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Finding a perfect definition for entrainment would take time so I will try to explain the concept and its relevance in my own simple way. Imagine a violin on a table. Someone begins to play another violin and the one on the table starts to quiver a bit because although not being played, it is responsive to the sound being played. This is entrainment and there is a sympathetic resonance, as opposed to a singer hitting one of those dazzling high notes, like in Lakmé, and the champagne glasses and/or chandeliers shatter. What is relevant here is that we all live within energy fields that are affecting how we perceive, how we feel, and how we function.

Hans Jenny (1904-1972) published his book on wave phenomena in 1967. He was a medical doctor and metaphysician who conducted rigorously documented (and filmed) studies of fluids and powders. I vividly remember how iron filings propped themselves up and marched and lycopodium was aroused from slumber through nothing but sound. The study of cymatics — Greek for wave — merely took a turn with Jenny. More than three centuries earlier, Galileo had, in fact, noted the effect of oscillations and most of us have heard of the Chladni experiments with sand. The sand is placed on a glass plate that is bowed and the sand changes with the various sounds. Like many passions, those who are interested in sound have conferences and web sites so you can become rather enthralled if you surf around; try "Alexander Lauterwasser images."

My slant is just a tad different. For many years, I have talked about and posted on the aura, the elements, the five senses, and the chakras:

Throat Ether Sound
Heart Air Touch
Solar Plexus Fire Sight
Sacral Water Taste
Root Earth Smell

As you can see by the above table, the senses associated with the four elements that are manifest are also associated with the first four chakras starting upwards from the base or root chakra. In reality, it would not at all surprise me if a day came when these four elements were found to correlate to the alphabet soup of our DNA: ACGT.. Maybe this is just a wild guess, but the same architectural building materials are found in countless arrangements in our manifest world. From a certain perspective, everything faster vibrating than the four elements is "not manifest" or rather "invisible" except to those who can see on this level. Morrnah Simeona could see the etheric "substance" and I suspect many others can also. I have only seen it sporadically, not consistently.

In the beginning was the Word . . . or sound. It is the matrix for holding the four elements in place so if the matrix changes, the form changes. Remember the story I told you about arrival of missionaries in Hawaii? King Kamehameha sent his kahunas to check out the strangers. The kahunas reported that the teachings were good but the people had almost no manna, no manna compared to Hawaiians. I saw this firsthand at a concert where a singer belted it out and for lack of a better word, there was something like a parachute behind her, about 70-90 feet in length. When the sound came out, the parachute inverted and projected from the front. It was amazing to watch so I asked Morrnah, who was sitting on my left, if that was an aura. She said "Yes, but she is only one-sixteenth Hawaiian," inferring, of course, that this was "not all that astonishing."

People would come to me and ask me how tall Morrnah was. I was confused until they explained that sometimes she was over six feet tall and sometimes short. So, one day I asked Morrnah what to tell these people and she said, "Tell them I am 165 pounds and the rest changes all the time." I began to think that if the ratio of etheric matter to dense physical is significantly greater than what we might consider normal, then the physical would be quite a bit more changeable. It would, of course, also be both more sensitive and more potent. It occurred to me that viruses must be like this, mostly etheric and very tiny in their physicality but the physicality is remarkably powerful for its size.

For me, this helped to understand some subjects that were otherwise impossible to comprehend, but one day, in Hawaii, I put my mother into an altered state of consciousness and got her to the highest level I have ever managed to bring anyone. From that level, she had the master plan for all her lifetimes. There were many extraordinary features of this work. One of the most noteworthy was how much more refined the energetics are on each level. So, if we are in the third dimension most of the time, you might say that the fourth dimensional "self" is an idealized version of the third dimensional self. It is more respectful, calm, gracious, and courteous than the third dimensional self. Most people have a bit of trouble in the fifth dimension, cause for lots of speculation no doubt. In the sixth, everyone is quite saintly even if not already that way in the fourth dimension. On each level, there is more awareness and also therefore more appreciation for the challenges faced in the third dimension. However, going even higher, there is a master plan. My mother said she had to create a form of music to disintegrate and reintegrate the etheric body so as to heal children. It seems she has reincarnated so hopefully, she will make some headway in this direction . . . and soon!

There are a couple of noteworthy points to underscore before going further. First, the language of dimensions was completely foreign to us when we first undertook this work in the 70s. We acquired the vocabulary from the fourth dimensional selves as they tried to explain the third dimension to us. Secondly, at that time, I had not yet heard about music therapy much less become involved with it. That came several years later. There might be many explanations for this, but they are terribly complex and just a tad personal as well.

So, what I want to concentrate on that is relevant to all of us is that sound is powerful. It can break glass or it can heal. Hildegard of Bingen regarded sound as so important that it determined happiness or misfortune. She had a deep appreciation for the effect of sound on physiological functioning, for instance how sound impacts fluids that in turn affect blood vessels and hearing. Health, she believed, was earned or forfeited according to what we hear. You can read more about her views in my article on KitchenDoctor.com:


I am certain I chose to incarnate when and where I did because I loved my mother's music. I don't know how I would have survived without it. I made her play me to sleep every night as a child and I shouted from my bedroom to keep playing because I wasn't asleep yet. In reality though, whether we know it or not, all of us are sound sensitive. However, our ability to recognize sensitivity depends a great deal on what we hear which is why I got rid of my TV and later also my phone. It wasn't just the quality of programming that was annoying, but the phony voices of anchors and pundits drove me to the edge. The phone caused piercing pain to my ear that would give me headaches that lasted for as much as 36 hours. I am just a mortal in a mortal body. If the vibrations are so disturbing to me, imagine how much worse it must feel to those of a higher vibration.

Now to make this personally relevant, let's consider that whether we know it or not, we are all musical constructs. Simplistic scribblings can be found that attempt to correlate notes of the octave to Zodiacal signs, but they truly are maddeningly simplistic. Gerald Markoe has a more sophisticated approach based on Pythagorean mathematics, but I could never do his material justice. I could try, but I would not succeed. The point is we are not notes, we are entire symphonies, even repertoires. We are not flutes or violins or drums but the whole orchestra because we are complex creations with many nuances and capabilities. However, the notes in the composition have to be performed in a sequence and the rhythm has to be perfect or the form won't hold together. In one of my most personal and metaphysical online essays, I attribute melody to the masculine energy of creation and rhythm to the feminine effort to calibrate Divine Intent. Anything that is too fast or too slow affects how the form functions. You can extrapolate all you wish here. You could say that the energy field which acts as the catalyst for the chakras determines hyper- and hypofunctioning of the corresponding endocrine glands and organs of the body and therein we find one of the mysteries of healing. It would also be correct to say that excess speed burns and what is too slow groans and congests. Somewhere in the middle, there is perfection of expression and each must eventually find this. Moreover, it will be found for the very reason to which I have alluded: there is no sound more powerful than that which brought the Universe into being so that is what will entrain us and for that reason, we are all guaranteed not just the fulfillment of our ultimate purposes but reunion with the Creator.

This is the deeper mystery of entrainment. Though sound appears to be created by the oscillation of waves that appear move out, there is response to the oscillation that ultimately creates synchronization . . . and the more in harmony we are, the more we are vibrating with the energy behind the appearance. Loosely translated, this means we are vibrating with a self that is transcendent rather than ephemeral. The feeling is extraordinary because we are aligned rather than disjointed and dissonant. We have become one with the music of our being and this is what most people would call salvation or transcendence. You can think about it.

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