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Posted to Subscribers on 17 May 2010


Dear Subscribers,

I missed my Sunday post because of some unexpected shifts in deadlines so here we are.

The trickiest part of developing extraordinary powers of analysis is to know when to put those powers aside. To make this clear, I will give you an example. In the beginning of training as a medical astrologer or herbalist or probably as a doctor or student in any of the various healing disciplines, there is a formidable amount of curriculum to master. Since the correct treatment is believed to depend on the correct diagnosis, the need to get it right constitutes a major part of the learning curve. However, the art of the healer is knowing when and how to hold the image of perfect healing, thereby taking one's mind and attention off the details of the problem and shifting to maintaining a matrix of absolute health and freedom from suffering. This art is not taught in any schools familiar to me, but it is an integral part of the training I attempt to impart to my students. However, in the beginning — when science rules — it is impossible.

What takes me a few minutes or sometimes an hour could take one of my students hours or days and even then, the student might not be far enough along in his or her studies to reach a diagnosis or at least preliminary assessment of the issues much less be at a stage where supporting the perfection is second nature. The second stage needs to come quickly and easily because, if the truth be known, the diagnostic part is toxic. Energy follows thought so asking what is wrong can easily aggravate the problem whereas focusing on what ought to be holds open the possibility of transforming what is wrong into what might be if, just IF, a shift occurs.

I could write pages and pages about this, but let me give two simple examples that could involve anyone, not just a student of healing. Practically every day, I get emails asking me to do something or other for someone who is sick. Often the sender of the email is specific about what is requested. Send light or love or prayers or money or energy in some other form. Until the recipient's matrix is properly organized, the odds favor the energy going into the problem area and even potentially aggravating the situation. This is particularly true with cancer because, for the most part, you want to take out energy, not put more in, but even assuming that the light sent has transformative power, one doesn't know if the light sent by everyone is supercharged and intelligent; one also doesn't know if the patient can utilize this light in a way that is beneficial. I know there are going to be people who think that if the energy is good, it can do no harm. I hope they are right, but my experience is that the opinion that the energy is good may not be subject to verification. In any event, we need the permission and cooperation of the patient because otherwise our good intentions are intrusive and at risk of being rebuffed. In fact, contrary to what many believe, a lot of healing takes place in darkness so light itself is not a panacea.

A second example involves recognizing our personal limitations. This is why in large organizations, there are referral systems designed to connect patients with those most likely to have the needed skills. The same can happen in more mystical healing situations. For instance, once I was demonstrating a chakra balancing method for a small group of students. The volunteer had not discussed her issues with me or the other students and thus I felt not to comment too much on what I felt, but when we got to the third eye, I saw a blue and silver angel dip the tips of her wings under my fingers and ever so gently lift them up and say, "We can take it from here." Actually, I was exceedingly grateful but it demonstrated that we are actually never alone in our efforts to heal and there are those whose skills vastly exceed ours. It was, to the say the least, a marvelous lesson.

Now, I want to take this idea and show how it could be relevant to the present world crises, especially the risk to oceanic life, shorelines, and eventually our global economy and life styles. There is no reason to doubt that BP is understating the magnitude of the leakage but personally, I fail to see how flirting with a crescendoing mood of doom and gloom or the end of the world as we knew it serves any useful purpose. I want to emphasize that the facts might be real, but I am not forwarding posts of this nature to others much less to subscribers because I don't see any potential for good in such actions. This does not however translate to naïveté or ignorance. In actual fact, there are parallels here to the bee issue and colony collapse disorder. We can be angry with Monsanto et al or go into deep and paralytic fear over loss of pollinators and crops or we can use our concern to make our own behavior more constructive. Then, just as with healing, it helps to be conscious of the problem before taking decisive action. Then, we can boycott the products we think are contributing to the problem rather than the solution and we can plant more flowers for the bees. The bees in my yard are very much in harmony with my efforts. They are never ferocious or intimidating but they are, of course, busy.

There is probably a hundredth monkey effect and we know it when talking about bees sounds like old news rather than current events. This experience is therefore proof positive that masses of motivated people can and do make a difference.

Now, we can look again at the Gulf of Mexico. The toll in human lives is nearly always the first figure to be broadcast, but the toll was actually less than many other accidents, including some that involved oil rigs. The toll in environmental terms is clearly different and here is where the biggest transformation is needed. My personal belief is that this is the end of oil as we once understood it. My mother used to worry about tectonic plate movements and what happens when the oil that is remaining is insufficient to prevent friction? It goes without saying that she was ahead of the times, but she was incredibly psychic. As we are seeing, the industry that created the problem was unprepared both to prevent the occurrence and correct it, this despite that fact that there were 38 previous crises. So, the issue is corporate incompetence that poses a challenge to life, but we can, if we want, add greed, negligence, and a host of other charges to the pot. The solution, however, is to move beyond a dependence on oil and into absolute and complete harmony with our environment.

This is, in my opinion, the only ultimatum facing humanity and probably all other forms of life on this and every other planet. In the absence of harmony, we have risk, dissonance, discord, and all the suffering that ensues. We can blame ourselves for our complicity and go into a murky state in which we conclude we deserve what is coming down on us, but this is not a solution and it does not relieve us of the duty to shift the fate of the marine creatures, birds, sea vegetables, and reefs that are suffering because of human actions. It also does not make it easier for the people who live completely outside the modern world who do not have electricity, gadgets, cars, or factories. In fact, they are better equipped to survive than are we. I have actually been looking for some common denominators to clarify my own thinking.

We hoard. We stockpile retirement funds, food, and even devices because we expect to need these in the future, but we are the only beings on the Planet who do this to the same extent. You might argue that bears bulge and then hibernate or squirrels stock up on acorns, but most birds and fish are migratory. Let's hope they are very flexible and capable of migration now because they are ones suffering the greatest impact so far.

I spend a lot of time with Savika, my dog. She has been a great teacher and I knew she would be such a teacher which is why I gave her such an illustrious name. She was actually frightfully abused and, of course, was not trusting or affectionate and she had injuries and pain. We have been talking to the animal communicator, sorting out issues, and making tremendous headway, even with some serious injuries. A few months ago, she started to play and lately, she has begun to cling (which I just happen to love) but the curious part of this intense journey together is that she has been quite steady. Her anxiety has dropped almost to the zero point which is where it belongs for every creature on the Planet. Knock on wood, but her "issues" now are pretty simple, like when she has to stay in the car and when she is going to be allowed out.

So, if each of us viewed every imbalance or wave as an opportunity to rebalance and nourish, we have no idea what would happen, but the world would probably change fast. The people at the top have sought power. They never have enough power because power doesn't actually solve any of their "real" problems, like emptiness or illness or death. Moreover, power is precarious because one can lose it in an instant. One can lose it because it is taken away or defeated. There are countless different philosophies in this world. I happen to belong to a minority school of thought in which power has no permanent existence. To the extent that it is an obsession of a corrupt mind, it is like any other toxin, and it is not a part of the divine plan. I believe in intensity and passion because I think these really do issue from the Creator but power is almost always usurped and it is stolen from those who are weakened by the loss. This is why millions of people go into therapy to recover what they lost, but they do not recover power, they only overcome powerlessness. This is vastly different from passing a toxic load of power to another usurper.

I don't know if this post is helpful to anyone. I am seeing glimmers of hope, mostly in areas where one might expect such light to be seen, but there have been a few surprises. When we are ready to become a healthy civilization, we will create a healthy civilization. In the meantime, we each need to fix what is broken within ourselves and between ourselves and others because there will be a domino effect at some point, and when this happens, we are all going to be a lot safer and happier.

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