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Recently, I mentioned that I have a new interest, an internet pen pal.  He contacted me because of material on meditation that I posted on  He teaches a form of meditation that puts cancer into remission.  He gave references and I decided to write the patients to find out what their stories were.  As it turns out, he had been perhaps a little too modest because the transformations generally occurred in two weeks and were not followed by recurrences.  This included patients with metastases, even metastatic melanomas.  The patients referred to him as "Master" but he never referred to himself as a master in his contacts with me.  He just says he is a Taoist and that past, present, and future are all one in his belief system.  More importantly, he believes that our patterns can be shifted dramatically and permanently by what he regards as a fairly easy to teach meditation technique.

I believe these remissions, whether spontaneous or somewhat more gradual, require some kind of explanation, not perhaps a scientific explanation but something that makes the impossible seem possible to everyone.  In the interview on GodBoxCafe, I tried to refer to the phenomenon of multiple personalities and to compare the physical body to a computer.  These are perhaps unjust comparisons but some useful ideas emerge if you relax for a moment.

Let's say I have a computer and it is fully equipped with hard drive and RAM and there is electricity but no software installed.  You might consider this as comparable to a body with no occupant.  There is substance but nothing to animate it.  Now you have to get the computer to work and this starts with an operating system which is something like a baby taking its first breath.  It's alive now but there is nothing stored on the hard drive.  Little by little, you learn things and this entails installing all sorts of new programs and opening files and saving them to the hard drive.  What is "in the now" is RAM and it changes according to what you are doing.  Most of us are guilty of multitasking but all we are really doing is moving from one project or focus to another without allowing much space between activities. It's actually impossible to be active in two places at once, whether in third dimensional or virtual reality.

In the interview, I took a position that "mind over matter" is a kind of tyranny waged against the unconscious, but I was referring specifically to what Patanjali called the "conditioned mind," the mind has acquired some information that it applies to various situations as that mind deems appropriate.  This mind is highly idiosyncratic but usually imitative, meaning that the thinker is very rarely thinking but simply rearranging information and concepts to get a handle on situations.

The "unconditioned mind" sees things as they actually are, without prejudice or preconception, and it is usually an aspect of intuition since it is non-linear and not logical.  It usually works in flashes because it is not too well connected to the incarnate individual.  Meditation is a method for improving that connection.

The point of this little exercise is that the example I used in the interview was from studies of people suffering from multiple personality disorder.  I don't want to digress and discuss why people have this problem; I simply want to call attention to research that shows that the different personalities do not suffer from the same illnesses.  Obviously, if we are to take these findings seriously, we have to assume that the illness is not in the body but in the person operating the body. 

Staying with the analogy to computers, we might say that if there were a defective sector on the hard drive, the problem might be mechanical and incurable without a transplant of a new hard drive, but if the problem is a missing driver or something as simple as the failure to close a command with the proper coding, it is relatively easily corrected without having to uninstall and reinstall everything on the computer.

What if healing is actually as simple as closing a chapter in old memory or something that was stored in memory with all kinds of drama and negativity?  If so, we have a relatively accessible method for overwriting the memory with new perceptions that are less charged and destructive.

Prior to the advent of the modern scientific era, illnesses were perceived as highly individual, but germ theories and patent medicines worked against such notions because we were identifying generic pathogens and blaming them for a host of problems for which substances in bottles and needles were needed to protect us from the randomness of disease.  There was an upside and downside to this new form of medicine.  The patient was relieved of blame and responsibility for his woes, but disease became hugely capricious, inexplicable, and evil.  You might say that the sick person was previously viewed as some sort of sinner whereas post-Pasteur, the patient became a divine innocent and the germ was malefic.

I would propose that neither theory is absolutely correct, nor absolutely incorrect.  The patient does indeed have patterns that explain susceptibility but the patterns exist as reactions to experience so the patient is not "causal" but merely "responding" to situations that arose.  Once one understands this, the original innocence becomes accessible and from this place, the slate can be wiped clean and overwritten.  What the ego has never been able to understand is the innocence of the unconscious nor the fact that causality is always part of the dynamic component of being, never part of the receptive. 

My point is simply that any time one is able to rearrange the contents of the memory vault, the reality will also change.  As such, all the interventions, including the natural remedies, are adjunctive, meaning they address symptoms, not causes.  However, I believe that good quality natural remedies do a bit more than this because their vibrations are authentic and can promote realignment of the true self.  However, I honestly do not believe that any pharmaceutical medicine can operate at this level since such drugs belong clearly to the "mind over matter" matrix and hence their complete inability to engage the whole person in the treatment and cure.

I would like to continue these themes in future posts because the more you understand, the more power you have over your reality.


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