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Dear Subscribers,

Today is the 40th anniversary of my vows. I took the vows on the Big Island of Hawaii from the previous Nechung Rinpoche. As many people know, the Tibetans place great trust in their most educated and enlightened teachers so when the teacher dies, he leaves hints of how and where to find him when he reincarnates. There is a living Nechung Rinpoche but the vows were made with the previous incarnation. At the time, he said he had waited many years for me to ask, but my story, which I believe I have shared before, is that when I was very small, preschool, I asked God to let me leave this planet as I did not like it here. A great being appeared in the sky and told me that I had until I was 30 to perfect myself as much as possible and that my work would begin when I was 35. At 30, I took the vows internally, meaning I lived as if I intended to uphold the vows, but I waited until I was 35 to make this official.

I was always a seeker of true wisdom, but I could not find this in the church where I spent a lot of time as a child nor in school. Hence, at 19, I went to Japan to study Buddhism but Zen did not give me the cosmic understanding I craved. With Zen, I definitely learned to observe my mind and its restlessness and my intuition improved tremendously with practice; but I was just unbelievably curious, and Tibetan Buddhism seemed to have a deeper sense of the Cosmos than anything I had managed to find in classes on comparative religion or when visiting churches and temples all over the world. I really had studied assiduously.

In reading about Tibetan Buddhism and meeting Tibetan refugees in India, I knew I would be happy if I ever managed to find the best teacher from Nechung Monastery so this is one of those stories about when the student is ready, the master will appear. If any of you have watched films about Tibet, you know there is an oracle, a lay person who goes into a very deep trance and sees around the corner so to speak. The oracle is called the Nechung Oracle and is affiliated with the monastery. By Tibetan standards, it was a small monastery but the ultimate destination for those interested in esoteric Buddhism, including astrology and medicine. Imagine my surprise when Nechung Rinpoche arrived in this obscure little spot on the Big Island, practically the southernmost point in Hawaii.

Anyway, every year, I take time to review my own spiritual history and role and this year, being a major milestone, I want to talk about the Buddhist theory of the world and when it will end. The reason is not that there is only one possible point of view here but rather that there is so much fear in the air that we could perhaps breathe more deeply if we looked for a moment at the ideas. Obviously, we are at liberty to compare these thoughts to the interpretations of Revelations or any other doctrine or belief, but what is important at this time is that Disclosure will no doubt rock the foundations of formal beliefs so it might be prudent to begin analyzing what happens if your reality is turned upside down and inside out.

Gautama Buddha was the fourth of five prophesied Buddhas. There is nothing unusual about this idea as Jewish people were awaiting the Messiah, and Christians await the return of Christ. In short, we are talking about very important Guides for humankind and there is no doubt but people want help, especially during their darkest hours. The word "Buddha" is a title just as Messiah or Christ are titles. Jesus was a man who when acting in His highest capacity was Christed or perfected. Siddhartha Gautama was a prince who renounced worldly goods and pleasures to seek enlightenment and became a Buddha when enlightened. The next Buddha is the Maitreya, and it is easy to see that the etymology here probably bears some resemblance to messiah. He is not expected for roughly another 2500 years. I will no doubt be around then, albeit in a different body. According to Gautama Buddha, the Maitreya will be born in Benares at a time when humanity has sunk into nearly total depravity. Because of his prior preparation, the Maitreya will become enlightened in only seven days and instruct humanity in the virtues necessary in order to live with God.

Enlightenment is to see without any miasms by using pure recognition or intuition, no filters. So, when asked how long the world will last, Gautama Buddha said the world would last six billion years, but human life and planetary life were not viewed in the same way. He said there had been three prior extinction events. These were caused by water, wind, and fire. In the "Sermon of the Seven Suns," the Buddha referred to impermanence, i.e., nothing that is created lasts forever. After hundreds of thousands of years, there would no longer be any rain, and a second sun would appear, then a third when the Ganges will dry up. Lakes become dry when the fourth sun appears. The oceans become more and more shallow during the fifth sun. There are vast expanses of time between each of these epochs, and we are still only living in the time of the first sun. Ultimately, there will be seven suns and there will be more heat with each sun.

Those who are interested can find much more online or in various texts. However, the Buddha did refer not only to worlds coming into existence but passing out of existence. Moreover, contrary to the contentions of many, He did refer to God as well as the ethical precepts crucial to improvement in circumstances when, being imperfect, we reincarnate. Moreover, the Buddha said that the world itself would, after aeons, be reborn. Those who were perfected would remain with God and others would no doubt return to the planet, presumably at more or less the same point they left off before the planet itself had turned to ashes. Though humans have not been here during all the cycles of the earth, they have been here many times over the course of millions of years.

I am not sharing this with you today in order to be gloomy but there are points to consider here, and they may appeal to some and not to others. The Buddha Himself always said not to believe anything just because He said it, but rather only if the thoughts seem correct. You are therefore admonished to develop your capacity to reason and to intuit and to know. Only then should you accept something as true. Surely you cannot accept something if the thoughts came from someone with a vested interest in manipulating your perceptions and mind.

