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After the deluge, I gave everyone a break, but my mind was still going non-stop. I don't know where to begin because to communicate with words and digital ones at that, there must be a sequence, but the Nature of reality does not lend itself to sequences. The organization of thoughts and actions into lines is a distortion caused by Time which, in and of itself, does not exist except as part of the illusion of the third dimension.

If you are ready, pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea — or a drink — because I have decided to go way, way, way out on a limb. However, to ease the mutual risks, I would like to explain why years and years ago, I told you that huge changes would be coming. Why?

My experience with change is that the shocks attending change can be lessened by improving elasticity. This starts with the mind. It can be stimulated by curiosity, by a desire for innovation and/or a better world, or recognition that certain premises are flawed. To set the stage, I have often referred to systems that are flawed and information that is not reliable. So, we can ask where we get our information. Since apples do not fall far from trees, we get some information from our roots: our families and cultures. There are traditions and beliefs associated with the traditions, but if we think really hard about it, we start out very young with myths. We are supposed to outgrow them. Think of it, how old were you when you realized that your uncle or teacher or some other chubby fellow was all decked out in a red and white suit, and it was your parents who got you all those amazing presents from the workshops at the North Pole.

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Are you finally old enough to put away not only the idea of flying reindeer but also the Pole itself? What difference does it make? It makes none at all unless you care who governs your mind and why. I will start with some pleasant thoughts. Very early in his still young administration, Donald Trump asked for the release of all classified information on anti-aging. We have heard scientists state that the normal life expectancy should be 120 years. Many privately say 150 but to stay within the boundaries of "convention", they are knocking off 30 years in order not to be ridiculed.

Now, compare this to actuarial tables used by insurance companies, medical tests that correlate various infirmities to age, plans made for retirement, and countless other consensus notions held by the vast majority of normal society. Why do we believe that the normal life expectancy is 70 or thereabouts? Well, to some extent, we can observe. We can study our family trees or study statistics, but do we look to see how the statistics are compiled? For instance, are they skewed by very high infant mortality or adjusted for those who survive infancy? Obviously, they are adjusted by gender, country, and often ethnicity but are they adjusted by life style? By this, I mean, do we have additional data that correlates to diet, exercise, smoking, use of medications, accidents, childhood illnesses, famines, wars, hardships, etc.

It goes without saying that our economy would be turned more or less upside down if people retire at 65 and live another 65 years? Now we know why the 1% refers to useless eaters even though that is a clearly sociopathic view. So, are we working for the 1% or for the benefit of ourselves, our communities, our Planet? There might not be a right or wrong answer, but there are ramifications.

What I am suggesting is that every action has a reaction, aka karma, and there are domino effects associated with change. So, if we find the fountain of youth, the economic impact will be profound as will be the sociological impact. Obviously, 65 more years in an assisted living facility watching CNN is not a particularly exciting prospect so deeper changes are required. The quality of life has to improve and our recreation has to be more meaningful. I do not see how this could happen when people are dumbed down.

When I met a Nepali exchange student, I asked him about his life. He started by talking about his family and who lived in the home. He got to grandparents and asked what the parents of grandparents are called. The long and short of it is that he maintained that eight generations were living under the same roof. In our dysfunctional world today, that would be a form of hell for many. If you compare this to typical American families, one is booted out the front door on graduation day or the day one turns 18 or 21 or whatever. We are a society of peers, not generational interaction. That is not to say that we do not recognize parents and their progenitors but rather that our ties are not totally traditional. Study nearly any pre-industrial society, and we will see how unnatural our societal organization is. However, with the unrefined anger, substance abuse, and so on and so forth, many of us are better once we leave the nest even if we are not be very mature when we try to find our way in the world.

We often go from a dysfunctional family to a job at a dysfunctional company. Why are they dysfunctional? Isn't it because the priorities make no sense and the right questions to begin adjusting those priorities are absent. I personally blame many of our woes on the fundamental lack of integrity of a civilization that lost the doctrine of karma and reincarnation centuries ago. I have been trying to restore this concept for many lifetimes, but if we do not understand that our actions create reactions that have implications going way into the future, we might as well wear blindfolds.

I want to take some simple examples. A patient came to me with cancer. We did a regression and found a lifetime in which she made a pilgrimage, crawling on knees for months to reach a cathedral. Her piety was touching, but her knees were a wreck. One can only perform such deeds when completely out of touch with the body-mind connections, by which I mean that in the name of some belief, we actually cause harm to our bodies. In another lifetime, she was hit in the knee by a poisoned arrow and she died. The point there is that the aura itself was damaged because of the penance performed in the earlier life. Now, in this lifetime, the poison added to the complexity and she developed melanoma, and, of course, a fear of dying. This was promptly cured when the story was elicited and separations were made between the folly and misfortunes of previous lives. However, we see also that there had been consequences, experiences with no logical explanation in the present life realities so we had to pierce beyond the normal boundaries into the distant past.

