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Posted to Subscribers on 26 July 2014


Dear Subscribers,

When I declared July as the month for all things related to the mouth and teeth, it was to celebrate the release of a new book on herbal dental care. Never did it cross my mind that I would have a crisis requiring me to do quite a bit of research!

It definitely seems true that necessity is the mother of invention!

For many years, I have known that everyone who has ever encountered the work of the late Weston Price regarded him as the highest authority on not just teeth but also how the teeth are affected by diet and various dental procedures. His work was indeed truly amazing. The published materials are available online, without charge. I stumbled on the following:

What is astounding there is how gorgeous the teeth are in Figure 73. The skull is from the pre-Columbian Period, and the condition of the teeth stands in marked contrast to what I have been reading about ancient Egyptian medical conditions, the teeth being considered the main cause of premature death in Egypt.

When I took a seminar in oral toxicology some years back, quite a few years back, the host of the conference said that 98% of deaths and disease can be attributed to dental problems. I watched some videos on youtube in which professionals, usually what are called biological dentists, used a figure of 90%. However, in interviews about specific conditions, such as breast cancer, the figures jumped back to high nineties.

As some of you may remember, each tooth has a relationship to a particular bodily organ, sometimes several organs, so the damaged, infected, or badly treated tooth may have a reflection in its corresponding organ. In previous posts, I have mentioned that every conscious dentist with whom I have ever had an in depth conversation has recounted stories of spontaneous remissions when correcting the problem with the offending tooth. These cases span quite a range of diseases from multiple sclerosis to cancer.

In short, when I was challenged this week, I fully understood the possible consequences so the question was whether I could handle this myself or not. I chose to try it on my own, risky decision, I admit, but I was well aware of what the dentist would recommend . . . is sometimes a place one searches for information or hope, but I was pretty busy so I started off on my own with some cinnamon essential oil. On youtube, most people seemed to favor oregano oil. I would like to weigh in here. First, the oil should be "wild oregano" rather than oregano. It is an amazing oil but the taste is rather overwhelming, nice hint from Nature to go easy with it. Most people selling it are diluting it with olive oil. My wild oregano oil is not diluted but it is still antimicrobial at dilutions of 1-2% which means you can put a drop or two in an ounce of a carrier oil. I did eventually use wild oregano oil, but I put it in pumpkin seed oil mixed with some Egyptian black cumin oil (which has a much milder taste than other black cumin oils.) The two most effective ways to use this were to gargle occasionally and to dip a swab into the oil and keep it pressed against the inflamed area. First I used some cotton provided by the dentist and then some organic cotton wool, but the ones I liked best were Swisspers, organic cotton swabs that are better quality than Q-tips.

For the record, I do not believe that wild oregano oil should have a monopoly here. Many essential oils are significantly germicidal so you can consider clove oil, cinnamon bark oil, thyme oil, and many others. The main pathogen is usually Streptococcus mutans, but there are often 35 or even more different microorganisms involved in dental infections:!po=75.0000

While running a very high fever, I guzzled Potent Protection, Indigo Drops, and Guduchi, probably 6 ounces of herbs over 2-3 days. Last night, I found out something I should have known years ago. According to Dr. Weston Price, it is not the germs that are dangerous but the toxins produced by the germs. As usual, many of you will not want to know how he performed his tests. He cultured bacteria in petri dishes and centrifuged the soup. He injected bacteria into some lab animals, usually rabbits, and toxins into others. Those who were injected with the toxins became deathly ill and usually died whereas the germs alone were apparently managed by the body. This immediately explained why my Indigo Drops has been more effective for dental issues than my other immune formulas. It is the most detoxifying of all my immune formulas, but adding Guduchi was probably intuitively correct as well.

Over the years, I have of course interacted with many people, some of whom first came into my life because they were ill. One lady flew over from Switzerland to meet me. She had multiple sclerosis and had been advised to have all her teeth pulled. Four teeth had already been extracted but the rest were saved, thanks to Indigo Drops. This was the first liquid herbal formula that I ever made. Again, the mother of invention played a role because a formula I had been using in my clinic was discontinued. I thought about the complaints of patients and tried to correct even more issues than the discontinued one had addressed. The issue I added to the mix was lymphatic stagnation due to infection (as opposed to lymphatic issues due to trauma or parasites).

Because I was so preoccupied with the webinar, I did not post as much on oral hygiene and teeth as I had planned so I will extend the emphasis on the mouth and teeth into August. In the meantime, I want to add a few notes because they have been helpful to me. I used to use an electric toothbrush. I stopped and switched to Fuchs when the electric toothbrush ceased to function. Now, I am using the ionic toothbrush and I have to say, this is an incredible toothbrush. During this crisis, I brushed many, many times a day, twice with the remineralizing mix I have concocted. It consists of Vamsa Rochna powder, Mezo Trace powder, and some cinnamon powder with a little bit of tooth powder added. I also really like the UV sterilizer. I know that some say toothbrushes should be replaced at least every three weeks. To extend the life of the toothbrush, I have experimented by soaking the toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide (food grade), colloidal silver, essential oils, and various germicidal herbal mixtures that I made. There is no question but that the UV sterilizer is the simplest and the toothbrushes remain new looking for a long time. I'm not saying the other methods are invalid, but the UV sterilizer is highly portable and convenient.

Okay, infections can be very dangerous so I was a zealot. I love the taste of the Auromere Mouthwash but I was certain I needed something really serious. I used chaparral at night and the Periodontal Rinse in the day time. Chaparral has a disgusting taste so the Auromere was a treat when I got up in the morning! Being experimental, I found that adding essential oils to oils used for oil pulling was less gagging, but I cannot assign a value to this. Surely rinsing with essential oils was useful, but whether oil pulling worked or not, I can't say. As I said, these problems are dangerous so even though I am experimental, I did "everything" so as to leave no stone unturned.

I actually did more than I have mentioned so far. I was worried about infection going to heart and brain and was also worried about nerve damage and a host of other phobias. So, while not realistic for people who do not have rows and rows of shelves with essential oils and herbs, I should probably say that doing a third or half as much as I did would probably be sufficient, but why take a chance if the bottles are right there starring at me? I used my Hibiscus Elixir, Brahmi Elixir, and even a variation of a nasya oil. However, I am fine again. The youtube estimates ranged between instant and five days. I think I hit somewhere in the middle, but we don't really know how serious anyone's conditions were since many reporting were not divulging much.

Last night I posted some videos on, and I will add some more over the weekend.

As you know, last weekend was the webinar. About a hundred people joined for what was a heart warming event with a lot of technical challenges. Claudia, the co-moderator, and I are going to investigate some alternative hosting platforms for webinars as our practice run had gone well but not the main event. The video of the first portion of the webinar is on Vimeo, 38 minutes was left after all the cuts for lost connectivity. So, we will probably try this again next weekend with a different host. Stay tuned!

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