Now, I would like to speculate as to the questions that have preoccupied me for so long. Power is fragile because it actually is so inappropriate that it cannot sustain itself. I want to give an example, from Scripture or from Sutras, it does not matter which. The world was created by sound, by the Word or by projecting intention into a void. The sound caused certain formations and there are many fascinating studies that demonstrate how sound affects the organization of manifest objects. My mind is several paragraphs ahead of my fingers so I will try really hard to synchronize my thoughts with my hands and see if I can present a logical sequence. Sound is the matrix of the elements: air, fire, water, and earth. If you change the sound, the elements are rearranged so what you hear is important. Every sound is either harmonizing or discordant, but the strongest sound is the original sound from the Creator so the more discordant a person is, the more out of alignment he or she is with the Source. This is dangerous for the deviant as well as those who may be affected by the actions of the individual. With everything tangled up, there is more desperation, more predatory behavior, and more risk of repercussions. This creates karma, and it is actually quite clever because ultimately the discord either results in a loss of vitality and death or reaction from those who are oppressed. The best strategy would probably be exile, i.e., isolate such individuals from those they try to control because they are acting on their own behalf and not for the benefit of others.

There are a few digressions I want to mention today in the context of what is and is not known. There may be things that are not exactly knowable, but there are knowns that are hidden. I have sometimes told the story of my work on the botanical treatments of cancer. The formula that was in wide use was attributed to Native Americans. It contains bloodroot, which, of course, does grow in the region where the Pilgrims landed, but the other herb is galangal and it grows in Thailand and South China. A slightly different variety can be found in Indonesia and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. The third ingredient is zinc chloride which clearly was not part of an indigenous tradition since it is made by pouring hydrochloric acid on zinc. The question was how galangal came to be part of the formula, and I traced this more or less to Hildegard of Bingen but she predated Marco Polo. You can figure this out if it interests you, but my point is that a nun in Germany, not the center of learning in its time, was getting galangal from Thailand in the 12th century, but the Inquisition raked Marco Polo over the coals for his absurd tales. Or was that the public version of the story and there was another background version? Who was trying to benefit by hiding the truth? Why had the facts not already become widely known during the Crusades?

Now, do you believe that Columbus got funding for his voyages without a map? Surely, he had a map. The Vikings had, of course, been to Greenland and probably, almost surely, to North America, and they had also been to the East. Porcelain and silk were found in Europe and they had to have come from the East. Going back further, Mayan writing has been found in ancient Egypt so travel was extensive in what we refer to as prehistory or unknown times. If someone made a journey, the question is whether it would be kept secret or broadcast to all who would listen? I think we know the answer. To this day, we do not know what Admiral Byrd saw in Antarctica and we cannot be sure anyone went to the Moon. I personally do not believe we have been there, but the curious thing is that others who do not believe we went to the Moon are certain we have secretly been to Mars. My point is not to believe anything you cannot prove to your own satisfaction because each spin is for the purpose of shaping your grasp of reality.

For me personally, I will stick to my version of the alien story because it occurred before the days of wifi and chemtrails and the ability to infiltrate my mind. I did not own a television or radio and was definitely off the grid. Today, we can be more or less certain that whatever we are shown was made in Hollywood . . . or its equivalent. Unfortunately, technology now makes it possible not only to influence our thinking but to embed thoughts that have little or nothing to do with our purer perceptions. In short, there is a control mechanism being used by those with power. Clearly, they have no intention of surrendering their power voluntarily, but this is exactly what I saw will happen. In short, there will not be a catastrophe but rather a genuine alien presence in which superior technology and motivations make it impossible for those whose intentions are dangerous to carry out their plans of annihilation. I saw each person in high position surrendering the symbols of office and the Earth became peaceful, but free will was forfeited. There is no purpose to having free will. The only possible consequence (and risk) is that if an individual or group might deviate from divine will. Since the result would be dangerous to the individual as well as those he could influence, free will is essentially unsafe. I think it is also useful to keep in mind that the excuse used for misdeeds very often involves an alleged fear of what would happen if someone else were to jump the gun and prevail. Well, there is no need for mature individuals to look at the world as if everything could lead to a duel. In that scenario, at least one person gets hurt, but in a more perfect world, resolutions can be found that contribute to a win-win situation. Our duty, if we want to use such strong concepts, is to seek the win-win, not the advantage.

For those who are following the story line, it is alleged that alien activity accelerated once nuclear energy fell into the hands of humanity. I am not sure I buy this completely. I think the aliens have been here a long time, and, archaeological evidence suggests there have been prior near extinction events. As I have said in recent posts, to-date, I have never regressed anyone who was originally from Earth and I actually saw migration waves from childhood. I remember how I developed the vision, but it may or may not be relevant to others. My father worked in the world of aerospace and we lived mainly in Southern California and subscribed to the Los Angeles Times. I hated reading because my eyes always bothered me but I used to read the entire astrology column for all twelve signs plus the one that started "If your child is born today" and I saw a pattern forming in the skies. I might have been seven or eight when the patterns became very defined and there were energies associated with the patterns and when someone came into the room, I felt their energies and found where they fit with the patterns and these corresponded to a specific date so I was able to "guess" the date of birth people. Eventually, I made a mistake. I was one day off. It never occurred to me that the person might have been born in a different time zone or near midnight. I felt I could not depend on the skills and stopped using them. However, up to that point, I always asked to see their driver's licenses to prove the accuracy or lack thereof of my positioning. That is what it was, people were riding on waves that had correlations in time. I had not yet traced the waves to points of origin. That took going into altered states of consciousness. Only then did it become clear, the origins were diverse and definitely not Earthly.

