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Posted to Subscribers on 2 June 2019


Dear Subscribers,

It is very early for a Sunday morning. The cockatoos started screaming and then Jinzu began howling like a wolf. The chorus went on and on until I got out of bed. I did not find any ghosts in the bird room but the birds did not stop their screaming when I gave them peanuts. Finally, I went to the window. Two deer were grazing happily in the front yard. My thoughts went to peace and I sent them some kisses. Alas, my camera was downstairs so their visit is a memory, not a tangile picture I can share with you. Only after the chorus stopped did I think of ticks and Lyme disease and see how interrelated all is. . . in the complex matrix of my mind.


When, as I child, I saw pictures of battles, I wondered how anyone can be so stupid as to stand in rows and fall to a barrage of arrows or bullets. What kind of propaganda do generals have to use to get young men to make such foolish sacrifices? As I got a little older, we heard about guerilla warfare and were told the resistors were cowards who did not fight fair and square. They hid behind trees and ambushed valiant soldiers who were marching towards a designated battleground where the war would officially take place. I wondered who are the idiots who make the rules of combat? More years passed, and I was in Vietnam where there were again complaints about Viet Cong who hid under water and then opened fire on our brave young men, but it seemed I was in a very unpopular minority when I raised questions about whether dropping bombs from planes is heroic or not . . or whether sending hundreds of thousands of young men into battle thousands of miles from home has any justification whatsoever.

I did my part to make the war as unpopular as possible and eventually I dictated a withdrawal plan that one of my grad school professors delivered to Nixon. As she predicted, he used the plan, and I read about it in Time Magazine in Dubrovnik when I was en route to India by Land Rover.


Vested Interests

Now I am working on some publications about healing with a book designer from Macedonia which was the next landmark en route to India. If one dwells too much on memories and their significance, one will be deemed insane, but if one fails to see the connections, the nature of our incarnations will not be clear. Nassim Haramein made a statement in a recent interview about Time in which he maintained that Time ceases to exist if memory is not present. That is a profound thought, but I have been mulling it over for some days now since his perspective is so original but not exactly consistent with the scaffolding in my mind.

This said, reminiscing can be a function of aging or it can finally bring larger landscapes into focus so that the actions and events here and there do not seem so isolated and unrelated but rather part of the tapestry of incarnation. In this instance, I have been brooding over the powerful statement by Ron Paul that Julian Assange is to the Anglo-American world what Otto Warmbier was to North Korea. It is a chilling thought, but unfortunately hit a nerve or two.

When I was young, I was always a little embarrassed that Sweden was regarded as the country of free love, but I was proud of its alleged neutrality and ability to have stayed out of World War II. Alas, the tables have turned and Sweden has become the rape capital of the world and is not exhibiting any neutrality where Assange is concerned. Worse yet, it is alleged to be a participant in some truly heinous war crimes.

If we aspire towards a safer and saner world, we have to have the freedom to explore as well as to question the tactics of those who abuse power. Are we so numb to conscience that we can no longer distinguish between right and wrong. Does power blind the elite to the heinousness of their deeds? For instance, does a vindictive British judge have the right — yes, a prerogative — to refer to Julian Assange as a Narcissist when the scales of justice are so skewed that the publisher of truth is given the harshest sentence possible whereas the protectors of injustice and crimes against humanity are not even scrutinized.

Very wise people have weighed in saying that journalistic freedom is under attack, not just Julian Assange. He is the scapegoat for a dragnet that would tie the tongues of all whistle-blowers and freeze the keyboards of journalists throughout the world. At issue is the right to one's own opinions, the right to voice those opinions, and the right to use available proofs to give credence to one's positions. If an Australian — or Ecuadorian — citizen cannot criticize the deeds of a foreign power, then we will truly have not just one world government but the worst abuse of power in human history.

No one likes to be criticized, but we all should have the right to think for ourselves, to question, and to unravel the truth. Under the Trump administration, we have seen a curious mixture of declassification of countless documents that were alleged to affect national security combined with senseless rhetoric about many foreign entities. For example, the assassination of John F. Kennedy is now officially understood to have been an ambush involving multiple shooters with the lethal shot coming from the front, not the from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. For years, scoffers referred to the grassy knoll as a sort delusionary state of mind found only among those who were not satisfied with the findings of the Warren Commission. Now, we finally know that the ones who believed in the unofficial version of what happened were correct all along.

Does what we believe matter? For me, the Truth does matter because we base decisions on premises that either are correct or false. We can use highly publicized and politicized events like the Kennedy assassination as an example, but there are also serious questions about the space program, UFOs and sightings, and even illnesses and diseases. How should we feel about chemtrails, about Lyme disease and biological weapons, about Morgellons disease, about vaccinations, about chemical weapons in this country or that? Is everyone to be gagged because Truth will make some people uncomfortable? What about the victims? Just how uncomfortable are they? Can lies be used to jeopardize the survival of the Planet?

It takes incredible courage to stand up for what one believes when there are risks. The first risk is often that one will be regarded as fringe, someone who cannot adjust to reality, but if one can be arrested, tortured, or assassinated, the result is more and more silence and more abuse of power. As several have said, including the former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, asylum is not granted on the basis of the personality of the individual but on principles. He refers to the United States as the most powerful empire in history but he wants the right for small countries such as Ecuador to express their views independently of this empire. I think this is the shadow many do not want to see.


In my small world, I see Cosmos and Chaos as different ends of a spectrum. Where there is Divine Order, there is Cosmos. Where the laws of the Universe are broken, there is Chaos. What are the laws of the Universe. One is that balance is essential to sustainability and fulfillment. Anything out of balance creates disequilibrium and the risks that attend that disequilibrium. Viewpoints that are based on false narratives skew not just perceptions but whatever actions stem from the viewpoints. By polarizing viewpoints, right and wrong become positions rather than absolutes. We are already in a state where we need permits for almost everything but who thought the day was coming when even our innermost thoughts would be invaded by technology, not just technology but the purposes of the masters of the technology. The stakes are as high as they have ever been and sane people need to be in charge of the future or there will not be a future. We need speakers of the Truth and we need to respect the right of everyone to have access to the Truth. . . and to come to our own conclusions once the facts are presented. We cannot allow vested interests to infiltrate our minds and draw conclusions that suit their agenda.

I think I will wrap this up for today. On the IT front, all is coming along but with many issues . . .thanks for your patience.








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