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This post will bridge the two main topics we have recently been following: "Karma and Reincarnation" and the "Coronavirus Thread". There is so much reporting on the coronavirus that there is very little to add, but there are some points to mention that will help to connect some dots.

Going back a century to the time between the world wars, numerous international agreements were drafted, signed, and ratified covering biological weapons and toxins. Because of "issues" as well as advances in technology, new agreements sometimes replaced the outdated ones. As of August 2019, 183 countries were signatories. This includes all the countries mentioned as possible sources of the coronavirus. For those who want a complete list, it is here: https://tinyurl.com/sn48924.

Obviously, complicated documents have a lot of fine print. Countries are permitted to keep small quantities of potentially dangerous and/or infectious substances for research purposes. The logic behind this is that "research" is defensive, not aggressive, but if something is infectious, that argument is not particularly persuasive. Biological weapons research facilities are ranked according to the materials handled. For example, the Plum Island facility that is alleged to have been the source of Lyme disease was a level 3 facility and the scientist given credit for identifying the causal agent of Lyme disease, Willy Burgdorfer, worked at a level 4 facility in Montana. The agent was named after him: Borrelia burgdorferi.

Bringing the dots together, the biological weapons facility just outside of Wuhan is also a level 4 facility. It was opened in 2017 and is 20 miles from the market where the virus is suspected to have entered the general population. At this time, there is only speculation, no evidence based on testing of animals or workers in the market. So, in the name of fair journalism, it is necessary to separate gossip and conspiracy theory from facts. This is not possible unless facts are shared. Sharing occurs on multiple levels: insiders within China, international research facilities, press, and observers, many of whom have taken great risks to report what they have seen first hand. Comparing all the "information" and analyses, we see some inconsistencies, largely with the dating of the first cases and infection rates. Naturally, when people are advised to stay home, there will be many unreported cases. What this means is that some people will have flu symptoms but not pneumonia so they will not check into a hospital and become a statistic. So, is there underreporting? Yes, probably, but the detail that is missing in most reports is that the outbreak coincided with the testing of 5G. Wuhan was designated as the first Chinese city to deploy 5G. It began with a single street lamp on 31 October 2019 but quickly blanketed popular areas such as an arena. Wuhan was expected to have had 10,000 installations by the end of 2019.

Many deny there is any connection between the epidemic and 5G, but there are some highly curious factors. One is that children do not seem as vulnerable to the new coronavirus as the elderly. Normally, there is a high infection rate among both children and the elderly, but the epidemiology of this outbreak does not conform to expectations. I don't know the age at which children start using mobile devices nor if the 5G stations are near schools rather than commercial centers, but this would be a question to pursue. The emergency hospital that was built in under a week is 5G equipped. The ostensible reason was to improve communications with the outside world. Given the enormous investment in 5G, it is likely that answers to questions will be slow to surface.

Outside of China, there has only been one known death from the new coronavrius. It was reported in the Philippines. The patient was Chinese and had visited Wuhan. In short, from the perspective of the rest of the world, there is very little risk but also no justification for reducing precautions. I believe that it is completely sane to quarantine people who have possibly been exposed as well as to restrict travel. In short, even if the risks are being greatly exaggerated, the protective measures are justifiable . . . in which case, governments and health agencies around the world have, for the first time in memory, shown sane civic responsibility. Yes, and profits may be made that benefit Big Pharma, but the death rate will be modest.

All this said, this may be a side show, a sort of drill to test some other response preparedness so do not be surprised if there is a "next". In the meantime, I still believe the risk to most people is very close to nil, but it is still sensible to be careful about personal hygiene and contacts in crowded places, especially airports! Keep in mind that this is the time of the year when seasonal flu typically makes its rounds. Normally, the particular strain that makes the rounds is different every year and just about impossible to predict in advance. We should not therefore assume that every fever or cough is related to the new coronavirus.