Everything matters so we should be kind to everyone as well as kind to our own bodies. That kindness would immediately change the way many people approach life. Kindness is a form of compassion that is mixed with benevolence so it is related to the heart chakra, but it undermines competition as well as some of the ugly games played in an effort to become king of the hill.

Our Knowledge Base

Okay, I have wandered off quite far so as to show the easiest and safest peeks into a rapidly changing world. My point is that we get a great deal of our knowledge via indoctrination. It can be simple and relatively harmless. For instance, when I was six or seven, my father told me how to build a fire. I always did it exactly as he said. One day my grandfather, maternal grandfather, visited and he asked why I was putting paper and logs into the fireplace in a way that would not result in a fire. Then, my father walked into the room. I had a moment to make a plan and decided to build the fire in a manner that did not resemble the advice of either. I was lucky, it ignited and all the Leos were dumbfounded.

Next, a little tougher example, I was in my room but could overhear my parents discussing choices of churches for the children. They decided on the Presbyterian Church because Eisenhower was a Presbyterian. I could not believe that this decision was reached without a word of discussion about what would be taught to me. If I had been just a little older, I would have asked why I was not involved in the discussion.

I know how I would have answered. I would have asked to attend a church where they taught the medicine of St. Luke. Okay, but no one asked even though the handwriting was all over the wall.
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So, the inevitable happened. My father picked me up after Sunday school and asked what I had learned and then blurted out, "You don't believe it, do you?" I realized what a compromise it was to surrender the education of one's children to others. We probably should not allow this unless the child asks, as I would have asked if consulted. I was a very quiet and shy child who never initiated any conversations. I was 33 before I started to overcome this handicap just a bit, still have a long way to go.

Anyway, we are abdicating opportunities by sending our children to incredibly boring schools . . . not to mention religious institutions where the prerequisites are academic, not ethical or spiritual. It takes dedication to awaken spiritually, but in the absence of that awakening, everything is just dogma, not understanding much less practice. In a serious religion, there are practices that go well beyond lighting candles and singing from hymnals.

Beliefs and Proof

So, what should we believe? First, believe only what you can prove to our satisfaction, preferably through observation. This is as true in the world of science as that of religion. I am saying this because the decks are being stacked to foist on us a myth of dangerous aliens and the need to form a world government with a world religion. I would think that with any luck, there would be seven billion people resisting this. Obviously, the game is already underway but the cards have only be stacked, not dealt. To succeed, there must be a threat bigger than our beliefs. That threat can be economic or political. So, we could have a complete change in the monetary system. What very few people realize is that in the present system, money may be printed by governments but it is created largely by private banks.

In a revolution, it is usual that the victor nationalizes certain industries, including the banks, and this would be one option. It can be done without a single shot being fired, and I would be surprised if President Trump has not already reached a decision with other world leaders about how to pull off an enormous coup of the banking system. Logically, we need to look at why, who, and what might be impacted. If currency is nationalized, it has to be backed by something: labor, agriculture, industry, exports, assets, preferably anything but nukes. Currency can be minted or digitalized so we ought to expect a quantum leap involving tying of identity to purchasing rights and technology. If they can control the system, it will be either very bad or a huge improvement over the present.

For one quick moment, I will ask each person who is still reading this to calculate how much you currently pay in interest on your mortgage and credit cards as opposed to what you pay in taxes. If your answer is anything like mine, an entirely different system would truly revolutionize how we finance our footprints and progress as a civilization. Interest is ultimately not a "value added" but rather the flaw in the system because we cannot increase the value of goods or services in a manner that allows for repayment of interest that is compounded for our entire lifetime. A debt jubilee may appear on the surface to favor those who are enslaved by debt, but ultimately it would favor everyone if the swamp is cleaned before a new system is rolled out on the international stage.

Health, Banking, and Information

So, there are two predictions so far: health and banking. Next, we have information. Since the advent of the telegraph, we have been on a crescendoing technology curve that has changed where and how we learn. In theory, education is available everywhere on Earth where there is a connection to modern information sharing, but so long as there are dominant players who control what and where we can find what we seek, the Truth can be hidden behind a barricade of mirages. We have all probably seen a terrible deterioration in YouTube lately. Yes, here and there, one can still find archival information and new documentaries, but we are seeing more and more robotic material that is often nothing more than a cut and paste job, i.e., no genuine journalism. There may be thought, but much is just reairing of someone else's intellectual property.

Before the deterioration of YouTube, there was already Vimeo and now there is BitChute.com. However, it is really hard to know about such if we depend on search engines that respond to queries such as "latest news" by displaying links to posts that are sometimes months or years out-of-date. So, I think we need to have more "horse's mouths" meaning that each entity that has information has its own distribution channel for that information. I am organizing this as we speak, but Donald Trump needs his own news agency as do all those who want their messages delivered without the filters of bias.

