Bloodroot: Guide to the Heart Chakra Initiation

Posted to Subscribers on 18 December 2009

Dear Subscribers,

Many people have written me about the news story on the abduction/extradition of Greg Caton. I posted a reaction, but am not going to send it as an email.

As some of you might appreciate, there are quite a few big fish in a small pond and because of circumstances, we are all more or less aware of each other's existence. In the particular case, there are layers and layers and layers of history, nuances, and, of course, points of view. You ought to know me well enough by now to hear the words before I write them: inform yourself and draw your own conclusions. I will not tell you what to think or believe. I will simply share from my experience when moved to do so.

This said, when I first began researching the cancer salves, twenty years ago, I had a vision of a more mystical and shamanic view of this extraordinary treatment process. This I would like to share, but for the moment, I would like to make just a couple of statements.

My web site,, to which I referred in the last post has been more less archived for many years. I actually hired someone to reassemble it and part of the work was completed and part simply never happened.

The story is very long and very complicated and only a few scholars and historians would really be interested in the details, but plants are entities in their own right so the approach to the plant world needs to take into account the right relationship between humans and plants. The late Tis Mal Crow wrote briefly on bloodroot. He described two colors, determined by tearing the leaf, saying the salmon is male and the crimson is female. He said the plant should only be harvested by women, but not during their monthly cycles, or by two-spirited individuals. He believed the plant is a female hormone regulator and there are literally countless ramifications to this very simple short statement.

I believe bloodroot is one of those plants that ought probably to be included with the sacred plants, not technically an entheogen, but perhaps something preparatory to the activation of expanded awareness. As such, the sequence of the unfoldment of destiny involves surrender of self and awakening to an immense love, thereby making other mystical experiences safe because the knowledge would sit, so to speak, on the lotus petals of the heart.

Like others who have a history with this plant, what has fascinated me most is the processes of the patients. Many have said something to the effect, "I'm glad the physical process doesn't race ahead of my psychospiritual process." The dentist to whom I referred on the posted page dropped by my house one day and was overflowing with joy. He said, "I feel I have just given birth to Rosemary's Baby and I want to hug everyone I see." In the Book of Theanna, the voice speaking from the other side through her husband said this was the only therapy that removed negativity from her vibration but she was unable to bear it. She said she died of loveless sex. Yet another person was tired of the challenge and pain of the process and really feeling she could not bear another day. She sat on the edge of the bathtub and looked down and then up. She saw a vision of Jesus and then looked down, the eschar detached so the area could heal.

You can feel my reverence for the plants, the patients, and the process so keeping the energy around this treatment pure would be something hugely desirable, but the fact is, countless problems have to be solved or dissolved before this is likely to happen. Because the process is so transformative, it rightly belongs as much to the world of spirit as to the world of botany, but I would like to steady my vibration so as to focus on what is truly important so this is to let you know that I have read my email, but I have practically nothing to say at the moment. I'm thinking.

It is, however, worth noting that the energies are intense so if you want to move up and not self-destruct, you need to stay aligned with spirit.

Many blessings,



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