Directory of Mold Misery

Introduction and Mold Primer
Mold in Blood


Medical Issues

Pathogenicity: Mycotoxins and Hemolysins
Photomicrographs:  Ingrid's Blood and Swiss Patient


Ingrid's Symptoms

Turmeric:  Antifungal Herb
See Also:  Taste and Elements on


Ingrid's Process

First Response to Flood [Also UV Lights]
Approaching the Statute of Limitations: Another Precious Soul Departs
Property Inspection [See additional links in next group of pages]
Replacement Materials:  Floor Coverings & Paint
HVAC Systems and Forced Air Heating & Cooling
Mold testing


Air Pressure: Movement of Air throughout a Structure
Garage Floor: Sealing Concrete
Mold Dog: Inspection by Trained K-9
Penicillin:  the Story
Pau D'Arco
Go to Sacred Medicine Sanctuary for Wider Selection
Use form on Sacred Medicine
Use Quick Link in Store


Mold Herbs


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