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Today, I will address the issue of mercury chelation. The protocols that Dr. Yoshiaki Omura reported for mercury also apparently work for aluminum and lead. This does not mean they do not work for other metals, merely that they are certain that cilantro leaf chelates these three metals. The metals are excreted mainly with the urine. It is also important to note that this discovery occurred as a result of cilantro, aka Chinese parsley, being used as a garnish on a soup that was served to a group of terminally ill patients. Privately, I have been told many details about this study that are not public knowledge, including that none of the patients were expected to live more than 30 days and that all were professionals in the health field. I actually know quite a bit more than this about the study, but what makes the story credible is not just the methods of research used but the credentials of the participants in the study.

Others in the non-conventional health world have modified the original protocol, i.e., instead of serving soup, they have, as I have done, extracted the cilantro. Many added chlorella to the protocol, but after Fukushima, I stopped using both chlorella and seaweed. It is now straight fact that Pacific Ocean seaweed is radioactive so what we have to do to survive requires clever adaptation to present realities, some of which I will address next week in yet another in this series of posts.

The controversy over amalgams is more than a century old. I wrote a short summary of this in the very first of my pdfs published online.

As always, one can readily conclude that the subversion of truth has a financial motivation, but our health suffers as a consequence of the obfuscation of facts. If you are someone who likes to follow the money, you will discover a quite transparent and utterly fascinating trail, one in which pirating of wealth from the New World played a major role; and, of course, the infamous Rothschilds are key players, but lots of others are in cahoots with the scam so surfacing the truth has taken a long time. As always, the earliest and bravest of the pioneers suffered immensely, but not more than you and I and millions of others who have been exposed not just to amalgams, but also to diabolical preservatives in vaccines and pharmaceuticals as well as many other metals that never belonged in our homes or offices much less our food or medicine, metals like aluminum and lead and many others. Think back to leaded gas and paint as well as the countless products that are packaged in aluminum, cooked in aluminum cookware, and perhaps even prevented from caking with aluminum additives.

What these and many other toxic metals do is impair the immune system as well as damage vital organs such as the kidneys, lungs, and brain. As I have mentioned before, my grandfather was a metallurgist so I have been following this story since childhood, but there are two absolutely outstanding milestones in this journey that deserve special mention.

There is no question but that toxic metals stress the immune system. Thanks to the insights afforded by darkfield microscopy, it is easy to see that the metal toxins are targeted by white blood cells that die in the process of waging a futile war against a superior adversary. However, the courage and determination of the white blood cells is remarkable and heart warming. The dead white blood cells clutter the plasma and often form strings of debris. One sees this a lot with patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Lou Gehrig's disease. It is believed that Alzheimer's disease and many childhood neurological problems that impede development are also caused by a combination of metal toxicity and immune system interference. I will not suggest that the immune system is broken, merely that it cannot overcome the obstacles created by the metals. One sees that the body just keeps producing more and more white blood cells, but they suffer a similar fate to the ones that already died. This is obviously stressful.

More recent and fascinating studies showed a counterintuitive result: children with higher levels of impairment excreted less mercury and other metals. This finding forced researchers to ask why and the conclusion was that there are good and bad excreters. This finding is so consistent with Ayurvedic theory that there was an instant "ah ha" reaction on my part. If all children are overexposed to reckless vaccines, one might expect that all suffer equally. However, the truth is that some children die within hours or days of vaccination, some become impaired even if born normal, and others seem more or less unaffected. I might challenge this idea because there is probably room for improvement in all of us. In any event, what is compelling about this theory is that it supports Dr. Omura's work by suggesting that excretion of metals will improve health and possibly even reverse serious and potentially terminal degenerative diseases.

My own work with patients shows that most people can remove nearly all the toxic metals in one to three weeks IF they are suitable candidates for chelation, and if they are reasonably able to tolerate the protocols. Others can take years to reach the same point. While this can be very discouraging, it pays to recognize the difference between efficient excretion and inefficient excretion.

The metals can be warehoused just about anywhere in the body, but the major places are the ones just mentioned: kidneys, lungs, brain, nervous system, and endocrine glands. Until one has ridded oneself of these metals, one has no idea what it feels like to be normal. I would probably like to word this in another way, say the same thing more softly, but the reality is that so many people have had such a heavy toxic burden from such an early age that they simply do not know what it feels like to be normal. If this fact doesn't make you sad or angry, something is wrong.

Chelation is a very controversial medical specialty and it's not easy on the patients. However, oral chelation is generally easier, cheaper, faster, and yet riskier because patients have to take responsibility for their decisions, exercise discernment over the dosages, and proceed without much supervision.

The Protocol

Based on the advice of peers, I did recommend chlorella for some years, even though I was acutely aware that Dr. Omura did not rely on chlorella. Let me reiterate: his discovery was unanticipated. The patients in the study were simply served a soup, after which they excreted more mercury, aluminum, and lead in their urine. So, it's obvious that excretions were being studied and someone had to backtrack to explain the sudden change. I love clinical studies because they are truer to life and much more interesting if one is bent on explaining all reactions and findings.

