Memory: The Subconscious, Part I

Posted to Subscribers on 19 April 2017


When the love of my life died quite some years ago, I spent more or less 1000 days in search of answers to questions such as what happens when we die? What dies? What is immortal? I watched dozens and dozens of VHS videos on death and dying, read hundreds of books, talked to monks and psychics, went into altered states of consciousness and stayed in those states for weeks on end, and got a few answers but not to all of my questions. I was sometimes surprised that those who taught to huge audiences in which they purported to explain the nature of consciousness or what happens when we die professed not even to understand my questions. If I explain them, I hope you will understand.

Depending on the view one has, we humans consist of chemicals and electromagnetic circuits that determine our health and awareness. I think this is a materialistic view of a complex scene, but there are researchers who think the soul weighs a few ounces and that bodies immediately lose weight when the soul leaves. There are also researchers who believe that all the near death experiences and conversations with the dead can be attributed to neurological events that are meaningless in terms of the described events. Then, there are those who see the existence that we call real as a composite of subconscious, conscious, and superconscious awareness; and others have an even more detailed architecture that involves seven to twelve levels of being.

In order to understand these parts of ourselves, we need to examine the nature of each part so as to figure out how we are put together. Interestingly, there are reasonable analogies that can be made to modern computer technology, which is not to say that we are machines, but we humans designed and engineered computers so they show at least some relationship to their progenitors.

Academicians generally describe two types of memory, short-term and long-term, but this is not really too informative. Short-term memory is, of course, something like RAM. You are thinking about something of passing interest and use your capacity for attention and concentration just long enough to complete the task. The usual examples would be telephone numbers or series of numbers. Just how long does the information remain accessible? The answer is actually "almost indefinitely" but usually only in an abstract sense because the numbers have been filed in a place that is rather inaccessible. The moral of the story is that even the most random and seemingly meaningless "events" leave trails. Ergo, in the scheme of things, everything matters, quite literally, the thoughts associated with an inconsequential task have an aftermath that is more or less permanent with a few caveats that I will try to explain.

Again, using the analogy to computers, there is random access memory, RAM, that can be manipulated, meaning one can backspace, insert, copy and paste, drag and drop, etc., but keystrokes are ostensibly not permanent unless saved. It would be fair to ask whether or not the motions left a trail and according to leaks from NSA and other intelligence agencies, every keystroke is, in fact, captured even before encryption is used for formal transmissions. For our purposes, we can equate this aspect of computer technology to consciousness because while we are in the process of utilizing particular bits and pieces of information for whatever tasks are occupying us at any given moment, we are conscious. We are not necessarily enlightened, but we are aware in our cognitive selves of the use of data or information or whatever we want to call what has our attention at a particular time. This is important. Think of a stage production or concert. There are sequences but while we are articulating one sentence, that is all that we doing, and we cannot both deliver our lines and think about the finale. There are several very important points to make. In the "dimension" in which we are conscious, there is time, and it is presumed to be linear but is probably spiral, meaning there are points in the sequence that bear resemblance to other events but they are merely vibrationally similar, not exact replays of prior events nor previews of coming events. This is actually relevant because time can be viewed as a sequence so if we were conscious in other dimensions, the past and future would be as obvious as the present. These — past and future — are however not conscious so their content belongs to the unconscious. Events that have already taken place from an historical perspective are catalogued in the subconscious whereas possibilities for the future belong to superconscious awareness.

The difference between the logic of the conscious mind and behavior of the subconscious is significant, and few professionals do justice to explaining these differences. When we have an experience, we remember it. Again, using a computer analogy, we save it, but to save the memory, we have to attach a label to it, similar to naming a file and putting it into a directory. However, since the subconscious is essentially navigated by feelings rather than thoughts, the labels are emotional. You might say we have super directories with catalogues of conditions that share similar emotions, such as anger, fear, grief, despair, hopelessness, joy, amazement, surprise, and so on, but we also have subdirectories relating to more similar experiences. Here is the hitch. The events stored by the subconscious are not methodical historically verified accounts of actual events, they are composites of events, and the files can be opened, edited, and saved with all the modifications necessitated by new experiences.

