Sounding Off on Irradiation and X-rays

Posted to Subscribers on 7 June 2009


Dear Subscribers,

This email will consist of some distinct sections, with the usual Sunday reflections and rambling.

There is No Safe Level of Radiation

This is something we learned but we were also more or less told that despite the warning, small amounts would not be dangerous.  Ergo, we could stick our feet into machines and see our toes wiggling inside the new shoes we were trying on for fit or we could have our lungs x-rayed to see if we were tubercular.

The theory was that radiation caused cellular irregularities to occur at the moment of mitosis.  That is, when cells are dividing, they are particularly vulnerable to disturbances and the normal 23 pairs of chromosomes might not manifest properly.  The resultant abnormal cell was considered malignant so radiation was believed to contribute to the development of cancer, often many years following the exposure to the danger.

I suspect absolutely no one has ever observed this aberrancy in the moment actually believed to be causal and therefore the theory is likely to go the route of so many other 20th century medical assumptions and end of up in some chapter on superstitions from the Age of Ignorance. 

What I believe Royal Rife proved conclusively is that viruses can become pathogenic when exposed to certain frequencies, some of which he called "radiation". 

Now the Digression

Many of you remain enchanted by my accounts of my experiences with Morrnah Simeona.  Some of these stories can be found on

Morrnah visited my mother and me on the Big Island of Hawaii and told a story of a past life she saw first hand in which King Kamehameha sent his kahunas to check out the missionaries.  They reported back that the teachings were good but the people had no manna, meaning their auras were weak.

Some time later, Morrnah and I attended a concert in Honolulu for the World Symposium on Humanity.  There was a singer on stage whose name, unfortunately, I can't remember.  She turned so that her profile was facing the audience, her right side.  She took in a deep breath and I saw what looked like a parachute extending about 70 feet behind her.  As she released the breath, the parachute reversed and extended the same distance in front of her.  I began rubbing my eyes and asked Morrnah if that was an aura.  In her usual soft voice, she said, "and she is only one-sixteenth Hawaiian."

At the retreat we had on the Big Island in the late seventies, a few visitors complained that Morrnah did not have an aura.  I asked where they had been standing to make that observation.  The long and the short of it is that I suggested they go up on a hill so they were not standing inside her aura.  One of the skeptics came back to me later and said they had gone part way up the mountain and seen that Morrnah's aura extended for what looked like several miles, certainly many acres.

The World of Viruses

Now, back to topic. At some point in my studies, I read that viruses were very ancient and mutagenic.  Because they are ancient, they are also "primitive" meaning they represent a form of life before human civilization and thus are not intelligent and advanced like us.  I would like to edit that theory and propose that viruses are mutagenic because they have enormous auras that are also highly sensitive to disturbance. . . and, more importantly, that they are not "primitive" but rather, unlike humans, they are exquisitely equipped to survive on Earth.

So now, if you take the Rife finding in a much wider and more resilient context, what you might see is that under certain circumstances, viruses become pathogenic, i.e., dangerous to their hosts and this, unfortunately can trigger some reactions that threaten survival of the host.  Barring the irritation that causes mutation, viruses might be quite commensural and harmless.

The Aura 102

Some time back, I wrote a little about the aura.  The aura consists of countless lines that are supposed to be perpendicular to the surface of the form in question.  The lines should be straight, evenly spaced, orderly, and flexible.  Within the aura, there are vortices called chakras that circulate energy.  I suspect that the "parachute" I saw at the concert was simply the energy filling one of these chakras and then as the energy was released, it shot out the front vortex.  All energy is universal, like water and air.  In other words, we share this energy with everyone else so what I exhale, you or someone else eventually inhales and the "vibes" you or I put out impact the auras of those who are in proximity. I practiced various aura balancing and cleansing for many years and tried to do things like transferring my anger and negativity to wilting plants.  They would bolt immediately like they just had an adrenaline surge, but honestly, this is not the ideal way to discharge feelings that are uncomfortable.  One really needs to own the feelings and transform them.

Mornnah said we are each of us responsible for the neutrality of our auras and it should be possible to walk into or through someone else's aura without feeling anything at all.  I know there many times in my long acquaintance with her that she managed to keep her aura in an impeccable state of harmony.   It was inspiration for me to make the effort to keep mine in order even when there were incidents that triggered tidal waves in my personal space.


Many of you do not realize that your mail is often irradiated.  I suppose we could argue that irradiation of paper is harmless.  Frankly, I doubt this because all organic matter eventually is subject to decomposition and there must be some kind of life to decompose it.  There have been almost no serious studies of irradiation.  Oh, they exist to some extent, but our unenlightened and beholden government has decided to irradiate spinach because of some E-coli incidents last year.  As we know, the E-coli came from the run-off from cattle compounds and merely found its way to the spinach because of the water used in irrigation.  Therefore, if one were serious about fixing the problem, one would deal with the cattle and the water, not risk whatever we are risking by irradiating spinach.  Most likely, the irradiation will cause a mutation of the E-coli, probably to the point that the E-coli is not found and since they are not looking at the whole picture, just for the one pathogen, they will not discover that the irradiation is dangerous.

I don't think it's necessary to dot all the i's but some of you seem to think it is.  If a frequency of any type can transform one organism to something with a different shape and hence a different name, we are playing roulette when we use any frequency, including the ones used for irradiation, to "sterilize" our food.  If successful in sterilizing food, it would also become indigestible which is another topic for further down this email.

