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It's Sunday, but I pretended yesterday was Sunday . . . this means today's post will be more practical and less philosophical since I got my weekend scrambled by going to the local theater to see the sizzling performance of Carmen by Anita Rachvelishvili. Wow! She is phenomenal, but so was Anita Hartig as Micaela.

Now, back to the series of films on The Quest for the Cure. It's an almost bizarre title, but this is, in fact, what both patients and their caregivers, including doctors and advisors are seeking. I already wrote two more posts on immunity but decided to send this post before the others. The reason is that toxicity inhibits the functioning of the immune system so detoxification is probably a better starting place than immune enhancement. Moreover, it is relevant to absolutely everyone on the Planet, not just those dealing with cancer.

Detoxification is, however, an enormous subject. I have dealt with it fairly extensively on, a site that has a lot of valuable material but very little traffic.

At the time I was first investigating the subject of detoxification, I was more concerned with psychological purification than physical purification. There were reasons for this, but the truth is both parts required attention. I feel that both the physical and psychological parts of ourselves are essentially part of the feminine. The physical body is an instrument of expression in the third dimension and eventually returns to dust. It is the only impermanent part of ourselves, but, I am sure that we will eventually learn that every atom retains some memory of its experiences so even the dust has recollections of its former experience as part of a human (or other body). I am totally sure of this because of experiences I have had when my psychic awareness was operating at a very sensitive level. In short, everything matters so everything we do does make a difference.

Our emotional experiences become part of our unconscious, and they leap out when triggered by something that creates a resonance or reaction. This is a big subject so let me focus just on the physical for now.

As with everything else, there are nuances and there is no real one size fits all. The physical body has two main systems for excreting what is not needed. We all know what they are: the bowels and urinary system. There are also auxiliary systems including the skin, lungs, nose, and even the eyes. In most people, the primary eliminatory organ is not working properly so this is often the place to start with detoxification. In fact, if one does not start here, there could be complications when toxins are released. To make this clear, let's say that the liver, lungs, and brain are being used to store mercury and one begins a chelation process that mobilizes mercury from its storage places into the blood stream. When this happens, the mercury that was part of a chronic problem — an accident waiting to happen — creates an acute situation in which the accident is, in fact, happening. It is vitally important that the mercury is eliminated as quickly as possible, not circulated and reabsorbed.

Over the years, I have talked to a number of people who tried to rush their detoxification by increasing the dosages of the supplements they were taking. In the case of mercury chelation, gray bubbles sometimes appeared on the skin, especially when bathing in warm water. It went down the drain with the bath water, but only after making contact with the exposed parts of the body. While, on the surface, this seemed to accomplish the goals, it is not the preferred method of detoxification. Moreover, depending on where you live, it would actually be illegal to depose of mercury in this manner. Some dentists are required to install capture devices. Obviously, this will not work in private situations because whether the mercury goes down one drain or another, it goes somewhere when leaving the body and this also is a problem, one we are leaving for future generations to solve.

If you are watching the film series, which I urge you to do, you have heard that many lab tests involve urine testing. As I have mentioned many times, where mercury is concerned, the levels found in urine may mean the opposite of what is imagined. High levels in the urine may indicate exposure that is being addressed because the body is ridding itself of the mercury. I therefore do not rely exclusively on information collected in this manner.

What we know from studies of amalgams is that when the filling is placed in the tooth, it is 49-53% mercury, but when it is removed, it is 9-13% mercury. The rest was either warehoused in the body or eliminated. If one has poor immunity, the odds are that the mercury is still in the body. If the symptoms are mainly neurological, the probability is even higher that there is a mercury issue. So, we should not be looking exclusively at cancer but also at multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig's disease, Parkinson's disease, and, of course, both autism and Alzheimer's disease. Any sort of cognitive problem, immune problem, or hypersensitivity to metals, should put mercury on the radar. Not having amalgams is not a reason to dismiss the possibility of mercury toxicity. Mercury is a preservative in many vaccines, and some people have inhaled mercury vapors in saunas, dental offices, and air from places like paper factories. So, we are not home free just because we do not have amalgams.

I want to write a few more sentences here because learning disabilities and memory loss can be associated with mercury. There could, of course, be other explanations, but I have usually been able to trace the mercury connection with all cases in which there is any kind of neurological problem of a chronic nature. Obviously, this precludes causes that are related to accidents and injuries. If the impairment is not due to mercury, it might be due to lead or aluminum or some other toxic metal. That is the bad news. The good is that most people recover when the toxins are removed. They have probably missed out a bit on life, but they can expect to live normally once the toxicity is resolved.

