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Posted to Subscribers on 4 June 2017

Dear Subscribers,

It's Sunday. This last week saw the activation of the fiber optic project that is finally operative. I now have steady connectivity! It was also a week in which I spent more time on the phone than in ages, and I lost my voice a few times. What has become clear is that the reasons behind some of what I am doing are not obvious even to those closest to me. Usually, there is a reason for everything I do so I will try to explain what the immediate goal is and then later discuss the bigger picture.

The problems in the world today are, of course, distressing. Everyone is impacted, even if very careful. Obviously, suffering is greater for some than for others. My heart goes out to them. These are not empty words. I have dedicated my life to solving problems, usually problems that do not have any direct bearing on me. First, we have to understand the issues and then find the solutions.

Removing the obstacles to wellness is perhaps a full-time undertaking for someone like me, but it does not have to be such for everyone. I have done my homework and am sharing bits and pieces and will unroll more very soon. That is why I called this post "Curtains" though the curtains will go up, not down!

The oral health issues fall into four categories.

1. Tooth decay is more or less understood except that very few people realize how the decay can affect other parts of the body or even lead to death, such as from heart disease. The only new parts to my presentation will be the focus on the bigger picture as well as the details with respect to oral health options.

2. Mercury is basically a neurotoxin and we are exposed to it through amalgam fillings and vaccines as well as seafood, but also vapors from industry and even shared saunas. Despite the controversy over autism and Alzheimer's disease, there is no question about mercury being toxic. Besides affecting synaptic responses, mercury has a lethal effect on white blood cells so we have a double whammy here. That is the bad news. The good is that nearly all the problems can be eliminated.

3. Fluoride was introduced into drinking water in the mid-40s and about 90% of Americans have been massively exposed. It is used in other countries as well, but not nearly to the same extent. It is the drug that turns normal individuals into sheeple. Oh, I hear a rumble now. It has no effect at all on tooth decay, but in addition to being toxic, it is an endocrine disruptor and interferes with how the hugely important pineal gland works. Calcification begins in the first year of life so there are many people who lack the inspiration and guidance that would otherwise be considered perfectly normal.

4. Xenoestrogens are also endocrine disruptors but they interfere mainly with the reproductive system, and despite the name, they affect males as well as females. They also affect all species, not just humans. Besides dental products, petrochemicals and plastics are the main culprits.

I have developed protocols for all these conditions; but being a perfectionist, I am still applying finishing touches to toxicteeth.com. I keep setting dates, but I realize that a lot of my work, not to mention that of those upon whom I depend, is currently affected by Saturn. I expect things to move faster once Saturn goes direct. I can give you a for instance here. Yesterday, I was interviewing bidders on the configuration of the educational platform for the Institute web site. One of the main contenders failed to see the Skype accept message. Meanwhile, Gina did not notice until this morning that she had not logged into Skype. I managed to make progress on other matters but things are not moving in a linear manner. Thank goodness I am an astrologer or I might go ballistic.

Now, to sharpen the focus, it might be useful to underscore that the first series of webinars is about removing obstacles to wellness. The rapidity at which this can occur will depend on the magnitude of the issues for each individual, but I am going to wager there is not a single individual who does not have at least some complications from exposures to the four main targets of the Oral Health series. My experience is that some people have to go very, very slowly in the beginning so I will be working with you to set up priorities.

Meanwhile, it goes without saying that all reprieve from toxins involves detoxification. That is almost a no-brainer and the language itself is a little silly sounding. I mean, how much more obvious can it be that toxicity requires detoxification. So, by way of preparation, everyone can start clearing the channels that will be used for detoxification. The normal channels are the kidneys and urine as well as the bowels. In the case of toxins associated with oral health, a lot of elimination occurs via urinary output, but there can be inefficiencies. Usually, we know this if the skin becomes red and itchy. It means the skin is acting as an auxiliary eliminatory organ. It can, of course, handle some of the challenges, but it would be better to rely on processing waste through the kidneys and large intestines.