In the last post, I used very strong language in reference to those who develop pathogenic substances at the expense of planetary safety. I also mentioned that over the holidays I watched some Asian films, mostly about Buddhism, but there were occasional scenes of martial arts like kung fu or sword fighting. The Western world has a history of dueling, an excuse for defending one's honor. In the East, the language used tends to focus on revenge, usually retaliatory. Despite the enormous investment in perfecting one's skills, the methods fall short of anything evidencing psychological or spiritual excellence.

My father was a fencing champion, first at the university level and later in life, he trained the women's Olympic team. Dangerous and crazy as dueling is, there are rules for gentlemen; and a duel does not have to end in death, just a win. Obviously, this has to be the case since years of practice take place before anyone drops a gauntlet. Once explosives and even more diabolical methods of warfare developed, honor went out the window and advantage was what was sought.

With chemicals and biological weapons, there is almost no limit to the consequences. I would like to include nuclear weapons and nuclear power in this same category of weapons that cannot distinguish between allies and foes. We do not know the long-term effects of any of these weapons. It could actually be half a million years. Several medical friends commented recently on observations all of us made when viewing the examination of archaeological remains found in mass graves. Almost no one was wearing gloves much less a face mask. The reality, however, is that some viruses have almost indefinite viability. Chemicals can also remain toxic for very long periods of time, and the half lives of some radioactive materials are such that we are creating problems for times so distant from the present that consciences should be overrun with regrets.


Emotions are the foundation of karma. Even when people try very hard to be rational, there are feelings they are trying to hide from themselves. I believe the first feeling we experience is related to our separation from Source. This is an illusion, but the specific type of consciousness we have surrounding our spiritual natures is different from the way we experience emotions. In a sense, a translation occurs and the dimming of the awareness of our essential natures is often translated as rejection. In reality, there is neither separation nor rejection, just entry into relationship with densities of experience that are vibrationally different. People may interpret the density as a punishment or a loss of capacity associated with other dimensions of awareness. They may feel that they did something wrong, that they failed, that they will never be worthy, and these feelings are very Neptunian. They may try to compensate by developing more sensitivity in the third dimension so as to recover lost awareness, more dedication or devotion, often entailing self abnegation or renunciation; or they may engage in denial since they cannot feel the divinity once known. They may try to hide from their fears or use extreme measures to recover what is lost. Either or both could involve reliance on substances that affect feelings and perceptions. The more twisted the interpretations, the more convoluted the strategies are likely to become, either to recover or to mask the feelings.

The reality is that no separation occurred except in the third dimension where definitions of reality tend to derive from comparisons. This is because objectivity involves contrasts such as good and evil, pleasant and objectionable, light and dark, and so on and so forth. Without comparisons, there is no objectivity and everything simply is. However, the deeper the attachment to third dimensional reality, the stronger the comparisons, most of which are flavored. At the abyss of the third dimension, it is clear that the objectifications are divisive and potentially dangerous. We seem to be close to the abyss at this point which is why many people seem to be clueless about reality. Others are in despair, and some are exploiting the divide and conquer routine.

Ultimately, this leads to collapse because the third dimension is built with elements that are bonded by love and disintegrated by strife. So, the game is dangerous and, dare I add, psychologically and spiritually immature. It is however pervasive which is why change is inevitable.


Each element is associated with very specific emotions, usually with some positive and some negative nuances. The earth element tends to be the most judgmental, but ultimately, we judge ourselves. Judgment by the self is an aspect of conscience. Some people act as though they lack conscience, but this is due to obscuration of spiritual sensitivity, not to reality. We judge ourselves and usually create our own punishments but on a level that is invisible to the conscious mind. One can exploit this knowledge by devising doctrines such as death bed salvation or forgiveness, but one has to forgive oneself and that is really tricky. Rationalization is manipulation, not atonement, so the corrections that are needed function at a higher level than the cynical mind that seeks excuses for actions.

