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Well, it would seem too soon to post more on Morgellons except that to the three speculations I mentioned in the last post, two more have been added.

The first is that Morgellons is a sort of co-infection of Lyme disease. Since this is a huge topic, I will deal with it separately; but the other comment came from an erudite investigator who believes that Morgellons is caused by a food coloring, no, not red dye no. 4 but rather cochineal, beetles that produce a colorful dye that has been used for centuries. Apparently, this issue is on the radar because the substance is used in so many food and cosmetic products. It's actually a fairly ghastly story, especially if you happen to be committed to the Ahimsa Diet!

Here is one easy read:

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Well, I began boycotting Starbucks many years ago, but I confess I slipped up on Campari. It's been eight or more years since I had some on an intercontinental flight, but . . .


Okay, that isn't the point. The reason for this discussion is that this substance is ubiquitous. It's serious and interesting. This essay ought to trigger some profound reactions:

This time, I will comment. As you all know, I am a vegetarian, for ethical rather than health reasons. This has been a long journey for me, starting in childhood with severe aversion to foods that were absolutely "normal" in Western culture. In boarding school, I used to fake fevers to avoid having to eat in the dining room. Ultimately, I had to take charge of my life and run it my own way. As years went on, I studied more and more about Nature. There were many milestones on this road, but one pivotal moment came when visiting a Cherokee museum in Smoky Mountains. There was a laser shaman who jumped out. I didn't expect such sophisticated technology in a tiny museum. The shaman discussed councils of animals in which the animals who were tired of being hunted wanted to make themselves dangerous to avoid the crosshairs. Everything in Creation has a survival instinct and we ignore this at our peril.

The truth is, kahunas had already explained this to me. When they want medicine, they ask the plants which ones are willing to be sacrificed to help the patient. There is a great opportunity for the plants to advance their fortunes in future lives by making such sacrifices. However, we ought never to force anything or anyone to make a sacrifice against his or her will. Mechanical harvesting of plants in rows is anathema to the plant world. Paul Schulick phoned me once to discuss this problem because certain members of the ginger family refused to grow in rows. Bravo for them!

When attending a mold seminar, we were told that the more toxic the poison used for remediation, the more toxic the fungi became. The mycotoxin could linger on the lumber or in our bodies for decades.

If we use poisons to eradicate mosquitoes or if we harvest beetles by the millions for uses that are not even important, it stands to reason that the species will come up with a method that allows them to survive. In the case of mosquitoes, they may kill off people, their enemies, and beetles probably have the option of ceasing to make the red pigment they use to protect themselves from predators or they make that pigment way more toxic so we stop killing them for the sole purpose of coloring our food and lips. This said, it stands to reason that the production process is such that mistakes happen so the theory that cochineal is somehow related to Morgellons disease is not crazy. I suspect however that it is nowhere near the whole story.

The synchronicity is once more fascinating because I had just instructed the lab to produce a new formula that is crimson in color . . . oh, and you better believe that everything is 100% natural and vegan! In the meantime, I know people will be asking what to do. The start would be to eat foods that are not processed, detoxify, and then boost immunity.

Now, let's go on. Assuming you watched the video on the food forest, you may be interested in a project in Seattle that suggests that no matter how powerful the food industry is, the revolution has gone viral:

This might be a good time to thank readers for all the links you send to me. I read most of the pages you recommend and often share these with other subscribers. If the material is posted online, I give credit, but if the referral was "private", I treat it as anonymous. If you would like to be mentioned, just include the thumbs up with your messages to me.

It was many decades ago that I said the U.S. would become a post-industrial agrarian society. The handwriting on the wall was perfectly legible at that time. We cannot allow our educational systems to fall into decline and rely on brain drain to fill countless jobs and expect everything to remain the same. When jobs began to be outsourced, there could be no further doubt. The country has a mind boggling amount of space. People are subsidized for growing nothing so even if our methods of agriculture have become abhorrent, the land is there. As our health deteriorates because of the degradation in the quality of the necessities of life such as food, water, air, and medicine, we will become motivated to change how we live. There is nothing more logical than self-sufficency.

Like many, I grew up without any understanding at all of where our food came from and how it was produced. When I lived in Hawaii, I was in awe of the abundance of Nature and the tirelessness of the feminine energy that keeps nurturing and nurturing. In New Mexico, the winters became interesting because the outdoors requires very little attention and our focus can be on other matters, such as our intellectual and spiritual lives. In the tropics where one can triple crop, one needs a small piece of land. Day and night are equal in length and we retire into our homes and spend time with our families and nourish our emotions and souls when the work day is over. In more extreme latitudes, Nature gives us long days in the summer and long nights in the winter. More land is required to produce our year-round needs so we need more daylight when plants are growing. Nature is all about balance and harmony.

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