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Dear Subscribers,

I always loved the Chinese saying attributed to Lao Tzu that "Even the journey of a thousand li begins with a first step." There are various translations and interpretations, but this sets the stage well. In my case, Mercury being retrograde, I have had to retrace my steps because my computer froze and my original content is apparently lost forever.

I do not know in which incarnation my journey began but as a very small child, I used to draw pictures of Luke. I was fascinated that he was a physician and Greek no less. These obsessions ought to have been recognized by parents and teachers, but, in my case, it did not happen. I think I was regarded as a dreamer and therefore was ignored, which, of course, means the inner life will develop faster than the outer. My interest in Greek and Egyptian medicine only intensified with time, but now I want to go back even further. I had a dream recently that a few people incarnate with very specific missions to restore lost knowledge . . . I might be one of them.

Anyway, I managed to graduate from college without any job qualifications, but I had a scholarship and went to Japan to study. I loved traveling around Japan, but Hiroshima was horrific. However, I went even further, to Nagasaki, and, when the magnitude of the crime sank in, I was resolved to solve health problems. There were two main issues on my list: (1) an African disease causing blindness that was so pervasive that children were used as seeing eyes and (2) the side effects of nuclear testing and living in the nuclear age. I was 20 then and almost 77 now so the journey of a thousand li seems rather long. Obviously, I am moving at a turtle's pace, but even that is highly symbolic.

Onchocerciasis — or river blindness — is caused by a parasite, quite terrifying to me, but I feel I have developed true expertise in dealing with parasites. This is partly why I now want to tackle Lyme disease. Many people I know are infected, and they are suffering tremendously. I believe my understanding is unique to my own studies and observations but also highly relevant. We always start where we are, and who knows how much time will elapse before the first step on the journey of a thousand li.

In the case of Lyme, the best explanation I have of a biological weapon is that it is intentionally complicated. I will give two examples. When there was a sudden outbreak of hantavirus in New Mexico some years back, it took eleven days to determine the cause.

A survivor of the imperial family of China developed a technology for protecting against intrusive frequencies. He subcontracted manufacture to different companies in various countries and used yet another company to assemble the components. It was complex enough to defy most attempts at reverse engineering, and this is how he protected his rights. If one were creating a biological weapon, one would probably use a strategy that is similar so that identification of the disease is very difficult and treatment also defies most attempts.

That said, only very evil people would devote their lives to creating random death so it is not clear how far the Inspector General of the Defense Department will get in answering the question asked by the House of Representatives:

I suspect most who worked at Lab 257 have retired and/or passed on but perhaps some people know the answers and want to unburden their consciences before facing the perils of Hell.

I suppose that shows you how fiery I am. I am not however optimistic about what will be divulged. That said, we know at least part of what is being formally demanded. This article covers the subject fairly well without taking up all the details one encounters in fuller accounts:

How would someone approach a disease that has a primary cause and many possible co-infections. The answer is: bit by bit. The obstacle to cure must be removed and the bodily functions must be reset so that the body's natural defenses are allowed to work in a normal manner. Then, regeneration can begin. I have devoted a lot of time to laying the groundwork for this approach, but I do not think the message is really getting across. For instance, in the last post, I wrote about the obstacles in the order that they seem relevant. Most people writing would just provide the name of a disease and ask what to do. Missing in this exchange are two important points. The first is whether or not the obstacles have been addressed, and the second is even harder for most people to understand: it is not necessary to know the name of the disease in order to begin treating it.

This is so baffling to those who are indoctrinated in modern medicine that it almost demands a defense. This is perhaps the biggest distinction between traditional and modern medicine. In most traditional systems, it is enough to know what is not working correctly and why. In most cases with modern medicine, one must, in theory, know the diagnosis before treatment can begin. In reality, however, the boundaries are not that clear in either natural or conventional medicine as both approaches tend to address symptoms if those symptoms are acute and/or painful.

Over the years, many patients or their family members asked if I had specific experience with some unusual and supposedly rare condition. Not a single person asking the question understood why one can anticipate improvement regardless of whether or not one has experience so long as the obstacles to cure are addressed. In addition to the many obstacles mentioned in the last post, there are psychological obstacles and often also intellectual ones, such as believing that one does not deserve to be cured or that there is no cure. We can then ask if one deserves to be ill and that sometimes reverses the thinking. However, for the most part, the obstacle is something one has overlooked, such as expecting inflammatory conditions to subside without making any changes in the diet or tweaking the immune system, which is rarely in working order. This might require a little explanation. Try to imagine white blood cells meeting premature deaths. In a sense, the immune system is "working" but it is sabotaged. The body produces the white blood cells, but they die before completing their tasks. White blood cells are fragile. They are vulnerable to fumes and odors, free radicals and toxins, most medications, and even some foods, like mushrooms.

