to use in his film. Who is his primary contact? It is none other than Anatoly Sagalevich, the holder of the record for the world's deepest fresh water dive and Arctic explorer. Now, depending on which sources you choose to believe, Russian submersibles explored the ocean floor where the Deepwater Horizon drilling occurred immediately after the explosion or this never happened. I will let you decide:
[It was there yesterday morning when I started this email, but not in the afternoon, but it is there again now.]

There is plenty more to consider, but once more, let's ask whose planet is this?

What is Oil? More Dots

Hayward and a handful of other insiders would appear to accept the Russian thesis of abiotic oil. It's complicated and not well understood. The simplest summary is that oil is either a fossil fuel produced by decomposing organic matter, mostly plankton, not dinosaurs, or it is composed of methane and hydrocarbon gases from inside the earth. Scientists do not agree; you decide.

Too much reading? Our lives depend on getting the right answers.

Planetary Crisis

First of all, the oil spill is not an American environmental crisis. It is a planetary crisis. Why am I not comfortable thinking the solution is in the hands of Tony Hayward and perhaps something Obama may or may get right. His placidity and then feeble attempt at showing some emotion suggests everything is going as planned so what is the plan?

It might be good to listen to some genuine emotion and forget the rehearsed rubbish:

It's in two parts so be sure to listen to both, 15 minutes more or less.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but at a very impressionable age, I happened to meet President Sukarno of Indonesia. Some students from the university had been rounded up to meet him at the airport, need I say mostly coeds who were warned to be very careful in order to avoid both seduction and international scandal. Since I was studying Indonesian, I might have been pushed to the front a bit more than the others but I asked Sukarno if the rumors about him were true. He said something to the effect of "Ninety percent of what you hear is based on some level of fact." I took that as a "yes" and declined the invitation to get to know him better. Besides, I was sworn to avoid a diplomatic crisis.

These days, I am not sure the 90% figure holds up, at least not on the internet though I think it is still useful when considering the behavior of politicians. For example, if you have discipline and want to allow yourself an hour or two of free fall surfing, you can get heavily involved in stargates in the Gulf of Aden and somewhere near our leak. This is a real stretch but what the heck, visit the concepts and decide for yourself. I personally am not convinced of the credibility of the sources. However, let's take another plunge into the deep.

Most people know a bit about David Icke and his reporting on the Bilderbergers; however, far fewer have heard of Daniel Estulin. He has spent years sleuthing and published a book:

Actually, he has an even newer book, Shadow Masters, and he really does an excellent job of connecting the dots.

Earlier this month, he presented his understanding of the Bilderberg Group to the European Parliament in Brussels — it's a bit hard to imagine that people would not already be aware of who put them in prominent positions, but save that for another day. For now, let's just say Estulin has been taken seriously enough that he was given the opportunity to address this body and about 50 members of the press corps who swarmed him afterwards. Does this suggest that the press itself is clueless?

Estulin goes to great pains to explain that the Bilderberg Group is not new nor part of any sort of conspiracy theory. It is a fluidic entity seeking not one world government but rather a corporate supremacy in which nations are responsive to corporate interests rather than independent. He explains that this has happened already in Europe where many countries no longer have their own currencies and their constitutions are subordinate to the EU. The collapse of Greece and imminent danger for Spain are the tip of the iceberg.

The Bilderberg Group dominates Anglo-American politics but its origins can actually be traced back 800 years, not to Reptilians that have taken over the royal houses of Europe but to the Venetian nobility. If there is a unifying force within the group, it is money, lots and lots and lots of money that is used to promote wars, disease, poverty, and control by a powerful elite. The guest list at meetings differs but the beginning of meteoric rises to power is often traced to this group, and it includes Barack Obama who attended a meeting shortly before his election.

The most recent meeting of the Bilderberg Group was earlier this month in Spain. Bill Gates attended which makes me want to look seriously into getting a Mac. There is no inference that individuals are card carrying members of the Bilderberg Group, rather that the heads of the world's largest corporations, governments, central banks as well as private banks, militaries, and press are all insiders whose careers are linked to cooperation with the masters at the top of the pyramid, David Rockefeller being the primary American master. The two countries most fiercely opposed to the elite are China and Russia so, according to Estulin, the plan to collapse their economies includes manipulating the price of oil. Many people have howled about the price of oil, but I want to remind people that the price of bottled water is comparable and presumably far easier to source. If you look at the picture this way, nothing makes sense, does it?

In any event, you can be sure that the Gulf of Mexico situation was on the agenda and that the crisis will not be wasted.

This already has a lot of suggested listening and reading material. I do not want to end on a painful note. However, I personally continue to believe that the only solution to the leak is from beneath the ocean floor so our chanting and humming and invoking of help from our dolphin and whale cousins is definitely worth the effort. Meanwhile, of course, Dr. Emoto, Messages from Water Emoto, has a prayer that hopefully will help purify the waters, that along with Costner's devices and our efforts along the miles and miles of coastline:

I send the energy of love and gratitude to the waters
and all living creatures in the Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings.

To the whales, dolphins, pelicans, fish, shellfish, planktons, corals, algae …
to ALL living creatures …

I am sorry.

Please forgive me. Thank you.

I Love You.

I thank you also. This is our Planet and we share it with countless other life forms. We owe it to ourselves and others to care for it properly, but speaking for myself, I want BP to go home.



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