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Posted to Subscribers on 15 April 2013

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Over the weekend, I watched a few videos and read some web sites to see what the latest is on a few highly challenging illnesses, including Morgellons. For some years, patients were diagnosed as suffering from delusions of parasitosis, this despite the thousands and thousands of similar pictures submitted by countless individuals, including television producers and a handful of qualified scientists and doctors. After an outcry, the CDC investigated the disease, under very tight security. Not surprisingly, the CDC came up more or less empty-handed, concluding that there is some "unexplained dermopathy". I suppose this is a cut above delusional, but the summary paragraph suggests otherwise:

"This comprehensive study of an unexplained apparent dermopathy demonstrated no infectious cause and no evidence of an environmental link. There was no  indication that it would be helpful to perform additional testing for infectious diseases as a potential cause. Future efforts should focus on helping patients reduce their symptoms through careful attention to treatment of co-existing medical, including psychiatric conditions, that might be contributing to their symptoms."

If patients are enraged by this conclusion, I fully understand because forensic pathologists have not been able to identify the fibers, and they have a database of thousands of fibers against which to compare the samples submitted for study.

After spending a bit of time updating myself, I realized there are three theories of what is popularly called Morgellons disease. The first is that the disease is caused by substances found in chemtrails. For those who refuse to believe that there are planes spraying various concoctions over a very wide swath of Planet Earth, this theory is a dead-end. However, if there are no chemtrails, we have to ask why there are patents for weather modifying technologies, why there are organizations recruiting employees who want to work in weather modification, and why the skies sometimes have inexplicable crisscross patterns that do not dissipate like contrails. Okay, Thomassina!

Here is a quick summary from, believe it or not, ABC's Nightline:

In any event, the primary champions of the theory of chemtrails as causal are Will Thomas and Clifford Carnicom:

The alternate theory is that Morgellons is misnamed and that the various symptoms associated with Morgellons syndrome are attributable to GMO technology. This idea seems to be advocated by internet talk radio host Roxy Lopez and her frequent guest Wil Spencer.

A third view was suggested by a youtube videographer who seems to be involved with Rife-type technologies in Canada. He believes Morgellons can be explained by pleomorphism:

You probably know me well enough to know that I am not going to tell anyone what to think or believe. You are responsible for drawing your own conclusions, but it is nice to have a reality check now and then so that we do not blithely repeat what has already been disproved.

This said, I do not believe that patients are suffering from delusions of parasitosis nor that the skin lesions are due to scratching. Long before the skin breaks, the itching is clearly unbearable. If just one person said this, I would still believe it. I might think it is a typical pitta disorder and recommend some detoxification, but if hundreds of people report the same symptoms, there is a possibility that at least some of these patients are infected by similar causal agents.

When a gorgeous woman makes a semi-professional video and posts on youtube saying she is cured, I want to see proof that she was once in the same misery as some of those who were not fortunate enough to find help at the early stage when symptoms might have been more manageable. Well, just call me hard to convince, Ms. Thomassina.

For me the patients are credible. The naysayers seem not to take their Hippocratic Oaths very seriously.

Now, for those who are not afraid of the truth, you may want to watch the video on this link. The image quality is excellent:

For those who cannot understand the presence of numbers on materials, the explanation given by one youtuber was that industrial waste is being ground up and dispersed throughout the planet. Some materials have identifying numbers. How sick is this?

Now, speaking for myself, I cannot say that I have ever seen a patient with Morgellons, but when I watch the video footage others have uploaded, I see objects that I have actually seen on slides viewed in the microscope. However, no patient presenting with these objects was known to have Morgellons. It is obviously possible to have the disease and not be diagnosed. It is also possible that the objects seen are not the deeper cause of sickness, but to rule out this possibility seems reckless. . . by which I mean that if the common features of those with the most drastic symptoms are some bizarre fibers, then we have to assume the fibers are not benign.

There are some personal accounts of strategies undertaken to survive and to improve health. These cover a lot of protocols and opinions. It behooves each of us to pay close attention to the difference between trying something and succeeding. This said, detoxification is surely a huge help as is taking much more responsibility for what is ingested.

A propos this, I will recommend a video from Australia that opens with a bizarre scenario that is almost fitting given the content of this post. If you can possibly get past the little green men, you might enjoy the food forest that follows. Somewhere past the middle of the video, there are some pictures of the yard before they "became conscious" and they show the various interim steps they took before really going for it.

It took work, which is why I have said in the past that the best way to do a yard conversion is to get a group together and really make a weekend of it. I took a much slower route because of lack of help, but there is a lot growing here, less food and more herbs, but there is still room for Niko to run. Like Fiona and Arthur, I started by using some soil and other amendments from local sources, but gradually my own composting is providing enough for new beds. This said, we have not had a good season for several years. We only hit 80 degrees on one or two days in the last three summers. Yesterday, we had hail. This, my friends, takes us full circle, doesn't it! When will "they" stop monkeying with the weather?

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