Summer Solstice 2010

Posted to Subscribers on 25 June 2010


Dear Subscribers,

Well, here we are now, finally in summer. There were countless solstice ceremonies around the world. I wonder if energy shifted? It feels like it to me.

This post was started four days ago, but the world seems to have changed in this time, but simple things first.

Music and Sound

Several people asked me questions about what sounds to use when offering support to Mother Earth. My short answer would be to use your own voice and hum or sing or chant or tone or just talk. What we learned in biofeedback in the 80s (that's when I learned it) is that the unconscious hears digital music as on-off sounds. It is not fooled by what we call music and tests we ran suggested that the digital to analog converters do not quite overcome the problem. Only one person asked about a tone, but my answer is that while I heard a series of different humming sounds in different keys, I think the point is to send apologies and gratitude and love to the Earth Herself.

Another correspondent sent me a lovely link to an Australian who evidently studied healing harp with Therese Schroeder-Sheker in Missoula, Montana. Peter Roberts makes an interesting statement about playing for babies, something Gail had told me about years ago. The infant appears to select the needed sounds the way the body chooses the nutrients it needs. With certain supplements, we are aware that the body has receptors that it uses to accept or reject what is offered so even when nutritional intake is not balanced, the body tries to utilize only what it needs. Obviously, this is not 100% efficient or effective and when we overload the body with unnecessary food or supplements, not to mention toxins, there is more burden placed on the body to reject what is not needed or wanted.

With music, the body seems to be able to repair damaged circuits when supplied the sounds required.


Over the last week, I think I read more emails and clicked on more links than any previous time in my life. Obviously, I am concerned about the Gulf situation and I don't think it pays to play ostrich or to assume that the problem will self-resolve without each one of us stepping up to whatever plate we need to approach. I also appreciate that when we do step up to the plate, we bring baggage with us, not necessarily humility or open hearts and minds. We bring our views on who is to blame as well as how to pray or meditate or seek guidance or plead for help. It's why I did not forward a slew of links from channels, mystics, or espouse my own mind set, which, of course exists.

One subscriber sent a link to an online piece by Robert Jensen on Emotional Reactions to Collapse:

He seemed to be soliciting input so I wrote an email (not answered) and posted it:


Soros et al

The reason for the opus on Soros was to show a pattern and get past the rhetoric that gives the impression that the perils facing the Planet will miraculously diminish because of the efforts of BP or government. Unfortunately, I believe I understated both the risks as well as the probability that countless people have already made millions and millions on this catastrophe, an eventuality obviously anticipated by some in the loop. Goldman Sachs sold $250 million dollars of BP stock in the first quarter of this year. They were not the only ones to dump the stock so either some investors have super good instinct or they know something. If BP were about to tap into the mother lode of all deep sea reservoirs, dumping stock right before the "big" announcement would make little sense . . . unless, of course, the drilling were somehow going amok.

My goal is not to stir up anger, but I truly feel that if we are not passionate enough to insist on change, the struggle for power will shaft not only most of humanity but the environment. So, all I am saying is don't fall asleep. When enough fire is aroused, change comes. The clearer our understanding at the time of the arousal, the more likely it will be that the action following the arousal will be decisive, focused, and relevant. It is extremely hard to write or say anything these days without irking someone. This is but one reason that I often present multiple perspectives and ask you to make up your own mind. This said, I want to acknowledge that my comments on Soros were viewed by several Asian readers as wimpy. Many held Soros directly accountable for the Asian economic tsunami. The reaction from Israel was predictably the opposite because I failed to praise his genius sufficiently and a few people took me to task for my comments on Israeli diplomacy. I stand by my belief that both American and Israeli military and foreign policy leave a lot of room for improvement, but this is not where I want to go right now.


Abiotic Oil

I have looked a bit further into abiotic oil and actually found some very mainstream material:

The reason for harping on this, sorry, really no pun intended, is that if the theory is accepted in certain circles while elsewhere the babble is about peak oil, someone is being duped. Again, I just ask you to look into it and decide for yourself. We were duped by global warming and it was blamed partly at least on oil consumption. Now, the Bilderberg Group has global cooling on the table. If there were integrity in science, we could probably find the truth but not when money buys the conclusions desired.

Vladimir Kutcherov from Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden accepts the abiotic theory and explains that oil is produced by chemical means and pressure and that drilling in rock basically leads to inexhaustible supplies. For some, this might be good news, but the bad is that ignoring environmental issues is potentially catastrophic. Kutcherov says BP drilled into a migration channel of abiotic oil. In sum, the well will keep refilling and not exhaust. Thus, if no technological solution to the present crisis is found, we are talking about a very long-term problem that some people are saying will lead to extinction, not only of oceanic life but of all vegetation and animal species as well, including humans, not only because of the oil but the methane that is released from the same well. Extinction is such an important concern that I will address it in a separate post.

In the meantime, one of the dissenting views is that BP drilled into a volcano, not an oil deposit. Time will tell. I am not taking a position here, but what the heck, watch the video:


Oil Rigs

There are 30,000 rigs sprawled all over the planet that use the same type of shut-off valve that failed on the Deepwater Horizon rig. Moreover, as we have seen, the industry is subject to very little oversight and is not prepared to manage crises. I am sure I am not alone in suggesting that it is time to change this madness and get a grip on reality.

I have been adding to this post for days but will stop here and send a bit more over the weekend. That post will include some ideas for those living in the Gulf area to protect health



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