It may be helpful to realize that in Christendom, which happens to be where I was born even though only a third of the world in Christian, the progression from control of knowledge and theology moved in stages. One huge leap came with the Gutenberg press and translation of the Bible into the vernacular, but these steps pale in comparison to the Internet and the potential for every interested person to run his or her own online broadcasting channel.

Celestial Mechanics

Now, I come to the greatest heresy and I am very hesitant still to give my opinion. If you have been reading my posts for the last years, you have seen references to both the Moon landing and celestial mechanics. It may seem to some that I am obsessed. Perhaps I am, but I am an astrologer and lost momentum in my course when I realized that if I am writing for posterity, I must document my views. I found I could not document them. One reason is that some of the theories were based on assumptions about geocentrism versus heliocentrism. I thought that 30 minutes of Internet surfing would provide a clear interpretation of what is and is not straight fact. I was wrong, 100% wrong. Here I am years later, and what I have found, spending hours every week in quest of the Truth, is that all theories are based on mathematics, not observation. The models are derived from computations, and there are no satellites or real pictures from outer space. Everything is computer generated and even when just incredibly beautiful, it is just entertainment for the eyes.

I hate to say it, but we are lost. Let me give the simplest possible mathematical example. Don't panic, this will truly be simple. The rough, very rough numbers, state that the radius of the Earth is 4000 miles. If we accept this figure, the curvature of a globe Earth when viewed at a distance of one mile would be 8 inches. This gives us the old argument of the disappearance of the mast and then the hull of ship at various distances from the viewer. However, with telephoto camera lenses, there is no disappearance, implying therefore that the Earth is flat, not spherical. I do not expect anyone to give up the idea that there is a North Pole after two sentences like this. It took me years, probably many lifetimes, to sort through the various theories and arguments. I am sure I have been an astrologer in countless lifetimes. Until very recently, astronomy and astrology and medicine and even mathematics were all taught as one discipline. If we go back to Babylonian times, meteorology was also linked to astrology. Using only recorded history as an example, meteorology is the oldest astrological specialty. Medicine begins with the elements and was suppressed by academia as the result of the efforts of one man, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, a cabinet minister of Louis XIV (17th century). I believe I am doing a fair job of resurrecting that knowledge.


So, being very close to the end of the limb, I would like to add one more speculation, not exactly original, but derivative. There are countless researchers, explorers, and commentators with their own particular points of view, but if I were to hazard a guess, just a guess, Antarctica is neither an island nor continent, but rather a barrier. There is no south pole but rather unexplored terrain beyond the ice.

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Our world changed when airplanes became common and more changed when the distances that could be flown increased, but thus far, we are not able to go as far as we need to go to know what is beyond the ice. My guess is that the dimensions of what is yet to be found will stagger the imagination, but I am just guessing. I have no inside information, no basis for what I am saying other than that what we have been taught is clearly false. If what we have been taught is false, then we know that some other Truth exists that will change how we view the known part of Earth.

I am not asking that anyone accept my speculations nor that you contact me with intel. I am just saying that the rabbit hole was very much deeper than I ever expected and my journey into that rabbit hole has led me to reject what I learned in school. As I have mentioned, this journey has been personal on two counts. First, being curious, I just had to get to the bottom of this, but second, there is something my father said on one of two occasions in which he sat me down for serious talk. He was also heavily into astrology and did readings for people at Hughes Aircraft and JPL, probably also Langley. I don't know what he knew that others in the family did not know, but clearly he knew more than he could say. The last task he undertook before retiring involved building an artificial sun. They were three or four years behind schedule because "people do not know how to follow instructions." What I understood then is that the sun would be for testing purposes. I.e., they would see if spacecraft melted or whatever when in proximity of the sun. I no longer hold this view. I suspect the project was far more ambitious.

However, the point is that my father asked me to promise him to get off the planet as soon as space travel is available to tourists. Obviously, I asked lots of questions but got no answers. I did not promise. I just asked questions, but he made his point by making the discussion very formal. His mind was more scientific than mine. I have always been more mystical than scientific. It took me a long time to realize that I saw things others did not see. It means that what is obvious may not be obvious to everyone. Moreover, sometimes the Truth is hidden in plain sight. I almost wrote "plane sight" and would have been a good slip.

I think there are forces of good and forces of evil. We can worry about the evil or just do as Nechung Rinpoche admonished everyone to do: Practice Goodness. That was always his message.

Keep it simple and clear?

There is another rabbit hole. This involves the origins of what we call humanity. Suffice it to say that what can and cannot be published in academia requires peer review. This slows the acceptance of new ideas and may throttle controversy. I may tackle that rabbit hole tomorrow, but if you think that Copernicus and Galileo dominated astronomy for half a millennium, then we also have to think about Darwin and our theories of evolution. This rabbit hole was not driven by a desire to study Darwin nor his impact but rather to understand how DNA can be repaired and what the ramifications would be.

Mañana anyone?




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