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Posted to Subscribers on 23 November 2011


Dear Subscribers,

In a few hours, when countless millions of people will be commuting in order to connect with family and friends over the Thanksgiving holiday, Mercury will station and then retrograde. This is happening at 20 degrees of Sagittarius and the retrograding will go back to three degrees, turning direct on another holiday, Santa Lucia Day. To return to where it is now will take until the end of the year, another special date.

The normal message for these retrograde times is that one should be careful of signatures and details in contracts and so on and so forth because the tendency towards small mistakes or the need for changes down the road is more or less built into retrograde moments. However, aside from tickets on flights that do not exist and luggage that ends up at the wrong airport, this is a time for fixing what needs mending, including everything from material objects such as deferred maintenance on possessions and property to relationships. It is also a time for catching up with whatever has been overlooked, delayed, or simply tabled pending the time to perform the tasks required. The longer I live, the more I appreciate these retrograde periods but they seem way too short. At this juncture in life, I might go for an even exchange: three short stretches of Mercury direct and the rest of the year retrograde!

In days long gone, I used to describe the Mercury retrograde periods as times to reflect, redo, repair, and perhaps even repent. If you know Mercury is Rx, you might have more insight into why little things go wrong and then it will be easier to muster the stamina and humor it takes to sort out what needs to be fixed. At the beginning of such periods, it is very unwise to initiate something totally new, but if returning to a project that has been suffering from neglect, it often works to resume that task even if it never really got off the ground the first time round.

This actually brings me to the Ahimsa Coop because I remain absolutely convinced that it is the right approach for countless people in these times but is has been through seemingly endless detours without materializing or fizzling. A straw poll may be useful at this time because someone may be in a another situation now as compared to a couple of years ago and so the time may be right or maybe not.

Now, I would like to sign off and wish all of you a very peaceful and congenial Thanksgiving.

Many blessings,


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