Why I am Cautiously Optimistic

Posted to Subscribers on 21 September 2008


Many of you send me links to all the sordid conspiracies to deprive us of our liberties and even our lives, but all this does is foster fear and depression unless one forces oneself to move into a space of clarity and from there to align with one's true self and the fountain of life force and inspiration that comes from this alignment.  One of the most sinister undertakings of the forces of materialism is their use of fear to sabotage our relationship to life and the purpose of life.  They succeed if we become paralyzed by fear.  They fail if we leave vacuums into which they fall fall forward into the traps they laid for others.  They expect resistance and prepare for it.  What they do not expect is a void, yet this is the response that is safest for all concerned.

This is why I have consistently urged people to opt out, meaning that you detach from the system as much as possible.  In my own case, I found it necessary to cancel my satellite TV service because even though I enjoy an occasional program that I understand is purely entertainment, I do not want the energy of endless propaganda by media pimps posing as pundits.  Likewise, I do not have health insurance and I do not submit to the pharmaceuticals masquerading as medicine. 
I try religiously to avoid genetically modified food and have begun growing some of my own food, simple things that taste remarkably wholesome.

If I had children, I surely would not send them to public schools because I would not want their heads stuffed with the same rubbish I myself had to unlearn.  Most importantly, I would try to set a good example so that the dilemmas we encounter can be faced with courage and conviction that are rooted in the essence of our own beings, a place without ambiguity.

There have been many important teachers in my life, but one strategy I more or less taught myself is never to seek to resolve conflicts when the emotions are heated.  My modus operandi appears gutless on the surface, but I have learned to trust it.  I withdraw, sometimes with a few words such as, "I would like to discuss this in a sincere and calm manner when the time is right."  In this way, I am not demeaning the issues that have given rise to the emotions, but I have also declined to go to war over matters that can be examined better when people are committed to finding harmony rather than when they are temporarily trapped in their tempests.  Those of you who have been subscribers for a while know I am a passionate individual so I guess you can deduce that deferring important matters was learned not instinctual.  It is, however, a solid position because it posits that differences are possible but they are not necessarily destructive if we take the time to look at matters from various perspectives and to listen respectfully to how situations look and feel to others.  There may be circumstances that are for a while ended by going separate ways, but this is always sad because it implies that sincerity does not always lead to acceptance in the short-term.

The Basis of My Optimism

However, in the long-term, truth and integrity prevail because the Universe has order.  Anyone operating outside that order will eventually suffer the consequences and find that breaking natural laws leads to greater and greater estrangement from the source of life itself.  This is the basis of my optimism, but that optimism has been dinged and dented by many ephemeral disappointments.

Today, we live in a world in which there are many, many conscious individuals, all struggling to maintain clarity and equilibrium in the face of nearly insurmountable obstacles.  It is very important to recognize the kinship with those whose lamps are lighted and support them because they are ones who can see the way to the future; they somehow, against all odds, managed to avoid getting lost.  I honestly feel that the odds do not favor maintaining awareness of one's true self in a world of distractions and dramas that yank us out of ourselves and make what is "out there" appear more consequential than what is "in here."  Yes, of course, there is no "there" or "here" but only eternal beingness and for this reason, we are all safe in our inherent immortality, but the issue is how to demonstrate the importance of this creative force so that we are guided to fulfillment rather than moved from one distraction to the next.


What I am suggesting is that each of you take the time to examine your personal truths and values and then make more time and space to manifest your awareness.  This is the force that is needed today and the momentum can be astounding. 

This does not mean that you should stop signing petitions or watching more whistle blowers on YouTube and elsewhere.  It means that you have recognized that the system is broken and you can only fix what is closest to you, including your relationships, your diet, your health, and your life style.  What I have experienced this summer with my little projects has been deeply revealing and satisfying.

For instance, as you know, I took up the banner for bees, produced the little bees video and encouraged people to plant for the bees.  In my own case, I put up a little bee house and planted quite a number of plants and the other day finally saw more than a dozen bees on one plant.  It made me appreciate Dr. Huang's photography because I only succeeded in photographing two:

However, this very small commitment has yielded rich dividends because I have felt so protective of the plants on which the bees depend.  I have refused to garden in the normal way despite notices from the homeowner's association and I am discovering immense and rich beauty in ways I was not appreciating before.  The point is simply that Creation is amazingly complex and everything is interconnected so taking the time to see a few of the connections is awe inspiring.  The bees are so tame.  They understand that I am trying to help them.  I understand that they are rendering a service and the world is more beautiful and delicious because of this.

This is my point.  The fear is manmade but the life and reverence for Life is from our Creator and the closer we are to that essence, the more comfortable we will be within ourselves.  The discomfort comes from the lack of authenticity in our lives.  Alignment always restores what is real and trustworthy.

Now, prepare yourself because I have been gestating so the deluge will follow.  You can help shift reality by implementing small measures that bring more sense of connection to the world around you.  Please feel free to share these emails but delete your personal subscription information before forwarding.  I would also like to request that you show your support for my efforts by sourcing your herbal requirements from Sacred Medicine Sanctuary because this is how I have managed to bottle my life experience!


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