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Posted to Subscribers on 29 August 2009


Dear Subscribers,

Bear with me a few more days and then the August Celebrations will be over, promise! 

I just want to comment on your comments.  The vast majority who write me are very supportive but a few think I'm bonkers and some unsubscribed.  I'm really sorry about this, but I think I have a profound understanding of memory and how it conditions our psyche and ultimately our behavior and the workings of our physical bodies.  Moreover, because I believe in the divinity of Creation, I am absolutely convinced that healing is inevitable; however, it rarely comes without some shift since the patterns that produced the disease have to be transformed.  One of the triumphs of modern medicine is that disease has been made into such a random and capricious condition that it is easy to resist the notion that people participate in any manner in the development of their medical conditions; but even if we are most of us victims, we are victims because because we failed to take adequate precautions or adjust to the risk factors.

Let's take a simple issues first. 

I have written ad nauseam about the hazards of mercury amalgams -- and yes, is about to launch.  I have explained that mercury is toxic and that the white blood cells and therefore the immune system are crashed by it.  Now, count on your fingers (and toes and even strands of hair) how many complications could ensue from failure to remove the amalgams and then chelate the metals from the body.  While you and I might cut some slack when assessing a situation, Nature follows far more immutable laws and insists on harmony and perfection.  On a positive note, this means that we will all reach this point sooner or later, but, alas, I think, rarely in one lifetime.

So, if you had the amalgams put in your teeth when you were young, you were a victim.  If you had this done later, you were still a victim but eventually, a point arises when you use the information available and correct the problems that were created.  You might also become more proactive in insisting that your dentist and his licensing board acknowledge the facts and do something about the hazards.

For purposes of this essay, I don't want to refer to the U.S. because despite our tendency to view the world through our own windows, we can actually take a stroll and have a look at what can be seen through other windows.  I have mentioned before that Sweden is so serious about mercury that the amalgams have to be removed before a body can be cremated.  So, this is the spectrum but refusing to acknowledge a problem does not make either it or the consequences go away. In short, believing in a falsehood does not alter the reality.  It just creates disparity between your conscious mind and what the unconscious sees in an entirely different and no doubt accurate way.

Acknowledging the problem is often a highly charged emotional experience and depending on your predominant emotion, you will be flooded with grief or overcome with rage, but I am just the messenger here so try to move through your emotions to a practical place where you can do something to shift the issues that affect you.

I want to say that I am not blaming anyone.  I am only trying to explain psychic turbulence and empower you to address the problems that arise in your life.  Hiding from your truths doesn't work.  It's equivalent to failing to upgrade your virus software and crossing your fingers in the hopes that nothing will go wrong.


I believe that on the emotional level, we are all victims because every emotion is a reaction to an experience and the person having the feelings was not causal.  However, to avert consequences, the emotions and perturbations have to be addressed. 

In discussing my relationship and work with Savika, my goal was not to babble on and on about my companion but rather to demonstrate how absolutely logical strange behavior is when you figure out the history that contributed to the behavior.  Moreover, I wanted to suggest that whatever can be so readily seen by coming to a deeper understanding of our pets applies also to our children and ourselves and to the world at large.  In short, practically no one is actually insane, but the rationale for behavior and interpretations made by the psyche are simply not seen by the conscious mind, not the conscious mind of the patient or family members or doctors.  As I said, the system of the unconscious is completely idiosyncratic and this is just as true of sane people as ones who are perhaps not quite as sane.  In fact, to be regarded as sane, you probably have to avoid talking about some of the subjects I discuss because anyone who is unwilling to accept the validity will use his/her conscious mind to write off the significance.

The Congo

Yesterday, I wrote about Savika but another part of this last year's experience involved my efforts for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, formerly known as Zaire, the country with the highest incidence of AIDS in the world.  At one time, the official literature insisted the rate was 100%, but this is just a part of the disinformation agenda.

Like the swine flu and countless other challenges to our survival, AIDS was a laboratory virus.  When I take in the magnitude of the suffering in the Congo, I am completely overwhelmed.  When I think about Savika and her food, I realize that she eats considerably better than most people in the world.  She is GMO-free, hormone-free, excitotoxin-free, and she is not hungry any more.