The point is one doesn't actually have to buy a supplement. One can eat cilantro, but what should you know before doing this? First, if cilantro is such a powerful chelator, it might be dangerous for those who still have amalgam fillings. Second, if one has a heavy burden of stored toxic metals, cilantro could mobilize these metals and symptoms would temporarily be much more severe. Obviously, this damages the will to persevere, but the solution is to cut back the exposure to cilantro. Then, we have to ask, "By how much?" and the answer is highly variable. It not only depends on the individual and his/her ability to excrete metals but also on the phase of the detoxification since some days are more rugged than others.

The risk one wants to avoid is reabsorption of the metals. Let's try to use some imagination here. If there are metals in the brain and these are mobilized but not eliminated, they will be reabsorbed and perhaps deposited back in the brain, but they could also be deposited somewhere else so the symptoms of toxicity would be exaggerated while the reorganization is underway and the result after the reabsorption may be that the symptoms have changed because different organs were taxed with storing the metals that were mobilized. This is typical of what are called vata derangements in Ayurveda: the symptoms are inconsistent, variable, and subject to random changes, but it does not mean they are psychosomatic because the explanation for why this happens is perfectly logical. So, I will explain "my" protocol a little more and you can take it or leave it. Since Fukushima, I have not been able to source chlorella that I am 100% sure is safe to use. Also, for the same reasons, I am wary of seaweed, at least all seaweed harvested from the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, I changed some of the strategies. Since most of the metal toxicity begins in the mouth, I am suggesting oil pulling, especially first thing in the morning. You can use sunflower or sesame oil, but I happen to like pumpkin seed oil. I have all three in stock now.

For a while, good sunflower was very hard to obtain because the companies that were trying to go organic were replacing canola oil with sunflower oil. Oil pulling is controversial, but I think it works. It's inexpensive and certainly easy enough to do. I have one troublesome area in my mouth that flares up from time to time, and I keep it under control with a combination of oil pulling, mouthwashes, and essential oil and spilanthes. I know some people who have had many teeth pulled because they did not know how to manage their oral challenges so you can try these strategies and see if they work for you.

Next, of course, one uses cilantro. If you are new to chelation, start with a very, very small dose, maybe just one drop. It's better to be safe than sorry. I told you that Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt drank two ounces of my cilantro as a kind of apéritif at a dinner party, same event as I mentioned in the previous email, at the home of the Chilean herbalist. However, he was not at the beginning of chelation but rather a graduate with many years behind him and therefore he had no reason to expect a major reaction. Once the metals are gone, it's safe to eat and drink cilantro, and I have recipes for pestos and I think also chutneys on

There are a few people who can chelate without any further support, but it is not sensible to avoid support. It is also important to emphasize that anyone who still has amalgams must avoid contact of the amalgams with the cilantro. It is not impossible to remove metals from other tissues while the amalgams are still there; it is simply a whole lot trickier. Some people hate the taste of cilantro. I happen to like it, and I particularly like cilantro chutney, but anyone who has amalgams is asking for trouble if they eat cilantro as part of a meal. However, if they take the liquid and put it way in the back of the mouth, it might be safe IF they rinse the mouth several times before eating anything.

Dr. Omura's work has been known for years so there has been a lot of feedback and I can tell you that the tolerance level for cilantro varies from one drop in water stretched over five days to the two ounces swilled down by Dr. Klinghardt. Of course, there might be someone who drank more, and that person might have become a bit tipsy!

Many years ago, I had a contract in Norway and was sending cilantro there with government approval. It was marketed as a candida product, which tells you that the high incidence of yeast infections might have some correlation to amalgams, but there are other explanations as well. However, I might also remind people that Sweden is so serious about mercury that it not only paid for the removal under its socialized medicine plan but it also requires amalgams to be removed before cremation is permitted.

Support for Metal Detoxification

Those who are not good excreters or who like to err on the side of caution can use the Kidney Support formula because the kidneys have the burden of filtering the minerals and metals that will be reabsorbed and those that will be excreted. This is hard work so some herbal support is warranted. Then, because the body likes to replace minerals so as to avoid deficiency conditions, I have included our new Shilajit Paste in the starter kit. This is absolutely fabulous shilajit from the Nepalese Himalayas and is very high in minerals, some of which are quite rare. By taking shilajit, there is less temptation to keep detrimental minerals and metals, not just the ones that are being detoxed but also the ones that might have random occurrence such as the radioactive isotopes that are being routinely ingested by millions, perhaps billions of people worldwide. Finally, just to be extra safe, I included Triphala. It is usually regarded as a colon cleanser, but it is actually a roto rooter and antioxidant so it works on the arteries and veins and any other tubes in the body that might be congested. Schisandra is the last item in the kit because there have been studies suggesting that it protects the body from the harsh effects of metal toxicity. As with all herbal regimes, there is room for variation. Some people will want to add the Periodontal Mouthwash or my own Oral Rinse which is slightly more aimed at bacteria and spirochetes than firmness of gums. Some will want to tune up their oral hygiene and get a new toothbrush, change the brand of toothpaste, etc., etc., etc. The kit is a "starter kit" and people can improvise, tweak, and vary as they become comfortable with the basics. The kit is on the home page of

Since I have mentioned radiation, I will try to tackle this in the next post. The situation in Fukushima is very complicated ,and there is a lot of misinformation, disinformation, and confusion as well as despair, fear mongering, and denial. Somewhere in the middle, there might be a rail to grab.





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