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Posted to Subscribers on 15 July 2007


The truth is it is impossible to post any message saying anything without some people immediately offering support and others writing anything from warnings to worse.  It does not seem to be my wont to walk the safest path possible, perhaps because I am too fiery to be either patient or passive, but I urge you to follow your truths, not mine.  I do not think my task in life is to convince you of anything. I have never asked anyone to go against his or her own beliefs nor to follow mine, but I want to tell a story.

When I was living in Santa Fe,  I could see the fires at Los Alamos from my home. There was one time in particular when I had to get out of my parked car and make it to the front door of the bank, 20 feet away. The air was so bad that I felt deathly sick right away.  I have birds and I had to keep the windows at home closed to protect them. Friends were talking about meditations and political action and one wanted to visualize the fire burning down the whole complex of Los Alamos, another wanted heavy rains to put out the fire before there was more damage to trees and property.  Yet another believed the Inquisition still had an office in a town near Los Alamos, an office that had refused to shut down, and she thought it was a good time to burn that town.  Opinions were strong, even ferocious, so I proposed that we all suspend our thoughts and that we agree to pray for the highest good.  Some days later, I was sitting in a hotel with a friend from Australia, a passionate environmentalist.  We were talking about what would happen if all the nuclear waste were exposed to fire or if the rains washed the waste into the Rio Grande and from thence to the Gulf of Mexico.  While we were talking, Ammachi arrived in Santa Fe and it began to drizzle. It stopped, then it started again, then it stopped, and it started again. We burst out laughing because we both understood immediately that the highest good was to give the earth time to absorb the water and that Ammachi understood this and was demonstrating the correct solution, one, to be honest, that had not been discussed by any of the pundits in our group.

So, when in doubt, or at any time for that matter, it is always safe to pray for the highest good!  Then, I might propose you watch and wait because it's possible you will learn something.

With respect to the Fire the Grid project, my suggestion was to participate if you felt to do so. For my part, I am leaving the choice to my subconscious so I want to tell another story.

One day a neighbor met Isabel Hickey, a famous astrologer. He said that while he was a student at Harvard, he had tried twice to attend seminars with her.  One time, his car broke down and the other time, there was a bad snow storm.  She said, he should have made more effort.

Morrnah, the kahuna I have mentioned, said we should always take note of which direction the water is flowing so that we move with the current rather than against it.

Those conversations took place many years ago and I always stop to ask which battles are worth fighting and when to flow.

This said, the subconscious is privy to a lot of information that is lacking in the rational and logical mind.  It is therefore far better able to choose a course of action based on its wisdom and experience than to jump in feet first and discover the folly afterwards.  Interestingly, and a point that is often overlooked, is that if the subconscious has no connection to the matters at hand, it may choose to remain disengaged and to do nothing.

Let's try to neutralize the issue a bit.  A couple of days ago, I was having a discussion about music with a friend whose taste does not overlap with mine. Music and food might be two subjects where opinions tend to be very strong.  Nearly everyone absolutely knows what music enhances pleasure and what is annoying or perhaps "meaningless."  I seriously doubt one can impose one's preferences on another. This said, one can study music that is unfamiliar and based on this effort learn to appreciate it (or reject it).

It's the same with food.  We have food habits just as we have musical taste, but we may learn that some of our habits are unhealthy and we decide to discipline ourselves so as to override habits and cultivate new ones. 

John Diamond did a massive study of music and maintained, among other things, that in certain states, we crave what is harmful. When the synaptic responses are damaged due to bad habits, we may actually indulge in behaviors that are counterproductive.  Personally, I do not believe the subconscious does this because the subconscious is where memories of both pain and pleasure reside. Every experience has already been judged and catalogued so it's hard to trick the subconscious, but I suppose we would have to say that sometimes, it appears that we have succeeded.  I mean, if there really are autoimmune diseases (as opposed to something else that is merely labeled as such), then the subconscious can turn against the host.  However, I think the subconscious has common sense and that it will behave in a manner that is consistent with its wisdom.

Here's the hitch, our conscious minds, that part that is third dimensional, the part that we use in these discussions online, may be oblivious to both the wisdom of the soul and the experiences of the subconscious.  Native Americans call this soul fragmentation, implying that the knowledge has been distanced from the rightful owner of that knowledge and it needs to be reclaimed and reintegrated. Sorry to those of you who have spent years studying this; I know I cannot do justice to such profound concepts in just a sentence or two, but I want to suggest that there is a great deal more to the whole than we learned in school.

In my own experience, as a counselor and facilitator, is that the knowing part is seldom lost; it is simply not connected.  In theory, there might be some risks of electrocution if one were to align suddenly with all the disconnected parts, but in reality, what is more likely is that the flood of insight and understanding would be so overwhelming that most people would react by trying to shut off most of the flow so as not to be destabilized by the impressions that are clearly superior to what was used by our former operating systems.

In short, these experiences are similar to major version upgrades and they would therefore change the way we do things, and like most upgrades, there would be a learning curve and a tendency not to use all the options available with the new version.  However, as the comfort zone expands, one can incorporate more and more of the new possibilities.

I am not taking a position on Fire the Grid. I obliged those who asked by forwarding the link.  You use your discernment and make your decision.

However, I believe we are cut off from the sources of knowing and that this is compromising the quality of life for almost everyone on the Planet.  There are many sources of knowing, personal and impersonal, experiential and theoretical, doctrinal and inspired, and so on and so forth. My experience as a clinician is that on the level of the soul, absolutely everyone knows who he or she is, why he or she has chosen to be incarnate on Earth at this time, and where the soul was before it came here.  If we all suddenly became privy to this knowledge, I can image the world would change fast, and clearly it would change in a good direction because souls are quite marvelous in comparison to personalities.

Now, if we tapped into our subconscious selves, something else entirely would emerge and this would most likely bring to the surface a vast awareness of our pain and suffering as well as what is needed for healing. I do not actually believe it is possible for us as individuals to heal Lady Gaia. Rather, I think we heal Her through our commitments to our own healing.  We cannot be healed if we continue to reinfect ourselves and those around us, but if we are serious about our own healing, it will liberate those who are hostage to us to give themselves the attention they need to heal and the domino effect will surely take over.  Personally, I would like to see this happen, but obviously it needs to happen with some preparation and containment.  In any event, we can continue to think and act.  I do read all your emails and the discussions are sometimes encouraging and sometimes challenging.


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