If near death experiences are any clue at all to the afterlife, then one of the first experiences is to see how our actions affected others. Even the kindest person makes a mistake here and there so regrets express very decisively. Judgment, of course, is intimately connected to guilt so the actions taken in the name of security or survival can be tainted by recognition of harm done to others. If these mechanisms kick in while still "alive" in this dimension, they result in fear of reprisals, retaliation, revenge, and, as I have said several times before: paranoia. A psychiatrist and I had a discussion once about the origins of emotions and the words that stuck in my mind were, "All emotions are contextual."

The "cure" for deviation from what is fair and just is the cultivation of a deep sense of responsibility and acceptance of the duty to live honorably and ethically.

Water is associated with grief. This is different from guilt. One can be guilty about something one did or neglected to do. Grief is generally about loss, especially loss of something or someone to whom there was sentimental attachment or dependency. One can have family heirlooms, family members, friends, lovers, reputation, and even health losses. For example, if one loses physical parts due to accidents, aging, degeneration, one may feel the loss of one's pleasure and prime. Obviously, rejection, divorce, death, and more relate to grief, but there is more tendency on the part of water to feel like the victim rather than the perpetrator of the events causing the emotions. Ultimately, grief can lead to exploration, understanding, and perhaps compassion so as the self matures, it can offer its nurturing capacity to others.

Fire is ultimately about using insight and understanding to correct misalignments or erroneous trajectories. It can be rebellious, confrontational, hostile, loyal, and even chivalrous. Every emotion tends to be a little difficult to comprehend. We first have to understand ourselves and then others, but we feel in our own ways. Fire uses its visionary capacity to see what ought to be. Then, the question is what to do to bring that possibility into reality. Does fire slay the adversaries and those who stand in the way or compete in some other way, or does fire teach and lead? As with all the elements and their associated emotions, there are primitive and mature expressions of the energies. There are also selfish and unselfish expressions. Fire is capable of taking many personal risks to achieve its goals, goals that may be purely competitive or divinely inspired. There is a spectrum, but one should never underestimate the potential for conflict with fire. Mature fire will not redress issues with violence but rather use illumination, but this is acquired through dedication, not prowess.

Air is egalitarian, social, and informational. Though usually friendly and eclectic, it can be cold and indifferent. When this happens, it goes amok. The emotions associated with air take a toll on the nervous system: anxiety, fear, uncertainty, chaos, and isolation. What triggers an emotion can occur suddenly and unpredictably. Panic may ensue, but the corrections involve good organization and methodology, confidence in finding solutions, and faith that one can adjust to changes. When causal, air can resort to expediency in a manner that subverts truth. It then becomes tangled and twisted so it can only extricate itself by undoing the webs it has spun. There is tremendous misuse of the air element in today's world. Air seems harmless, but if you consider the media and the biases, lies, and the fear it propagates, the social networks, the data mining, and propaganda, it is easy enough to see how air can be misused and work against the best interests of society at large. Truthfulness is the antidote so it might behoove us to remember that in Kali Yuga, it is said that only 25% of people are honest.

These paragraphs do not do justice to the concept of karma, but they help us to see patterns and methods for correction so that more balance is achieved. Emotions relate more to the Moon than Sun so keep this in mind when applying the concepts to yourself and others. Obviously, there must be sequels that go deeper.



My designers and I have begun creating quick start guides for certain products, starting with parasite cleanses. The cards will be included with shipments starting on Friday. The next one is about toxic metal chelation and has not gone to press yet, but is almost ready. Stay tuned.


The second shipment of blankets arrived last Friday and most blankets were shipped yesterday. There are two Valentine blankets still available, including one red one called Fuego. More blankets are in transit from Ecuador today so will be sent to their new homes around the end of the month. Thank you for your patience.


There is some headway being made to create the vision. People are contacting me and sharing their ideas. There are some boots moving on the ground. I will update you soon. Meanwhile, be safe!

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