When prioritizing the detoxification objectives, one can take the known exposures, symptoms, and risks into consideration. Mercury is a long-term risk. Venoms are immediate risks. Accumulations of chemicals pose long-term hazards, fumes, like carbon monoxide, require instant responses. So, we have to be logical and make good assessments and then organize the priorities.

What follows now are some general remarks.

The large intestine is supposed to have friendly bacteria and 15% putrefactive bacteria. Peristalsis is supposed to be efficient and the inside of the intestinal walls is supposed to be clean, elastic, and in tact. It means that the villi are exposed and the intestines are free of fissures and holes made by parasites. Certain chemicals and drugs paralyze the intestines. Morphine is an excellent example of a drug that interferes with peristalsis. Some people have so much impaction that the walls of the intestines are dry. When impacted material comes off, there can be some bleeding. It is therefore really sensible to use a strategy that includes lots of moisture, not just water, but oils. One excellent method that works unless people have an excessive amount of abdominal padding is massage with warm penetrating oils. In this case, the motion of the hands should follow the direction of movement through the large intestine: up on the right side, right to left horizontally, and down on the left side. The follows the ascending, transverse, and descending sections of the large intestine. Let the oils do the work without applying pressure. A little encouragement is helpful but deep pressure is not a good idea. When this is repeated over and over, elasticity is restored to the outer walls of the colon so that there is less risk of bleeding when the impaction is removed. In many cases, the oil will promote safe detachment: the impacted material just loosens and floats away.

Internal use of high quality oils is also a good idea. People who go for colonic irrigation should also request that oils are used. Otherwise, the treatment is like using a pressure washer against walls that may be too weak to withstand the pressure.

The generic Ayurvedic formula for colon cleansing is triphala, a combination of three tropical fruits, all of which are excellent antioxidants, free radical scavengers, and even parasiticides. Triphala is not a laxative, it is more of a roto rooter and works on arteries and other conduits in the body, not just the intestinal tract. It is as useful for people at risk of heart disease as for those with known intestinal problems. The correct dosage has to be determined by trial and error, start with a low dose and increase it until getting the results sought. The herbs should not be underestimated at all. Amla is one of the best herbs in the world for rejuvenation. It is the main ingredient in the famous Chyawanprash formula as well as many other tonics. It has antitumoral properties, immune enhancing properties, and is also cardioprotective and hepatoprotective, all-in-one. Haritaki is used in preparation for rejuvenation. It is a strong parasiticide and can be purgative in high doses. It is the strongest antioxidant of the three fruits and is useful for removing toxins and building blood. Bibhitaki is more astringent and prevents fluid loss.

Many people are afraid of using fruit because of some misunderstandings promoted in some circles in the natural healing community. I have attended lectures in which fruit was described as acid plus sugar, making it sound like this would promote cancer growth. This is really nonsense. Were it true, the grape fast would not be so effective, but it is one of the more astonishing nutritional approaches to cancer. Acidic foods are extremely easy to digest. Many fruits have incredible bioflavonoids, vitamins, even minerals and a tiny, tiny amount of protein. I would any day rather get my vitamins from fruit than from a tablet or IV drip!

Fruits are complex because they are related to the seed of a plant and therefore often possessed of nutrients that are regenerative. I am personally a great fan of berries, putting enormous value in tart, dark colored berries. So, put aside fear. In the interview by Ty Bollinger, Dr. Tony Jimenez explained the sugar issue very well. He said that cancer cells do not have receptors for left spinning sugars. In short, we need to be concerned about refined sugars, not naturally occurring sugars or honey. This is not a license to overindulge, just an explanation as to why neither fruit nor elixirs are harmful to patients when taken as directed.

If sluggish intestines are not a problem, and if mercury is not a problem, people can always take a more general formula for detoxification, like my Liver Tune Up. It is a very gentle formula that can be used for two or more months depending on toxicity. Some people may want to use it for 6-12 months. This is a good idea if exposed to something like Agent Orange or chemotherapy. It is not as cold and dry as some liver formulas. I formulated this way deliberately because I know so many people who need some support for their digestion as well as detoxification.

There are other conditions that some people lump together under detoxification, such as fungal and parasitic infections, but for today, I just wanted to discuss inorganic toxins. Many people complain of side effects when detoxing, but it is important to consider two factors: the rate of detoxification, i.e., how fast one can safely proceed, and which "side effects" are due to the toxins and which are linked to the herbs. In my experience, over 95% of complaints people have made are due to confusion over the symptoms associated with releasing toxins, not allergies or intolerance of the herbs. In almost all situations, slowing down a bit will resolve the complaints. If the skin becomes red and itchy, the detoxification rate is proceeding faster than the eliminatory channels can handle. The pace therefore has to be adjusted: more preparation of the eliminatory organs and less hurry to detoxify.



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