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Posted to Subscribers on 9 November 2009


Dear Subscribers,

Yesterday I wrote one of my Sunday essays after talking to friends earlier in the day. The server crashed and I lost the email. Yes, we are changing servers now. The process is underway so please hang in there with me!

Very few people wrote me about the Sister Dr. Teresa videos and no one seemed to zero in on the most disturbing piece of information which for me at least was how viruses are attenuated. I was in total shock and it explains — to me — why vaccines cannot possibly be effective even if they are touted as such. There are no clinical studies or long-term studies that conclude that vaccines are protecting people from anything so it's time to toss out another piece of learned misinformation.

The Disclosure Project

Before I try to rewrite what was lost, I want to interject one thought on the presence of extraterrestrials on our Planet. In truth, for many people who are obsessing over how simply to exist, their presence might seem like an extra worry or perhaps potential relief from dire circumstances. It could also, of course, seem like a waste of time to speculate on the ramifications, but my perspective is a little different, influenced naturally by my interest in astrology and the "unknowable" but also by visions I have had since childhood and insights that have come to me since adulthood. In these, I saw Time as spiral, not circular. If you stop for a moment, you realize that all measurements of time are astronomical so Time is inseparable from the motions of the Earth and other orbs. However, for the moment at least, we are on Earth so the spinning of the Earth on Her axis gives us a measurement of the day and Her orbit around the Sun is our way of computing a year. On Venus, the day is longer than the year so chew on that for a moment before reading the next paragraph.

The Moon is ostensibly related to our calculation of a month, but we could probably argue that we could function just fine without dividing the year into months, but we are, in fact, influenced tidally by the Moon and there might be other relationships with the Moon that warrant exploration. In the horoscope, the Moon symbolizes the sum total of your past, including your entire emotional history and life experiences and reactions to the situations that arose. This is major, but let's skip it for the moment and go on to the spiral.

In theory, we have another major unit of measurement based on the Precession of the Equinoxes. This "year" is equal to 25,800 Earth years but it never actually repeats exactly because of the spiral. In short, Time is neither linear nor circular but spiraling. Vibrationally, we probably feel this; at least some people feel it. The Great Year is longer than our recorded history but clearly something happened that affected our records! Beyond the Great Year and Precession, there are yet bigger cycles defined by orbs with enormously huge orbits. These involve the star around which our sun orbits and then the system of which that sun is a part and then the stars around which it orbits and so on and so forth all the way to the Galactic Center and eventually, one imagines, the center of the entire Universe. It's spacious to say the least.

However, we cling to our beliefs because we think something or other depends on what we believe to be true rather than what is true. Galileo got into big trouble for supporting the Copernican theory of heliocentrism, not because the theory is incorrect but because it is not "scriptural". Ultimately he was hauled before the Inquisition and put under house arrest. Okay that was in the 1600s and now a space mission has been named after him and the Vatican, which only cleared him of heresy charges in 1992, has an exhibit of his work:

Let's see, 1992 minus 1639 equals obstinate refusal for a mere 359 years, not bad by Earth standards. However, Copernicus had a century jump on Galileo so you might say "thought moves much more slowly than most planetary bodies." If I were to make my third prediction, it would be that we are in the midst of a point on the spiral that marks the next revolution in consciousness and this would expand our notion of the place of the Earth immeasurably. It would be fair to say that going from Ptolemaic geocentrism to Copernican heliocentrism was merely a preparation for a recognition of our Planet's relationship to the rest of the Galaxy, which, in the scheme of things, is still small because beyond the Milky Way, there are clearly other galaxies. As we know, counting stars is harder that counting grains of sand because with every leap in telescope optics, vast new frontiers are found.

Now, supposing there is actually a reason to know something about our Galaxy other than to make better calendars or schedule space missions? We could also argue that given our ability to clutter space and travel beyond the gravitational pull of our own Planet, we need to know a lot more about the worlds beyond our own. We might even need to learn some Galactic manners. Just imagine the Vikings or Columbus sailing west without any idea whatsoever of what was beyond, whether or not there were other inhabitants or food or water. The flat Earth model was quite two-dimensional so going from there to a sphere made us three-dimensional but what happens if we are fourth or fifth dimensional? Over and above the philosophical and esoteric reasons for wanting answers to that question, we have a not too pleasant karmic history of adventure and exploration followed by conquest and exploitation. I am quite sure that this behavior is not welcome anywhere, not on this Planet or any other place that might be found habitable. However, the nature of those who have raised themselves above others seems to be to exhibit indifference to any interests but their own. Surely, then, there must be forces in position to limit our mischief and make sure we have a crescendo of consciousness before developing more toys. This, I believe, is the next revolution: the crescendo.

That's what I wanted to say, but to move with the Copernican Revolution, one had to navigate the treachery of the Inquisition and avoid the Plague. I see a pattern that is both a cause for concern as well as grounds for optimism.


So, now, finally, to my discussion with my friends. Rightfully, I believe, most people are not worried about the influenza that is making the rounds now. They are worried about the vaccine and what comes next. Personally, I think nothing comes next in terms of viruses because politicians are in the hot seat and they won't be able to fool people with the same storyline ad nauseam. Poland seems to be the first national government to say it won't take money out of the national budget to buy a vaccine that is more dangerous than the bug. They are basing this at least in part on adverse reaction reports from Sweden which bought a million doses.

Still, everyone wants to be safe so the first discussion I had yesterday was about Christmas presents that are practical. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the best gift to anyone is an essential oil diffuser. This is because despite all the advice about washing hands, the advice of Ignatius Semmelweiss was intended mainly for childbirth, not influenza. The mode of infection is mainly through inhalation so what you want is safe air and formidable sinus passages. I use my diffuser all the time, often when I am not in the room. Masks are useless. I apologize to the witty person who compared masks to umbrellas made of mosquito netting. I forgot who said it, but it was appropriate and clever.