Today, all this makes explicit sense, at least to me, but I realize that the skills were not normal for others. In fact, I have never met anyone else who approached this subject through this particular gateway. Nothing in the altered states suggested to me or anyone else that Earth is a prison planet. I think this is important because the idea that we are stuck here and cannot get off is being promoted by many people but I have absolutely zero corroboration for the notion. I am not saying that we can, at this juncture, get off nor that Earth is not a prison for some people, but absolutely everyone with whom I have worked is here with a purpose and a mission to fulfill. Moreover, in their altered states, they can return to their true homes for a review or refresh. Let's use the term used by Gautama Buddha in relationship to impermanence. The paths we are on lead to weariness and sometimes perhaps to disgust, but there is nothing permanent.

In those times of weariness, we might want something to renew our resolve to complete our missions. This said, I do not think we are here involuntarily or that Earth is a prison planet. It is however possible that some quarantine procedures are in place because there are people whose behavior would be dangerous if unleashed into space. For me, this suggests we have not traveled beyond the Earth's atmosphere and everything else is just propaganda for which many have fallen. I was in India when someone who worked for me came rushing in saying "Memsahib, memsahib, men on the Moon." Moti was was excited and I all but managed to yawn. In retrospect, I have no idea why I did not even ask to see the newspaper. It seemed utterly boring to me, but there are people who agree with me that the footage is all fake but who believe we later actually went there. I am not one of those believers. Unlike scientists, I cannot prove anything one way or another, but my father spent a lot of time at Jet Propulsion Laboratory and he was always grumpy when he mentioned JPL. Whatever he actually did, it must have been way above top secret. I am clueless but clearly he was a very unhappy man.

Back to us and our missions! In our spiritual consciousness, which we all have, our gifts and purposes are known and they are also knowable. This is important. Many people say they are trying to become conscious or become spiritual. Everyone already is conscious but filters are blocking the consciousness. Some of those filters are caused by reactions to experiences and some are put there deliberately by evil forces who do not want people to know the truth about themselves. A real battle is going on over consciousness and I have no doubt whatsoever that these individuals have infiltrated just about every nook and cranny where influences can be embedded. For instance, besides schools and media, there are religions and even alternative perspectives, and nearly everything and everyone is affected to some extent by these intrusions and attempts to conceal reality or, worse yet, to project fake realities.

I still do not fully understand the issues over geocentrism and heliocentrism, but I would like to suggest that it is very possible that neither theory is correct. Both are based on mathematical computations and competition for attention and acceptance. So, while we hear of a Copernican Revolution, most of us are not educated about other possibilities, such as those of Johannes Kepler or Tycho Brahe. Someone makes a decision about what we will be told is true and, right or wrong, that decision may influence our understanding for centuries. I do not know who is right, but I will say all are third dimensional attempts to comprehend realities that have their origins in higher dimensions so it is very likely none of the theories are actually correct. If we understand the concept of manifestation, which always occurs in Time and Space, then we accept that we are seeing an appearance that is highly specific to a moment that cannot be replicated. Moreover, in another dimension, that moment is part of the "Isness" of all. Speak with any being in another state of awareness and everything simply "is" and there is no becoming or ending, just being and all states of being are shall we say contiguous or connected? They are not, in my experience at least, what we call holographic, because the holograms are games played with light and light is not the begin all and end all. It is part of an emanation in which the element of fire is predominant. Light is also, dare I say, idiosyncratic. You cannot depend on anything being what it seems if your only reference point is light.

I do not think one can understand the fourth dimension without experiencing it. However, if you try to imagine a second dimensional creature whose view is "flat", then there is left/right, forward/backwards, etc., but there is no up or down. How do you convince someone who cannot perceive up or down that there is a third dimension? How then do you explain the fourth or fifth or sixth dimension to someone who has no conscious experience of these dimensions? I stumbled on these concepts in the seventies when the late Isabel Hickey demonstrated a technique for creating altered states of consciousness. In one such demonstration, the subject, a chiropractor, burst out laughing in the fifth dimension. She also used the term fifth dimension to refer to the experience but I had never heard these terms before. It made me believe there must be many dimensions so I experimented with volunteers and found that it was possible to get everyone to the fourth dimension, but a few people reached the seventh. It was there that the master plan for all incarnations was found and the seventh dimensional version of oneself could explain all the details to the third dimensional self, but the seventh dimensional version of ourselves is awesome beyond words and very careful about dispensing information that the third dimensional being is not ready to comprehend.

Well, I am rambling but I wanted to go way out on a limb to celebrate the anniversary and tomorrow, being Sunday, I may add a little to this.

Much love and many blessings,



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