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By now, I have written dozens of posts on immunity, many of which are archived on  People have been deluging me with emails they have received.  For the most part, you can assume that I receive a few dozen copies of everything that is making the rounds of the net and I try to use some discernment before posting these to you.  I don't consider it my task to become another yahoo much less health ranger.  I have my own very small niche and I would like to be really credible in that niche, but . . . I just wrote something way out there so you can decide whether or not I'm certifiable.

Anyway, one small video I have decided to forward is on Bayer and the ethics of the pharmaceutical industry, an industry whose house has not been in order, actually for several centuries, not just recently, but this one is over the top:

If you wonder why our government doesn't care, you might want to watch the video on how our votes are counted . . . or should that be discounted?

As for the bird flu which is making the rounds of cyber space, you might want to see what The Guardian reports from the House of Lords:

Now, to immunity.  I am going to try to be as concrete as possible.  There is really no such thing as an immune "system" in the sense that we have a skeletal system or digestive system.  There are various factors that increase immunity or sabotage it.  However, the closest thing we have to an immune system would be our white blood cells.  They are very important and they are completely devastated by certain types of toxins.  I have a theory and I might as well share it with you.  It is that when we are exposed to toxic metals, such as mercury whether in amalgams or vaccines or vapors in the air from paper plants or whatever, the white blood cells bite the dust.  The consequence of this is not just a loss of our front line of protection against microorganisms but rather an added stress because all these dead white blood cells create another problem. 

The list of what kills white blood cells is really, really long but we can generalize and say that any of the hundreds of inorganic toxins that are now so prevalent that they are found in the umbilical cords of newborn babies are high on the list of culprits, but antibiotics kill or paralyze white blood cells . . . as do the so-called medicinal mushrooms and even some probiotics.  I am sure that some essential oils (in higher concentrations) and many vapors such as paint fumes and gasoline and the tannins used to evaporate moisture in printing inks and so on and so forth are also deadly to white blood cells.

If you believe the germ theory of disease — and there are profound flaws in some of the theories — then you have two choices about how to deal with a bacterial or viral adversary.  One is to kill on contact and I have explained this in previous posts as well as in the pdf on Potent Protection.  Of the popular strategies based on this approach, you have various colloidal compounds, usually silver, medicinal mushrooms, hydrogen peroxide, etc., etc., etc.  What you need to understand is that these "alternative medications" have a few limitations.  For instance, hydrogen peroxide probably only works on anaerobic organisms.  I'm not 100% sure, but I would think this would be true.  The concentration required to be effective inside the body is way up there because your body is not a petri dish with a very tiny target zone.  It contains a complex network of circulatory routes that are distributing the pathogens throughout the body.

If you have amalgams and drink fluoridated water, there is a fair chance that a genuine immune-enhancing herb or herbal formula will not work because you won't have enough viable white blood cells to wage a successful war on the pathogens.  However, certain of the more aggressive alternatives might work, including some of the essential oils.  Keep in mind that wild oregano and tea tree tend to top the list, but they must be therapeutic grade.


Enhance Immunity

The other strategy is to enhance immunity.  My experience with this, using the microscope that I love but had to leave in Europe, is that immune enhancing herbs are nutrients used by the white blood cells.  Theoretically, they can work at many different levels.  For instance, in Ayurveda, a rasayana herb may nourish the bone marrow so it can produce higher quality white blood cells without depleting the marrow.  These are mostly mucilaginous type herbs and tend to be just slightly sweet.

Then, there are herbs that help to detoxify the white blood cells.  You can actually see this in darkfield.  The nucleus of the white blood cell become clearer and stronger and the white blood cells live longer.  Textbooks give very short life expectancies for white blood cells.  Taken out of the body and put on a slide, I have seen ones that die within minutes and ones that live for months so the books are wrong.  It is our diet and nutrition that account for mortality, not the white blood cells life cycle. 

Goji Tonic
If you are not infected but you want to strengthen your immune system, an herb like astragalus will do the trick.  I have it in many different forms, including as part of the Goji Tonic which is a very fine formula for building up both red and white blood cells.

There is another factor that is usually discussed in herb books as a "potentiator" but what these herbs do is work up the energy levels so the macrophages eat more.  They need to be active, not just alive. 

The issue that lay persons might not understand or appreciate is that all living organisms have waste products so an infection will generate toxic waste that is acidic, sometimes aggressively acidic, to the point that the acids lyse the blood cells.  Herbal alkaloids help to neutralize the acids and part of the efficacy might be just that:  pH balancing rather than phagocyte stimulating.  There are literally hundreds of bitter herbs but green vegetables are also alkalizing.  You can get bitters in a bottle or pill.  One of the really nice herbs that can be used long-term is milk thistle.  It cleanses the liver, detoxifies, and increases the ability of the liver to detoxify.  Again, it is part of the Goji Tonic formula precisely because the combination works so well to help people recover from toxic treatments that are destructive to the liver and blood.

You can use single herbal extracts or formulas.  For instance, of my own special formulations, you might say that Whale's Tears and Goji Tonic are incredibly safe for long-term immune enhancement.  Just keep in mind that if there is a crisis, such as a sudden exposure to a toxic vapor, your white blood cells will probably die, but perhaps not quite as fast as they would for someone who had done nothing to enhance immunity.  The margins are such that they could spell the difference between slow or fast recovery or, hate to say, no recovery.

For the most part, any of my immune formulas can be used at lower doses to enhance immunity and at very high doses in the event of crisis.  Potent Protection and Indigo Drops are good examples of this.  I might take a few drops of my Indigo formula when I have been out in public and am feeling just a tad less than optimal.  For instance, I went to another concert last weekend, wonderful experience.  It was in Quilcene, the Olympic Music Festival.  The setting is enchanting, very friendly donkeys eating carrots and playing up to photo-taking tourists, but the performance was indoors, really rustic barn, not a bit fancy, and we sat on bales of straw that were just a tad musty and the dust disseminated wildly during intermission when everyone was moving around at once.  So, I hit the herbs and diffuser when I got home and had no down time, but we all need to learn how to enjoy our opportunities to socialize and indulge in what our incarnations permit . . . while at the same time taking whatever protective and preventative measures we need in order to remain healthy.

Ingestion, Inhalation, or Inoculation

It might also be worth noting that most diseases are either already present in subclinical form or they are contracted via inhalation or ingestation.  These are normal routes of infection.  It is not normal to become infected via a contaminated vaccine.  The difference is phenomenal and actually quite shocking to the body.  Those who believe otherwise have simply not looked at the issue from multiple angles and they are only seeing one part of the dilemma.

I will keep writing on these subjects because I know people are concerned and they don't really understand enough to know how to manage their own risks.  I have been urging you for years to use ghee and to be sure you are getting enough trace minerals:  shilajit, Willard Water, seaweed, liquid or powdered minerals, even rock salt or sea salt, because these are alkalizing.

As far as my formulas go, you can use mega amounts when you have symptoms, such as a fever, or tinier doses for purposes of gradually building up the strength of your white blood cells.  Think about single herbs such as astragalus, echinacea, graviola, and milk thistle or the formulas:  Goji Tonic, Indigo Drops, Potent Protection, and Whale's Tears.

Now, for that article.  I wrote it over the weekend but was waiting for some feedback from people who were given a chance to preview.  Only one person responded . . . story of my life!

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