Before taking up that subject, I would like to urge you to pay a few dollars more for shipping and get everything you ingest shipped to you via FedEx because they assure me they do not irradiate their shipments.  Over and over again, I contact customers and ask their permission to ship via FedEx because I care about the quality and integrity of the herbs and while there is no guarantee that the post will irradiate them, there is no guarantee that they won't. Thus, whether ordering from me or anyone else, try not to use the post for food or medicine.



Hardly an hour goes by that someone doesn't send me an email about digestive or eliminatory distress.  People sometimes ask which herbs to take and while not quite as incoherent as irradiating spinach, it puts the emphasis on the symptom rather than the cause.  Before I can even begin to answer the question, I am going to ask what people eat, how they prepare the food, and so on and so forth.

Several people were concerned about what I said about loss of prana due to refrigeration but even before that loss occurred, the sheer act of harvesting launched the pranic loss process.  I mentioned experiments with Kirlian photography in which the aura around a leaf is observed.  Over a period of time, the leaf is more a pile of chemicals without a vital force.  The longer the leaf is separated from the plant, the weaker the aura becomes.  This means that to benefit from using the leaf, you must have a lot of prana yourself or a carrier that has vitality.  This is another reason for growing your own food.  Once you compare the difference in taste and your own energy, you will find everything else empty, which indeed it is.

If you go to the supermarket, you see row after row of junk food and then you queue up at the checkout and see what others are buying and you realize that 90% of health problems are not going to be solved by any pill, not a pill from me and surely not a pill from Big Pharma.  This revelation is absolutely clear but it arises before going into a home and seeing the microwave oven and refrigerator full of ziploc bags and plastic boxes.  So many efficiency experts are cooking more than they can eat at one sitting and then refrigerating and reheating the food later in the week.  This food is extremely poor quality.  Personally, I cook small amounts and give what I don't finish to Savika or the compost bin.

Only a few foods store well.  Honey is one of them and I believe the use of honey extends the vitality of the ingredients mixed with the honey.  This might be part of the secret of Chyawanprash.

 Gardening Update

Many of you are eager for my posts about my gardening adventure. To tell you the truth, this surprises me just a little because I think what I am doing is very simple and no more remarkable that a tooth falling out because a new grown up tooth is trying to claim the space occupied by the baby tooth.

I will try to post in the spirit of Sunday. 

On Thursday, I had a session with the animal communicator for Savika.  She changed a lot after Tundra died.  She spent about ten days upstairs, I think with Tundra in her spirit body, and was very, very serious.  She became much more responsible and then she started hanging closer to me, often putting her body against my right leg.  Keep in mind that this lovely girl has a traumatic history and there are triggers everywhere for this and that.  Among other things she had told the communicator was that she had absolutely no idea what love is.  If it was as good as explained to her, she thought it might be nice to experience it.  I got the feeling she was starting to take it in, but what she told the communicator was beyond extraordinary.

She said that at various times in her past, she had felt that she was supposed to show compassion, but she could not actually feel compassionate because she didn't have an openness to compassion.  She said, "but when Tundra died, I did not want my mommy to feel sad and suddenly my whole body was full of compassion and I felt completely different inside."  I was, of course, choked up.  She said she comes to my leg because she knows I like it.

Then, she got very anxious and wanted to know if I was going to change my job.  I had no idea what this question was about.  It turns out I needed to involve her more in the details of the gardening because she had the idea that I planned to feed a lot of people and was not paying attention to the sun and not planting fast enough.  She urged me to get Dan over because "he knows where the sun is."  I explained that this was not exactly what the plan is.  First, we are providing bee seva.  We are making sure the bees have lots of flowers from early spring to late autumn and perhaps even into winter.  Second, we are acknowledging that in addition to our living here, there are birds and rabbits who are feeding their families with what we grow so some plants are for their use.  Then, we have visiting deer and some plants are put near the road for the deer.  She said, "What a great idea!"  This was such good news to her and she then understood that she was to be friendly to the other critters, not to bark.  She wanted to know how much more of her backyard was going to be converted.  I said, "not much more."  After the session, we went outside and she ran back and forth and back and forth, completely joyful as if to say "yippee, I am not going to lose all this space." 

That night, I took the Fukuoka book to bed with me.  I had tears streaming down my face by the second paragraph and couldn't see through them by the time I got to page two.  Here are a few one-liners:

"The soul of nature is also the will of God who dwells in nature."


"The fragmented and diffusive development of knowledge which expands outward without aim or direction has brought human thought to the extremes of of confusion, recklessly splitting apart God, nature, and man — originally indivisible — and leaving only a legacy of incoherent chaos."

Yesterday, we got a few more plants in the ground and extended the rows a bit.  The bees were busy on the salal and lupine in the morning and on the rhododendrons by late afternoon.  They are at their peak now and quite impressive.  I will try to get some good pictures today because there were hundreds of bees yesterday.

Quite a few of you ordered the CobraHead weeder.  I got it because Dan said it was the only tool he had used that never tired his muscles.  I had exactly the same experience using it.  Moreover, the tip goes right under the clump of roots in a manner that makes it very easy to lift out the weeds.  It is also delicate enough that with a little patience you can remove the grass or clover that comes up through the heather or thyme, this with minimal disturbance to the plant you want to keep.

What I am seeing is that Fukuoka is absolutely right:  whatever I establish and care for in the manner he taught is showing signs of great health and the area requires minimal maintenance and zero soil amendments other than compost and mulch.  I'll get the camera later today and post something more.

Many blessings,



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