What I am suggesting here is that if the perils are significantly reduced, it is very likely that the patient will recover even if the disease has been present a long time. In short, the kind of experience needed is often not directly related to the disease but rather to the obstacles. The most obvious examples would be some of the issues mentioned in the last post: exposure to Wi-Fi, amalgams, and fungi. One can take all kinds of medicines but if the environment is itself toxic, recovery may not be complete. Once this is understood, it helps us to see that weaponization of our Planet is incredibly dangerous, not just to an individual here and there but to countless species.

What this means is that an individual here and there will make the adjustments necessary in order to be healthy, but the masses will succumb to incapacitating conditions that affect them on multiple levels. We are already mind-controlled and subjected to countless debilitating chemicals and pathogens, but there is a breaking point so the only way to secure the future is to desist from wrecking the Planet and its inhabitants in all Kingdoms of Nature.

Searching for the Cure

How do we begin the quest to reverse the ravages of Lyme disease? First of all, we have to start with what we know and build upon that knowledge. In the case of Lyme disease, it is caused by a spirochete named after the person who "found" the cause of Lyme disease, someone who worked in a Level 4 bioweapons laboratory who had studied African borrelia spirochetes. The disease itself was named after Lyme, a town in Connecticut where the ferries from Plum Island docked and where the first cases were diagnosed. Given the number of people with similar symptoms, the time lapse from symptoms to finding the cause was very long. Compare this to hantavirus and you understand my point. The vast majority of victims were in New England where there are prestigious medical schools so why did it take so long?

Over recent years, I have been aware that my references to syphilis made people uncomfortable, but it is the best known condition that is also caused by spirochetes. We do not suspect ticks as vectors, but Lyme disease can also be spread in all the ways syphilis can be spread. I apologize for the discomfort, but my goal was not to obsess over syphilis but to examine the treatments that are generally deemed successful . . . because we have to start somewhere. Basically, this is what researchers have done.

Keep in mind, however, that a biological weapon is intentionally complex so in the case of Lyme disease, there are countless co-infections, including one that is extremely pervasive: babesia. It resembles malaria so my many references to malaria — that also seemed irrelevant to most readers — also had a reason. Both of these medical conditions have been major causes of death for centuries. So, if one wanted to cause death, one would choose diseases with a very high kill rate. The difference between the dastardly deeds on Plum Island and elsewhere was that Lab 257 was ostensibly a veterinary research facility. It directed much of its resources to causing disease in animals used as food, which is another good reason for being a vegetarian.

Obviously the motivation for its very existence was evil but given the delay in demanding an official investigation, it seems very unlikely that the researchers themselves will face any consequences in this chapter of history. Karma is another matter. The whole can of worms is tragic so the best anyone can do is struggle to overcome the risks.

Now, to make this as clear as possible, we start with what we know. In the case of traditional medicine, we would study herbs and perhaps homeopathic remedies, and modern medicine would look for drugs, mostly antibiotics.

I have seen spirochetes in the microscope, and they do not look or behave like bacteria so we will wait and see. The entire DNA of B. burgdorferi has been sequenced but who knows what this really means. The truth is that natural cures for syphilis were very few in number, but there are at least 1200 herbs with antimalarial properties. Putting all the emphasis on Artemisia annua or artemisinin seems silly. If one herb is not delivering the desired results, try another and another. There are 1199 more options! The problem with malaria is not a lack of treatment but a lack of availability of the treatment because of poverty and absence of adequate humanitarian concern for the suffering of others. In short, I am not even slightly worried about babesia. . . or for that matter any other parasitic infection. I lived in the tropics and was medically evacuated and overheard a discussion of five doctors saying I would die, but obviously, that has yet to happen. The issue is hence what do we know and what do we not know.

One thing we know is that parasites are mobile. This is actually also true of spirochetes so while they may prefer synovial fluid or brain tissue, they can be reached and/or lured out of their chosen habitats into a barrage of herbs. This takes a lot of patience and commitment but I am ready. That said, I think everyone on the Planet has to awaken to the reality that parasites are not commensural, not harmless, and not legal weapons. In my many, many observations of parasites that I have painstakingly described over the last 25 years, I never saw any that could not be removed, but they are all different so we need many strategies in order to succeed.

My plan is to introduce the neuroregenerative herbs simultaneously and I have some modalities to test and document. Some funding would be very helpful. I need a little more equipment and some treatments need to be subsidized because the patients have been out of work a long time. Anything you can spare will be appreciated.

In the meantime, I will post a questionnaire soon. I have fingers in several pies right now so a little help would also be appreciated. For instance, finding a place to stay, organizing transportation and accommodations for a dozen or more people, and such could be handled by someone else. I guess I am asking for volunteers! I am aware that Mercury is still retrograde so there are some announcements that will be postponed for another week or so.

Thanks so much and many blessings,



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