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Posted to Subscribers on 25 June 2006


Dear Subscribers,

I am introducing a new subscription system which gives you more control over your subscriptions.  At the same time, I would like to help you to make better use of some of the work I do on the net.

Because of surveillance of, it is, as many of you, mainly an informational site.  If I sold the products described in my book, I would be at risk of crossing lines.  I know it's frustrating to you to want to use the methods discussed in the book and on the site, but all I can do is support adjunctive measures, work with doctors internationally in the hopes of keeping the methods alive, and one day find a high quality, ethical laboratory in a foreign country that will undertake what is necessary to produce a consistent and effective product.  Trust me, I take my work seriously, but there are countless challenges.  In the meantime, my soul aches every time I have to give patients a runaround.  Just so you know, I tell almost everyone that to get the level of help they need, they may have to go abroad.

This said, I just finished a little Ayurvedic online bazaar.  You need to spend some time on it before you know how to benefit by its presence on the Internet.  There is also a site on Ayurveda called Dosha Balance.  It was spun off from Kitchen Doctor a few years ago.  The store was opened two days ago.

It has many products that will relieve some problems for many of you, but Ayurveda works totally differently from modern medicine.  Ayurveda is the most comprehensive system of healing I have found because philosophy and medicine are completely linked and every individual is seen as an individual with a unique constitution.  Therefore, everyone starts by trying to understand the idiosyncrasies of his or her own body.  There is a questionnaire on to determine the constitutional type. Please note that out of respect for the sensitivity of the information, the questionnaire is on a secure server.


For cancer patients, the best way to understand the three doshas is that the kapha dosha contributes to congestion, stagnation, blockage, and swelling.  It is composed of the elements earth and water and is brought into balance through the use of fire, called agni in Sanskrit.  Fire is found in the caustic chemicals of the gastrointestinal system and it is usually weak in cancer patients, especially after treatment with chemotherapeutic drugs.  Toxic fire is pitta and everyone has some amount of this pitta because of morbid materials in vaccines, pollution, and medications with harmful side effects.  The third dosha is vata, the wind element (and ether).  When it is deranged, it causes wild and erratic symptoms and sometimes dissemination of a localized condition.  Whenever there is high anxiety, the vata element requires pacification.

Now, let me introduce a few products that I know are helpful to many patients.  The first is Draksha.  Unlike Western herbal bitters (for digestion), Draksha is warming.  This is really important.  If a vital, strong person takes an herbal bitter, it will promote the flow the bile and result in some detoxification, but the improvement to digestion is nominal, basically only what can be attributed to the increase in the flow of bile.  Draksha contains warming spices so it actually aids digestion. It's very pleasant tasting and my observation of patients for the twenty or more years that I have been sourcing Draksha for people is that Draksha also increases the sense of courage.  Cancer is a terrible illness and can sometimes push people into dark emotional spaces where all sense of fortitude and confidence in the future is annihilated.  Draksha tends to restore emotional poise.  It also eliminates most gas and bloating in the stomach as well as nausea.

There are two formulas that have a direct effect on lymphatic stagnation:  Kanchanar Guggulu and Mahasudarshan, sorry about these names, but Ayurveda has a long history and its own words for everything.  Guggul or guggulu is a resin and is found in many Ayurvedic formulas.  The belief is that guggul penetrates deep and helps to mobilize lipids and stagnant fluids.  Kanchanar Guggulu contains warming spices like ginger, pepper, cinnamon, and cardamom to aid digestion and metabolism as well as the three fruits of Triphala that promote proper functioning of the lower intestine.

Mahasudarshan has the same three fruits, many spices, and herbs that are antiparasitic as well as some that are immune boosting.  It's an entire medicine chest!  Unlike some medicines, Ayurvedic formulas are subtle.  They work gradually over a long period of time because the concepts of healing and longevity are inseparable so rejuvenation is always the long-term goal.  This said, I think anyone taking Draksha will see almost immediate improvements in digestion.

There are countless more products in the Ayurvedic Bazaar, including some that are just for pleasure, like wonderful aromatic soaps and attars, but there are also detoxifying and regenerating herbal formulas and many exotic liquid tonics and herbal foods, including several types of Chyawanprash, the herbal jam that has been shown to be not just a superb antioxidant, but a major support to patients undergoing conventional cancer treatments.

Please visit the site and the bazaar.

Many blessings,



Dosha Balance





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