This is very important because it means that the gist of the recollections is more or less true, perhaps not an authentic representation of any one specific event, but the feelings are genuine and some of the details probably are historically accurate. However, as soon as we have experienced several quite similar events, the memories tend to be mingled together. Some of you have written asking what a trigger is so now might be a good time to introduce this concept in a proper context. We all have patterns. These, in my opinion, are based on past experiences going back to our first incarnation. Abandonment issues are very deep and ancient, and I will wager no one is free of some level of sensitivity to abandonment because the catalyst was the fear of separation from the Creator.

Assuming, if we dare, that we all once were in some manner "inside" the Creator, then there was projection in which we believed we were catapulted out of the Creator. We are desperately afraid that we will never return to the Creator and that the reason for being outside is that we displeased the Creator and therefore we were rejected. Interestingly, I find this apprehension best described by Neptune in the horoscope so what does it mean that Neptune was not officially discovered until 1846? I believe we could not give a name to our feelings until we consciously recognized the existence of a planet symbolizing the feelings. It does not mean that billions of people awakened one morning in September 1846 and said, "I have a fear of abandonment based on my separation from Creator and aggravated by x, y, z experiences on Earth." It means that little by little, such concepts took more and more formal shape. It also means that as one forged the skills to recognize the issues, the therapies for shifting the patterns would be evolved. It is this fact that gives us the potential to heal old patterns. Otherwise, the probabilities favor continual reinfection whenever the opportunity presents.

So, how would a primordial pattern become reinfected? First, a child could be given up for adoption or left alone in a room when having a nightmare or feeling hungry. It could happen when we find out that the person we love has been unfaithful but the next issue is that the amalgamation process is kicked off so that the fear of abandonment which initially only involved the Creator is now projected onto a parent or the beloved. If one blames oneself, the consequences could be tortured feelings of unworthiness whereas if one blames the other, the result is that the Creator is not seen as a loving Creator and, truth be told, no one can be trusted. Sensitivities are similar, meaning whether the finger is pointing towards oneself or another, the level of sensitivity is the same so the question is where the blame lands and this, in fact, can be shuffled around a bit, if not in one incarnation, surely in a worthy sequence of lives, keeping in mind that the only dimension in which there is such a sequence is in the place where we can experience Time and that is a conscious experience.

The fact that memories can be overwritten shows why some people mix up details from separate events. The truth is, the more emotionally charged we are, the more we tend to do this which is why sometimes we are confronted by a litany of accusations when only one event is supposedly under discussion. It also explains why many people cannot relate to someone who is very emotional because the feelings do not feel focused, rational, or even justifiable. They are however clues to the psyche so this, again, is an opportunity for healing if the opportunity is recognized as such.

To give this explanation a little more coherence, I will reiterate that there are often many files in the same memory vault so when one file is opened, there will sometimes be an avalanche, kind of like having too many windows open on the computer at the same time. Eventually, the flood gates burst and the resources of the computer are exhausted, meaning time to edit, save, and back up before the blue screen appears. When emotions are supercharged, it often helps to have a confidant or someone who can offer professional guidance, and this sometimes needs to be organized before referees are needed. Keep in mind that each "assistant" will be functioning out of his or her own repertoire so if the issues and details have not been mastered by the counselors, the odds favor some kind of reinforcement that may or may not have a happy ending.

I want to wrap up for today because workmen have been coming in and out making it a little difficult for me to concentrate. I apologize if this does not come across coherently, but the issue is the fiber optic installation. It is somewhat on schedule but may not be live until the end of the month, meaning the webinars may have to start a week later than planned. This is one reason I have not opened the registration yet. I do not really have adequate bandwidth for a good presentation so the fiber optic project has to be completed. It is now connected to my house but not to the service provider. They have to finish all the houses and today was only the first day for utility company's work.

In the next post, I want to take up the superconscious because it does have a permanent record of events but is inaccessible to all but a small number of people. Nevertheless, it deserves an explanation.

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