What everyone can do by way of preparation is to take cleansing herbs. There are a lot of options here. For example, there is new 7-day detox package. It involves use of some herbs and eating kicharee. I have a recipe for this on kitchendoctor.com and will post the detox kit there momentarily. Other people may want to use juice fasting. The kidneys really like things that are red in color like beets and cranberries. I have beets in powder form for those who are not jucing regularly. It's summer and fresh produce should be available in local markets. Be sure to use organic vegetables and fruit and wash everything really well before juicing.

Triphala is another wonderful and fascinating formula, probably the best selling Ayurvedic formula for over a thousand years. It is made of three tropical fruits: amla or amalaki, a type of tropical gooseberry that is not only high in vitamin C, but the vitamin C is stable even when cooked and stored. Bibhitaki is a powerful rejuvenator and bowel stimulant. It is a high in gallic acid, something found in powerful antioxidants. Haritaki however has the highest ORAC rating of all the rasayana herbs tested. It is an excellent parasiticide. These three fruits can be used individually or in a formula. I have triphala in powder, tablet, capsule, liquid extract, an elixir form. I actually like the elixir a lot because it is easier to use and just as effective as the more sour tasting forms of triphala.

Some people think of triphala as a laxative, but its action is much deeper because the fruits not only improve digestion, assimilation, and elimination, but they roto root arteries, destroy parasites throughout the body, and improve the quality of the plasma so that it serves as a better nutrient for blood cells. This promotes regeneration. So, we can view triphala not only as cleansing but also rejuvenating. For instance, bibhitaki even helps with the restoration of hair color and improves bones, something we need when we think of how the xenoestrogens affect conditions such as osteoporosis.

Of course, some people prefer to rely on aloe, psyllium, bentonite, prunes, and other such approaches. There is even a colon kit for those who like black seed. To make it easier for you, I have put everything on one page!


Meanwhile, I might remind that that there is a tremendous amount of material on detoxification of one of my orphan sites. Please have a look.


Keep in mind, I have about 60 sites. Making toxicteeth.com mobile compatible and adding features has taken about twice as long as estimated and cost about four times what was budgeted. Maintaining all these sites is an enormous undertaking, but each site gets an update and overhaul sooner or later. Now, being on the home stretch of this incarnation, I am trying to organize things so they last for posterity. That is a huge challenge in an industry in which there are generally upgrades available before you finish the first installation.

Lest any of you hit the panic button, nothing is "wrong" but realistically, it is time to train the next generations and organize a smooth transfer of knowledge. That is what I am doing. Parts of the Internet are very enjoyable. Compared to the publishing I did in my youth, the ability to use color and to locate material has improved tremendously, but the need for discernment has never been greater since anyone can post anything regardless of the credibility of the material. The need to set higher standards for communication has never been more thoroughly demonstrated than this last week when the thoroughly distasteful airing of shocking material went viral. From a medical perspective, I agree with the first lady, but the combination of massive ignorance and total loss of moral rudders makes the need for quality material all the greater. Moreover, detoxification is actually much more profound than most people realize. It is no accident that when the skin looks cleaner and healthier and the hair has more luster that comparable changes are occurring on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Frankly, I think we would all be happier when more in balance.

In the meantime, I would like to plant one tiny seed, a thought that hopefully will root into deep wisdom. Toxicity can have many side effects and undermine just about any part of the body or function of the body, but toxins are mostly, not entirely, fiery. This means that the more toxic people are, the more pressure there is to act out. However, as people move more into balance, controversies are easier to resolve. We can see the various points of view, listen, learn, and seek cooperation instead of conflict. This is very difficult unless the polarities are harmonized. Instinctively, we generally feel we are right, but this is part of our immaturity. On a deeper level, we come to understand that others also think they are right and we are wrong. We could then take a deep breath, laugh at our ignorance and intolerance and seek ways to allow each the right and privilege of uniqueness while committing to the path where Truth resolves all differences. That truth has been hidden by manipulation of knowledge and power. Rightly or wrong, I believe detoxification is a path to Truth. It used to be a requirement in certain traditional cultures, but it is badly neglected in today's world. I plan to work hard to make the idea of purity more appealing!

Many blessings,




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