Keep in mind that I opened a clinic around the time that the AIDS epidemic was becoming headlines. I was in Santa Fe which has a large and hugely creative gay community so about 10-20% of my clients were presumed to be HIV-infected. I choose this language carefully because what we know now differs considerably from what we thought we knew in 1990. In any event, disinfecting my clinic was a responsibility I took very seriously. Later, I had the mold adventure with my home and learned a bit more. In short, I have tried negative ion generators, UV lights, filtration, ozone, woo woo wa wa stuff, and essential oils and I will stake my reputation on the oils.

In yesterday's brain storming, I also told both my friends that I put essential oils in my bath water. After the tub has an inch or two of warm water, I add about 6-8 drops of oil. Not only is this very good for the skin and for relaxation, but I inhale a lot of pleasant aroma. The other day, I was tired after fussing with all the technical issues of the hosting, and I put tulsi (holy basil) oil into the water. It is so relaxing and energetically clearing, but whenever I been out and about and potentially exposed, I use either thyme or cinnamon bark. I do not have any skin sensitivity to cinnamon with 6-8 drops per tub, but some people might be reactive.

When I change the sheets on the bed, I am always careful to run the diffuser in the bedroom for hours so the mattress and pillows and everything get some "precipitation". So long as I am not in the room, there is no overdosing. I can walk in to turn the unit on or off without inhaling more than is advisable.

I also jazz up my liquid soap with essential oils. I want my hands to be very clean so this is another wonderful use of oils. In addition, I make my own roll-on products for anything that could come up: rash, fungus, discoloration, anything. One or two drops per tiny bottle is enough.

The next way to be safe is to have really good blood. I have tried valiantly to explain this in the past and want to shout a bit again. The blood is not really a red liquid. It consists of plasma which is actually sort of straw colored and discrete cells that swim about in the plasma. Since I have spent so many hours watching live blood, I feel I have a deep appreciation for both red and white blood cells. I know some people think I'm nuts, but I believe the cells are sentient. I believe they are unique individuals and they even have personalities. More importantly, they have structures and content. The outer structure of a red blood cell is a lipid membrane that rebuffs intruders if it is slick and if it has integrity. However, sometimes I saw people with fuzzy edges on some or many or even most of their red blood cells. Usually, this means the blood cells have either already been permeated or there is something attacking the surface. The best looking cells I saw were among Indians and Pakistanis so in that wonderful connect the dots game I play so often, I decided to ask Germans and Austrians to eat ghee to see what would happen and voilá! Their blood looked just as good as the South Asians after only a day or two of eating ghee.

I suspect the situation for most Americans is worse than for Europeans because when I walk down the aisle of a supermarket or look into the baskets of others at the checkout, I rarely see good quality oil. Most Europeans claimed to be using the best quality olive oil. I have no idea where the not best olive oil goes but I honestly don't enjoy thinking about that. Here, people are using oils that have been overheated during processing, filtered using chemicals, and then put into glass bottles, sometimes on shelves that are hit by sunlight. These are all big no no's and most people could make a 30-50% improvement in their health simply by using a better quality oil.

What we usually hear about red blood cells is that because of the iron in the hemoglobin, red blood cells transport oxygen. It makes it sound like they only have iron, but if you put someone on a green juice fast, you see very fast improvement in the appearance of the inner part of the red blood cells which means they actually like magnesium as much as iron and they probably want a whole host of trace minerals because they transport nutrients everywhere in the body and then they pick up the waste and dump it in the tortured liver and lungs and then go looking for another payload.

Our food is nutrient deficient because our soil is nutrient deficient because our agriculture is as senseless and dangerous as our medicine. Our soil is depleted because the minerals in the soil are used to neutralize the toxins in the bloody chemicals that people are mindlessly dumping on everything. So, in the acid-alkaline dance, toxins are for the most part acidic and minerals are mostly alkalizing so we need a lot of them to maintain pH in a sensible range. In my garden, I am using Atomite ( and for personal use, I waltz around with different minerals in search of some kind of balance since the body recycles most minerals. I mentioned Shilajit in the last email but I also use fossilized vegetables from the Salt Lake and volcanic ash and Willard Water and powdered coral and pearls and Celtic salt and sea salt and not all at once but a tiny, tiny bit whenever I feel a tad off — muscle spasms might be one way to gauge how off one is. Shilajit is handy because it is in tablet form and it improves the efficacy of anything else you are taking.

So, in this long drum beating, what did I say?

Essential oils, ghee, and minerals!

Now, you want to work on your white blood cells. They are totally tormented by toxicity. They fall apart and leave a stringy trail of debris. What causes this? Well, the sad truth is practically anything that is not organic and natural plays havoc with these lovely creatures. I feel for them. Radiation, free radicals, toxic metals, fluoride, chlorine, most pharmaceuticals and many vitamins (in pill or IV form), and so on and so forth. I have written about this extensively because I have wanted all of you to be prepared. So, antioxidants help (Chyawanprash, for instance) and detoxification which means alkalizing the plasma. You can also nourish the bone marrow with demulcents and herbs such as astragalus. Then, you save the "big herbs" for when they are actually needed, like the first sign of exposure.

I am just trying to help you and to help you to help those you love. Obviously, I appreciate it when you show your confidence by ordering, but I plan to keep writing regardless of whether you order or not. Like everyone else, I am aware of just how bad the economy is and it is hitting me, too, not just the people you see in the news. I know we can fix absolutely problem we have to fix to have a terrific future, but we have to start walking our talk to shift the trajectory. That's the bottom line.

Many blessings,



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