Misdiagnosis of Cancer

Posted to Subscribers on 11 February 2009

Dear Subscribers,

Thanks for all your emails.  It's nice to know the posts have been missed!

Nothing is wrong so please stop worrying.  I have simply been very busy.  The Congo project has taken a lot of time and I really do hope to begin discussing it less obliquely soon, but I am not the key person so I try to clear my communications with the Congolese lady in charge.

The herbal cooperative is also coming together and there ought to be an announcement there soon also.

Meanwhile, my best friend took a seminar in which there was a discussion, among other things, of autopsies done on cancer patients.  I have been looking for the source of the quote, attributed to Dr. Wiley, that a rather astonishing number of patients did not actually have cancer but rather mold.  If one of you finds the research corroborating this finding, please let me know, but I have been saying for some years that cancer patients are well advised to look for the underlying cause of what is called cancer.  If mold or parasites or infection or some other stress on the system is found, it would make implicit sense to treat that problem so as to see whether or not what is called cancer is affected in any way by the removal of the other issue.  In the last few days, I have had occasion to address this issue in two radically different ways.

In the first instance, my friend Gabriel Howearth was more or less urgently relocated from Mexico to his mother's home in California so as to escape the mold.  We immediately began use of the diffuser and antifungal herbs and within a day, he began turning around.  In short, the improvement has been both steady and remarkable.

In the second case, the doctor asked who would check for such infections.  The answer is basically that no one is apt to conduct such a test so the information does not surface.  There are some reasonable ways to deduce the likelihood of mold infection.  Anyone who has used antibiotics, whether as a prescription medicine or indirectly through medicines administered to animals that were later consumed as food, ought to be suspicious of the possibility that the mold was viable.  Molds are also used as preservatives in many pharmaceutical products.  Obviously, the purpose is to prevent bacterial contamination but my personal belief is that the fungi are nearly always more dangerous than bacteria.

I feel like I repeat myself sometimes but there are new subscribers and people who have not yet connected the dots.  Forgive me if you are one of the quick studies who really has grasped the significance.  Unlike chemical exposures, the amount of mold to which one was exposed is not a measure of the potential nature.  Chemicals do not reproduce but to the extent that mold is viable, even a very small exposure is potentially very dangerous or life-threatening.  It could be a little bit of aspergillus on a pillow, your own or the one in the hotel where you stayed years ago.  It could be the leak under the counter that you didn't fix the first time you heard the drip.  It could be coming through the duct system from another apartment in the complex where you live or it could be in the ventilation system in an office building or theater or coffee shop.  I have seen mold in! all of these places, not to mention food, bales of hay, or papers in the box in the basement.  In many cases, there is nothing in one's daily routine that would limit the consequences of even such a casual exposure so observing symptoms and taking measures to reduce risks makes a lot of sense.

I suggested to the doctor that she take some venous blood and put it in a jar at room temperature to see if anything grows.  This is actually an old Hildegard of Bingen test that I observed in Salzburg.  Mold grew in most of the jars, different colors and types depending on the patient.  The blood was drawn before the full moon.  Many people want objective proof but there are not many doctors checking for fungi so you more or less have to initiate the investigation yourself unless you happen to be seeing a mold specialist.

What do you have to lose?  I have been saying for years that the herbs used for cancer treatment ought to reflect the probable underlying cause.  Those who were exposed to the polio vaccines that were contaminated with Simian virus 40 ought to be taking immune enhancers.  Those who have traveled in the tropics or been bitten by mosquitoes in Minnesota or Florida or Hawaii or anywhere else ought to be looking at parasites.  Those who had floods in their homes, like the Bayou or Houston, ought to be taking a hard look at mold.  One condition does not necessarily preclude the existence of the other, but it makes sense that the less stress your body has because of one problem, the better able it might be to address the other problems.  However, doctors are not trained to approach these particular issues in this way so the ball is in your court.

On another note completely, I saw two bees last week on some primroses and Dan, the chap who is helping me with my edible landscaping, saw one on some rosemary at his house. Alas, it is snowing again now.  I am so eager to plant that my space is cluttered with coconut pots and seed packets but it really is a bit too early still, not even a single crocus yet.


Many of you are still sending me all sorts of political posts, but, as I said, my focus now is entirely on projects individuals and small groups can undertake in their communities . . . because we are ultimately responsible for making the changes we want to see.  We know how fast an idea can catch on once the right blog or social network or web site picks it up so I have chosen to ignore what the babble is all about and just put one foot in front of the other.  The result has been an incredibly stable sense of well being.  The fear that our media and governments use to subdue our ingenuity and will power is rendered powerless because there is no fear in my tiny world.  Oh, there are distractions and interruptions and little crises and even occasionally a bigger issue, but it's been almost mystical how relaxed the mind can be when the barrage of rubbish is prevented from intruding int! o my space.  I even believe we can all find ourselves much better when we are not besieged by political and economic barrages.  I am not saying that this suggests we ought all to become islands onto ourselves but rather than certain streams of propagandistic intrusions can be safely turned off without loss of stimulation or entertainment.

There have been so many emails asking me if I am okay.  I just had to write a note.  I am thinking a lot and yet there have been so many people in crisis that I completely lost control over my time.  Most people seem to be stabilizing now and that always warms the heart of a healer.  I will post my article on music therapy so those of you who are interested can tell me if you understand it . . . that's a clue, isn't it.

Many blessings and take care,








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