We have a global food crisis because we have an agricultural crisis because we have a politico-economic crisis that threatens the survival and sanity of the whole Planet so these last months were not only about Savika but rather the overwhelming larger picture which unfortunately reveals massive disharmony with Nature.  Being a Buddhist, I can take sanctuary in the notion that the suffering that ensues from disharmony is ultimately due to ignorance.  In short, one could fix the problems by overcoming ignorance, misinformation, and disinformation.  However, I might add a personal comment and suggest that lack of respect is also a deep problem.  Of course, you can say that lack of respect is also due to ignorance but it is also due to a disproportionate emphasis on one's own ego and its gratification at the expense of others and nothing exhibits this more horrifically than the recent atrocities in Iraq.  Tony Blair said in a town hall meeting that "if this were about oil, I would just go in and cut a deal."  Well, "cutting the deal" would have spared a lot of people a lot of suffering.

The dissonant force of the  politico-economic power wrecked homes, created refugee problems, murdered women and children and innocent civilians, destroyed infrastructure, contaminated the whole world with depleted uranium and now we want to avoid acknowledgment of the problems and move the whole problem to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Hundreds of millions of people live in fear.  Parents have lost children and given birth to babies with horrific deformities, all for a lie. 

The Schism

The problem is, there are endless lies being promulgated and the unconscious is so disturbed by this that the conscious mind and unconscious mind no longer trust each other.   Worse, when this is the case, most people cannot put their finger on the fact that this is the issue so they act alternately from a conscious place --  which is often little more than a mirror of the propaganda system used to indoctrinate -- or from the unconscious which is terrified, depressed, angry, or sobbing, none of which is irrational but all of these feelings require acknowledgment, support, and transformation . . . and the only way to transform the psyche is to validate its idiosyncrasies and then offer it new experiences.

A propos which, I proposed very simple self-help measures to bring people back into harmony.  Growing your own food takes you out of a system of bodily and agricultural abuse into a loving relationship with your intimate world and personal space.  It's a very small step in the right direction and the more people who jump on the bandwagon, the faster the solution to world hunger will manifest.

We each have to start somewhere.  We don't live at 10 Downing Street or 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue so we start in our yards.

I will keep writing for a couple more days on these topics, but I want to end today on a lighter note.  Regine, our Congo lady, is leaving soon for the Congo.  This means she is starting to assemble her boxes with seeds and equipment and, we hope, a marimba.  She wrote me this morning that she was going to a music store today to see if there was one she could pack up as a model for how to build them.  We are $150 short in our music budget so if anyone feels called to help, please visit the web site and let Regine know how you would like to help:

New Projects

Well, a day passed without my completing this post.  There are some changes in the books area.  Often when people order books, I let them know about similar titles not listed.  There were literally over 150 titles that were simply never posted.  They are nearly all posted now:

These include books on making your own herbal medicine, Ayurvedic cookbooks, books on rain forest herbs, on ethnobotany, aromatherapy, Tibetan medicine, Chinese medicine, and, of course Ayurveda.  Hopefully, the listing will be complete soon!

Another project I have tried to move forward for more than six years is soap.  Many commercial soaps are full of chemicals that are not good for either you or the environment.  I have a lot of material on this on Kitchen Doctor.  My idea at first was to make soaps specifically for cancer patients, ones that supported lymphatic flow and reduced the risk of recurrences in biopsy and surgical sites as well as one that would restore elasticity to tissue burned by radiation (and minimize the risk of secondary cancers that are a predictable consequence of exposure to radiation.)  These will be available soon along with a third formulation for fungal skin conditions.  These are very common in areas that are moist as well as places that have contact with synthetic fibers used in undergarments.  Many people have problems with fungi on nails or the feet, but women often have fungi under the breasts.  These soaps are not intended to be "miracle" products much less overnight wonders.  They are conscious alternatives that will hopefully have the desired effect over the long haul.  These will be handmade in batches of about four dozen bars at a times.  This gives you some idea of the scale of my efforts.  Despite all my posts and web sites, the e-commerce proportion of my endeavors is small . . . and, of course, relies nearly 100% on your support so that support is very much appreciated.

Just as there have been hundreds of unlisted books, there have always been essential oils that were not listed.  Those who correspond with me privately usually hear about these, but I now plan to make at least two of the most popular oils available where you can find them:  Holy Basil and Boswellia Serrata.  The Indian Basil in the store is very similar to Holy Basil but not quite the same botanical species.  However, it is grown to impeccable standards on a farm in Costa Rica.  The Holy Basil comes from India as does the Boswellia serrata which has a rather different aroma than the frankincense from Oman, Boswellia carteri.  In the past, only the Costa Rican frankincense was listed, for the same reason:  it's truly sourced consciously and in small quantities; but the others were invariably on the shelves, just never where online visitors could see them.  That will be fixed in the next few days.

Finally, I would like to suggest that you read yet another expose from an insider in the vaccine industry:

Many blessings,


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