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Sound, Entrainment,
Cymatics, and DNA

10 August 2011

Music: Brahms Symphony No. 4, Movement 1, conducted by SergiuCelibidache, Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Referenced video by David Wilcock

Mold Infection and Mold Remediation

16 July 2011

The products mentioned in this podcast are available on MoldHerbs.com. The New Zealand herb, horopito, is sold under the name Kolorex. The Rain Forest herb is Jatobá.

Mold Herbs



MUSIC CREDIT: The music is from Don Quixote by Minkus, the Kitra Variation from Act 3, also known as The Fan.

MP3 EDITING: Marvin Taylor of Five Feathers.

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These are interviews by Yvonne Erlichmann of Ingrid Naiman, recorded using phones and posted online. All Podcasts are Posted on GodBoxCafe.com

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