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A full length film about Ayurveda can be found here:

Without stealing any thunder, I might make some introductory comments. First of all, try to imagine one of the world's most ancient systems of medicine and give it a context. The language of the precursor to Ayurveda, Siddha Medicine, was mainly written in a form of Tamil that is now archaic. The texts shown in the film are "new" by certain standards, but they are still in a language, Sanskrit, that is no longer spoken. The ancient books were well preserved and are voluminous so condensing anything to under two hours cannot possibly do justice to the entirety. Add to this "alert" that many of the doctors shown in the film have inherited at least part of their knowledge from their fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers, this going back many generations. So, there is a written body of knowledge that includes textbooks and commentaries as well as an oral and family tradition, not to mention clinical experience.

Another small point to keep in mind, not really addressed in this film, is that Indian culture, the culture that gave birth to its medical system, was originally in the north. It has been gradually pushed farther and farther south, which would be irrelevant except for the vegetation. There are countless climatic zones in the north due to the Himalayas and valleys and plains and deserts but the south is tropical. There are scenes in the film from Benares as well as the south and even Athens and New York.

There is material online about Ayurvedic surgery. This is only briefly mentioned in this film. It is totally clear that ancient surgeons possessed remarkable skills; however, what is not brought out in the film is that proficient as surgery was, it was basically regarded as a demonic form of medicine. This is in comparison to herbal medicine which was seen as human, i.e., much more suitable for the average person. However, the entire reason for making these prefatory remarks is that purified minerals and metals were viewed as divine. I believe a lot in synchronicity so at the same time Dr. Vicki Moser was writing me about this film, I was talking to a doctor in Sri Lanka about purification of herbs and other substances, explaining that the alchemical tradition may be beyond dispute in the areas most influenced by Ayurveda, but this part of the body of knowledge would probably be dismissed by most "modern" scientists since the concept of purification of something very toxic probably seems superstitious. However, I have been studying it for a few years now and believe that the ancient claims were correct.

Therefore, I am suggesting that — rather than faulting the grinding and heating and methods — we consider the possibility that toxicity is simply a matter of instability, i.e., similar to what I have been suggesting about radiation, and that certain processes might correct for the instability. This is actually what I saw in my own blood when I put the theories to the test by taking purified mercury. Mind you, I have removed all the amalgams from my teeth and long since reduced my "accidental" exposure by avoiding Thimerosal. In addition, of course, I have chelated off and on for years. So, when the day came to make up my mind whether or not I believed the ancient texts, I prepared very carefully, and the results were absolutely astonishing. This said, every imaginable caveat is necessary since there are people who take shortcuts, people who do things they do not understand fully, and people who make claims that are not true. I am sure that these problems exist within the alchemical world as well as mainstream. I will underscore this by saying that anyone who takes an alchemical substance should be fully informed and know exactly who prepared it and why it is being administered. The film is just a tiny bit flippant in this area. Possibly, people who grow up revering these medicines have no doubts about the efficacy. They are also aware of the need for extreme caution and attention to all the safety procedures mandated.

Though some material on alchemical medicines and the purification of toxic substances is in print, there is, at the highest level, an initiatory process before anyone is entrusted with the knowledge. You therefore ought not to expect the details to be shown in a film. The basic requirements for access to this knowledge pertain to the character and dependability of the student seeking this powerful knowledge and some factors over which we have very little retrospective influence, such as the family of birth and palmistry lines. I am mentioning all this so no one runs off half cocked.

This said, herbs are supposed to heal gradually and purified metals and minerals are supposed to work instantly. Ergo, if I had a life-threatening disease, I would probably seriously consider an appointment with an Ayurvedic doctor specializing in alchemical medicine.

The other comments I would like to make pertain to what I regard as Ayurveda's main claim to fame and this is that it is a completely coherent system, not fragmented. It always seeks to understand the parts in the context of the whole so nothing is irrelevant and everything is potentially important. If you are anything at all like me, you will appreciate the sincerity, humility, and ethical outlook of the doctors shown in this film.

Lastly, without going into detail now, I want to add that while the emphasis is on consciousness, this is never sought at the expense of personality imbalance.

I have wanted for many years to create a line of herbs for higher consciousness, but this invariably begins by finding balance and then harmony and finally insight.

Meanwhile, we continue to import herbs and add to the product line. The newest Ayurvedic addition is Gymnema, Ayurveda's main blood sugar herb. . . and there are more arriving after this one!

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