Parasites Protocols for Kids

Posted to Subscribers on 6 April 2009

Dear Subscribers,

Here we are, approaching another full moon and many of you are once again asking questions about parasites and parasite herbs.  One of the questions I have not previously addressed in an email to the subscription list is children and parasites.  So, here is a little story.

Years ago, I met Drs. Smita and Pankaj Naram in Copenhagen and later they gave a series of seminars in Santa Fe.  I met them in the 80s before they were internationally famous but they were quite well known in India even in the 80s.  What I love about Indians is their reverence for their gurus and the wisdom their teachers share.  Their special teacher was a shepherd in the Himalayas.  When he was about 125 years old, a tad past that actually, he summoned them to visit him immediately.  This was unusual but since he was their teacher, they instantly made provisions to be away from their practice and journey from Bombay to the Himalayas.  When they arrived, they found him a bit anxious.  He asked if there was anything at all he had failed to teach them, any condition they did not know how to treat, anyone they knew who could cure people they didn't know how to treat, et! c., etc.  Then, he asked them to visit Yeshe Dhonden, the personal physician to H.H. the Dalai Lama at that time.  The next day, he asked them to visit Lopsang Dolma, a gifted lady doctor.  Each time he asked if they had observed any methods of treatment that they themselves did not know how to use.  Each time they reported back, the teacher was satisfied, but he sent them to visit even more doctors.  Then, he went to a cave and when Smita brought him dinner that night, they found his body in meditative posture but their teacher was no longer of this dimension.

I love these stories but I think a healer is a healer is a healer so whether in this or that dimension, teachers still share their gifts.  Not all of the Naram's stories were blissful, one had a sort of godfather like shock effect on me so if you are easily grossed out, you might want to hit delete pretty soon.

They showed a picture of a young girl with intestinal parasites.  She had basically delivered a heap of white, squirming animals and these had been captured and photographed.  When I say "heap", I mean a big bowl, like a foot in diameter and piled high.  It was both fascinating and revolting; and they said it had taken four years to cure her completely.  I am not surprised a bit.

One of the methods that can be used with children who either can't or won't swallow pills or even liquid medicines is to use warm milk that has been sweetened.  For this purpose, you don't need organic milk and sucanat.  You can use anything handy.  You can put this into a training potty and hopefully the worms will smell the milk and be tempted to crawl out and drop into the milk.  They apparently have a good sense of smell and like the aroma of milk.  I wonder if they used cardamom and peppercorns?  Sorry, aiming for a little levity here.

The same idea can be applied higher up:  hold a bowl near the nostrils -- oh, and did I mention that patience is a virtue -- and wait to see if anything comes out.  I have suggested this to a few moms over the years and they have written back to tell of 6-7 inch long monsters that were as thick as the baby finger.  Sqqeamish mothers have daunting courage when it comes to rescuing their little ones from savage worms!

Clearly, this is the least invasive anti-parasite protocol but it does not require consuming anything "yucky" and there is no die off afterwards.  Obviously, therefore, this is less stressful in the long run than taking a few swigs of black walnut, but it's a bit more demanding in the short run.  Oh, and if you do this, will you please take pictures because . . . well, seeing is believing.

Now, if you haven't hit delete, I hope we are still on good terms!  The other half of the answer to the question is that the Banyan formulas are generally gentle enough for children but they are in tablets and so some children either need them crushed or cut into smaller pieces.  My formulas are probably safe for children, but Arjuna's Arrows is hot, like spicy hot, so many children will protest the taste.  This said, the black walnut in glycerite form actually tastes good and my dogs like it.  Sorry, I don't have children so can't speak for how those on two legs might react.


On another note completely, we are having our third day of sunshine, very welcome indeed!  I saw my first bee of the season (in my yard, had seen two earlier but at a nursery.)  He was on some heatherm and  I was very happy to see him and glad there was a little food available.  Very little is in bloom here, but my cousin in Portland had encouraging news last night because her garden is wildly happy so perhaps we are just a few days behind?

As always, there are lots of thoughts going through my mind, endless topics I want to discuss, but instead, I would like to ask one question and offer apologies.  We failed to notice that our secure certificate expired so some of you might have gotten warnings.  It has been updated now and no one was ever at risk.  You are secure whether the padlock is there or not because my technician makes sure of that, but when the certificate expires, you get a warning.  It was safe to proceed but better err on the side of caution than repent later! 

There is a question I want to ask.  If there is anyone on the list who loves to ask questions and who preferably has Mercury in an earth sign, would you contact me about recording some little audio clips for online educational purposes?  I need to be nudged and Mercury trines are very effective.

Finally, thanks for asking about Tundra.  She is absolutely remarkable.  I am astonished by her love of life and very aware that our time here is precious.  She is spending hours watching squirrels and birds, sniffing flowers and wet soil, but getting her to eat is an immense challenge.  Wonton soup worked magnificently the first time, not so well the second time, hardly a dent the third, and Savika got all of the fourth and fifth orders. We keep trying this or that and she obviously wants something very exciting, but I am at my wits end trying to figure out what would motivate her salivary glands.  Your suggestions are, of course, welcome.

Many blessings,



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