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Having recently come off daylight savings time, I am reminded of a wisecrack published on the Internet:

“Only a white man would believe you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket, sew it to the bottom, and have a longer blanket.”

As I approach the 40-year anniversary of my vows, there are lots of thoughts in my mind, including the oft quoted one that is the title of this post. Ever since I saw my first ephemeris (book with planetary positions), I have been looking forward to this time in my life. I felt that Neptune coming to my ASC would be the most transcendental time in my life. However, my cousin, who is also an astrologer, said a few days ago, "but not with Saturn" blah, blah, blah. Many years ago, I wrote a rather facetious poem called "Neptune's Narrative of Saturn's Imperative". It was a lament but when I have counseled people who are grappling with these almost totally irreconcilable energies, I have sometimes said, "but you can dig a big hole in your backyard, line it with concrete, and fill it with water. If you are not an astrologer, the symbolism may not ring any bells but Saturn rules manifestation and Neptune is the God of the Sea. However, Saturn also rules discipline and Time, and Neptune rules dreams, aspirations, and ideals so it depends what you are dreaming about . . . since that is what can be manifested, but not a single second before the Time decreed by Saturn. Many people in my inner circle are waiting for Saturn to finish the stalling tactics.

When Neptune was in Capricorn, around the time I opened my clinic in Santa Fe, I saw a lot of people with Capricorn Moons who felt guilty about surviving when others were making sacrifices. If you do not quite understand this, then you need to look at psychiatric conditions such as guilt for being a Holocaust survivor or not having fought in Vietnam when former classmates died there. Perhaps there is a group consciousness with the potential for experiencing suffering when others appear to have been the ones who made the sacrifices.

There is some very fine philosophy in the I Ching that addresses this matter and eases consciences. The Chinese often refer to the "superior man" which means that wise people often have different aspirations and bases for their actions. When times are dangerous, it is not a mistake for such superior men to navigate their risks so as to be prepared when more propitious times arise. I would like to contrast this to our celebration of martyrs and lengthy history of martyrdom. The inspiration for Western culture is supposedly Jesus, and He, of course, is widely believed to have been a martyr. I personally do not believe He died on the cross because the wounds do not support this thesis. I believe he emerged from the cave, showed himself to his disciples, and then escaped to Asia to be beyond the reach of the Roman Empire. Well, I am not alone in this belief, but the point is not what actually happened but what we believe. Surely, Jesus was a martyr to the extent that He suffered mightily and was not safe in His Homeland.

Gandhi is also usually considered to have been a martyr, and this does seem more realistic, meaning that he died as a consequence of his position on certain incendiary issues. So, were the Kennedy brothers martyrs? The answer would be that to the extent that they died because they were struggling to create a better world, they were martyrs. Dying of brain cancer because one used a cell phone is not martyrdom. I think these deaths are collateral damage caused by the influence of industry over common sense and governmental responsibility for safety. Common sense dictates taking measures that are safe and martyrdom puts belief above personal safety. So, Galileo was a survivor and Giordano Bruno was a martyr. There is no particular right or wrong here except that burning anyone at the stake or taking any life is clearly prohibited by all religions.

It is, of course, possible to live in accordance with one's ideals without going up in smoke. It is also possible that one places faith in the wrong concepts, persons, or ideologies or that the flaws in those icons and idols are revealed for what they really are. Discernment can be impaired when Neptune is strong.

I have asked the Universe for guidance, but It is showing me practical steps to take, not revealing its secrets. I understand and am on board. The ideal is the Institute for Invisible Epidemics and the method to be explored involves plants and people.

So, yesterday, I stumbled on an amazing lecture by Harald Kautz Vella on chemtrails. The point here is that chemtrails are the cause of a lot of suffering and he explains this very clearly. He is much easier to follow than Len Horowitz but he has comparably impeccable methodology and compelling conclusions. The videos are long, well not as long as the ones in previous post, but they take an hour to watch. I think it behooves us to take the time to understand what is going on in our skies.


I do not know if I would have had the stomach to recommend the lecture except for two points: (1) in the last post, I disclosed what my truth is on the rescue of Earth, rather Lady Gaia, and (2) I know the plants have a solution. How do I know? Because every image Vella showed in Part 2 of the lecture are conditions I have also seen in the microscope and managed to resolve. There is one comment I want to make about the video and then on to the substance of today's post. Vella mentions artemisinin but at a point in the presentation where the combination of acoustics and accent might make it difficult for some listeners to catch the word. Artemisinin is an alkaloid in plants and is usually isolated from A. annua or A. absinthinium, both age-old remedies for parasitic infections. The chemical isolate is intensely bitter and harsh but was developed as a result of an archaeological find in China. It has been widely used for the last two decades or so (a little less perhaps) as a cure for certain types of cancer, including osteosarcoma. My personal experience with the herb is that it works fine on its own, and there is no need for isolating the alleged active constituent. When taken in the whole herb form, the stomach and immune system are protected from the side effects of the active chemicals. I am absolutely sure about this.

