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Inherent in the concept of "modern" is some innuendo that ancient and traditional are somehow "not good."  Well, "modern medicine" goes one step further by implying that these inherited systems of healing are largely a combination of superstitions and hearsay.  The flip side would be to suggest that "modern" is just a euphemism for patents and profits and that those who subscribe to the hype of the ad campaigns are on the bandwagon with heretics who have fallen from grace by virtue of their worship of diabolically dangerous drugs and the side effects that plague humanity at this time.

Heretic-in-Chief of this epidemic of diabolically dangerous stratagems was Louis Pasteur, a mendacious con whose influence should have abated long ago were it not for the profitability of con games.  In actuality, I have not lost my cool, but I just read a very long email from a colleague who has been seeking a cure for his wife's breast cancer for several years now and he is frustrated by the lack of availability of reliable information.  Then, I read another email from another colleague who is concerned that the proposed health care reform is actually a system of rationing based on age and this system will be regulated by bureaucrats who have the right to burst into private practices and examine medical records to make sure that physicians are not providing "unauthorized services" which in this case would be mainly compassionate care for seniors, which, if provided in accordance with the Hippocratic Oath, would result in fines in the six-digit range and perhaps loss of license and incarceration.  Oh, and did we mention suffering?

Yes, we can sit in the back of the peanut gallery and watch the drama unfold as if this particular Lila is just another consequence of our being stuck in the third dimension.  If only we could escape this trap, we would see the bigger picture and then we could all stop fretting and whining.  The problem with this kind of escapism is that the third dimension is where karma is created so, of course, the drama has to play out in the third dimensional theater.

So the screen isn't so wide that we miss the action, let me rewind a bit and talk about "my week."  Highlight of the week was that one of my IT helpers had her baby vaccinated.  She had alerted me that she would be unavailable and I begged her not to do this.  It's the law where she lives and her baby was very sick afterwards, high fever, crying, and so on and so forth. 

One of the subjects in the email from a colleague was the Coley toxins.  I would like to comment on this because it is a good example of how an event becomes a therapy.  William Coley was a surgeon who performed operations on people with cancer.  In an effort to find out why a high profile patient died, he discovered that half of the post-operative patients ran fevers after being operated upon and the other half did not.  The survival rate was higher among those who ran fevers.  This resulted in lots of experiments involving heat therapies and deliberately induced fevers through the use of chemical and biological agents, ergo the "Coley's Toxins" which are, in truth, cocktails of various heinous ingredients.

In his day, Coley would have been considered quite far out of the box and many physicians who are interested in his work would also be considered avant garde, but the promise here was to rewind.

What if the fact was that all patients were exposed to similar pathogenic microorganisms but half were too immune compromised to manifest a fever so they died whereas those who were able to generate a proper acute response to microorganisms were in better condition and this is what really accounted for their survival.

In short, if the questions are too severely limited, one does not see the whole picture but just the statistics.  Eclectic physicians who were practicing around the same time as Coley, people like Dr. Eli G. Jones, maintained that vaccines were responsible for the crisis in immunity and that it is necessary to eliminate the morbid residuals of the vaccines before cancer could be cured.  This is a wider screen than most research can embrace because the consequences of an early event are so separated from the later event that the dots truly fail to connect.

However, since this is the time I set aside to indulge in my own bliss, I would like to suggest that no insult or harm is ever "forgotten" because we are not merely third dimensional beings.  We exist simultaneously in all realities so the pain and suffering that is below the threshold of consciousness has just as powerful an ability to produce illness as what is recognized on the surface.  I never saw this more clearly than with a horse with whom I developed the deepest imaginable bond in a matter of hours.

He had sarcoids on his face, mostly very close to his eyes and ears.  He was a victim of all the usual human errors:  total lack of comprehension of his uniqueness and deliberate violations of his will.  In the determination to make him obedient, they ran roughshod over his sensitive inner nature.  For example, he was proud of his masculinity, but they gelded him when he was very young because this would subdue him.  He had sun and moon in Aries . . . and hear some people saying, "ah ha!" 

When we met, he was very interested in the herbs I brought, so much so that he licked between my fingers to get ever last bit.  He especially loved buckthorn. 

I decided that neither he nor I could concentrate well with so many eyes upon us so I took him for a walk.  Then, I did the unimaginable.  I sat on a fence and closed my eyes and let him do whatever he wanted.  I have to say, I was helped a bit by an astrologer friend who was attracted to Sagittarian men.  They always ran away from her.  She told this wonderful story of how she went to horse ranch to watch the four-leggeds to see if she could come up with some clues to improve her love life.  She noticed that horses are very curious so if you hold something behind your back, they come over to see what you are hiding.  However, if you chase them, they run away.  I actually think this was a good observation because dogs might tend to be wary if they think you are hiding something but they love the playfulness of the chase.

Anyway, there I sat.  This big black horse then came over to me.  He pressed one part of his body against mine and then another part:  like touch me here, now here.  Then, he started communicating very nicely.  He said he didn't think anyone would take care of him if he were sick.  He was actually in a kind of deep funk but he obviously liked me (I get along really well with fiery beasts) and then he started showing me scenes from what I presumed were past lives.  He had countless injuries, many in the same part of his body as the sarcoids.  I could write a short novel about this stories, but then he said he missed a particular horse whose name he told me.  I thought this was the love of his life and at dinner that night, I got the people version of the story and could hardly fight back the tears because obviously he was very sensitive and capable of really deep attachments but domination by people was not really his cup of tea.

Needless-to-say, he healed of his condition, but the dynamics around him shifted also and this variable is never factored into scientific studies and it is about to disappear completely if bureaucratic medicine prevails. 

Lest this email wander all over the place and the key points get lost, all I am saying is that causes are rarely "skin deep" so the pus they inject is not a short-term insult, it is a deep offense that takes effort to neutralize.  Only when neutralized does the karma end because karma is merely a reverberation: the action generates a reaction.  If the reaction is swift, perhaps there will be balance but maybe not.  For instance, with a vaccine, there may be a febrile reaction to an attenuated virus but no reaction at all to the adjuvants.  These may then become the causative factors behind a chronic condition.  There are however other possible scenarios.  What about the people who do not run fevers?  Are they the ones who will die like the patients in the hospital in New York where Coley conducted his study?

Royal Rife maintained that cancer is caused by a virus that becomes pathogenic when exposed to certain irritants.  Taking great liberty in explaining this, I would say that if the terrain is everything — as the adversaries of Pasteur maintain — then certain changes in the terrain cause a relatively harmless condition to become serious and potentially life-threatening.  I have no doubt that the electromagnetic soup in which we live is just this sort of terrain-altering nightmare but we actually have no idea how it affects highly mutagenic viruses.

All I know is that when research is confined to single variables, the picture simply will not stay in focus.  Life has nuance but the left brain is full of various compartments so when the organizational system of that brain remains compartmentalized, we will never have the whole picture.  To the extent that medicine is one of those research areas in which compartmentalism is the most extreme, we will never have wholistic health and to the extent that the left and right brain are rigorously separated, we will not have holistic health nor the wisdom and compassion that must underly all serious forms of healing.

Maybe tomorrow, I will write some more about how the baseline is affected by past insults.  In the meantime, if I were an investor, I'd be buying stock in offshore clinics.  In fact, this is such a timely idea that I think we should start fund raising to build the penultimate clinic.

Many blessings,


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