That is a teaching I took in from my somewhat cursory studies of Tibetan medicine. Going back 800 years or more, the lamas of Tibet stated that the other constituents of herbs protect the body from harm while the active chemicals address the illness. This is a very important teaching and happens to fit perfectly with the various artemesias but also with St. John's wort and probably nearly all herbs known to us. . . as well as the ones that not known.

A. annua plant made headlines about the time I moved here and when the cancer community was very heavily influenced by Hulda Clark's linking of parasites to cancer. As you may know, I feel there are many possible causes and parasites might be only one of the causes. Likewise, Artemisia annua and Artemisia absinthinium are but two of the parasiticides used in herbal medicine. There are some video links on Seed Seva about A. annua:

There are a number of comments I would like to make about the ramifications of what is presented in Vella's lecture. First, given the extent of chemtrail spraying, there is, for all intents and purposes, no such thing as organic in North America or Europe. Obviously, this is very sad. In Germany, there is a very strong movement for biodynamic farming and certification, but the skies can be very hazy for days on end. Secondly, though I have heard figures as high as 85%, Vella is the first to say 100% exposure rate for Europe. As mentioned, everything he showed in the slides in Part 2 has also been seen by me and my stint in Europe was more than 12 years ago. However, since I was consulting in clinics, I was seeing sick people so there would not have been any way to know if healthy people had similar conditions. In Germany, as I have reported previously, all but two patients I saw had parasitic infections. The two who did not have parasites had very high levels of toxic metal complications. One had Lou Gehrig's disease and a mouthful of amalgams and the other was a Palestinian with a bullet in his spine. The German government paid for the removal of mercury, meaning any patient who wanted amalgams removed could have this work done at the expense of the government, but it did not cover chelation of what remained in the body. This made a good contrast for me since I went from Germany to Austria and then Switzerland and the patients had fewer parasites but more amalgams and much more serious problems with their immune systems. In short, I believe there is something very important to consider and replacement of amalgams is something we want to organize as soon as we get set up in Ecuador. This would, of course be followed by chelation and restoration of the functioning of the immune system which depends not just on the second dhatu but also on the sixth which includes bone marrow.

On another note, I believe that many countries are concerned about our manipulation of weather as well as the hazards of chemtrails. There will obviously be a lot of pressure on President Trump from Asians and others to stop this madness. In the meantime, individuals need to recognize the hazards and strategize accordingly. Speaking for myself, I take herbs daily, different herbs at different times, but for countless years, I have taken at least something every day. I have had challenges but was able to overcome each one so I trust Nature completely to provide the remedies.

I am sorry I do not remember the exact details of the next story, but a homeopath went to Los Angeles to seek a remedy for smog. The approach was to study the health and vitality of the best looking plants and assume that these would provide the medicine for smog. I copied this approach when visiting nuclear test sites. I saw that in many places, the earth had turned to sand, shimmering sand without much sign of life, but yucca had survived even though each plant looked unique, all gnarled and knobby but alive. Yucca flowers have a lot of antioxidants and the plant has demulcent, slimy and soothing, saponins. Everywhere we go, we should look for signs of health. In my yard, for instance, the ginkgo tree is remarkable. He is usually the last to leaf out in spring and the last to drop his leaves in autumn. In fact, there is someone in my yard blowing leaves now, but the ginkgo has not lost all his leaves yet. Ginkgo trees survived the bombing of Hiroshima and they are ancient, sacred, and sturdy. There are no other members of this plant family. I wrote quite a bit about ginkgo after Fukushima.

Just for your reference, the leaf on the contact form is a ginkgo.

In looking at plants that grow much differently, I would say the sedums are thriving. I have many different types, some are ground covers that I planted to replace the lawn and others are about two feet tall. If I compare these to lavender or rosemary that are planted in the same vicinity and are about the same height, there is no question but that the sedums are stronger and they are, of course, also softer, meaning their leaves are juicy and fat and a little slick. My theory is that the hairier plants are going to have to mutate to survive whereas the plants with more oils and moisture and smoother leaves will stand a better chance. All we can do is observe.

The forces behind the unleashing of harmful substances in our atmosphere are playing power games. As you know, I believe power is a psychopathic obsession and that it should be ignored since nothing good can come of it. Leadership is different and enlightenment is different again. One can inspire and explore alternatives to the present collapsing edifices supporting our civilization or one can force people against their wills to comply with a heinous agenda.

Tomorrow is my anniversary of the vows and I will write about why the governmental and religious forces in society care about celestial mechanics and Disclosure. This will be a very big step for me. I can only suspect that I have suffered enormously in the past for speaking my truth and have therefore probably hesitated to do so in this lifetime. In any event, most religions do have theories of life and death, of the world and how it came into being and how it will end, and of what happens to individuals when this happens. Some also have theories about the actual design of the world and its relationship to other celestial bodies.









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