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Thanks for all your mail about radiation. The comments touched me the most were that many of you are truly connecting the dots and also thanking me for my small part in assisting this process. Quite a number of you wanted to know about the genetic "anomaly" that accounts for why some people are blue-eyed blondes, and dare we add, headed for extinction due to our low reproductive rate (alas, guilty) and the fact that the genes are recessive.


The dots that are connecting for me are that I have spent over 40 years studying the herbs that reverse cancer (and why) as well as the trauma that causes the first genetic mutation. Dr. Simoncini denies that this mutation has ever been observed. It constitutes a hypothesis as to causation but has no evidence supporting the theory. This said, most accept the theory and posit some event, usually many years before the appearance of clinical evidence. For such a theory to enjoy so much scientific acceptance is, of course, astonishing because we actually know nothing about the microscopic processes that may or may have occurred ages ago. We know even less about why some people seem to self-correct and others do not. However, when we add more factors to the equation such as antioxidants, DNA repair, regeneration, etc., we know that all bets are off where individual outcomes are concerned.

When I recommended the film featuring the work of the inspiring Dr. Shuntaro Hida, I mentioned that I had actually watched a DVD. It is called "Radiation: A Slow Death" and it redefined the word hibakusha to include other victims. The word hibaku+sha means people who were bombed and it was applied to victims of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing. As more was learned about radiation, it was realized that the consequences of exposure extend to second and third generations, presumably "forever" since the invisible causative factor damaged the DNA. In Japan, there has been a stigma attached to being a hibakusha because of the medical risks.

Dr. Hida has been tireless for decades and now includes in the definition of hibakusha any victim of radiation, particularly in the war ravaged areas where depleted uranium (from nuclear power plants) was used on bullets and weapons to strengthen the penetrating power. The problem is that the heat generated pulverizes and aerosolizes radioactive dust that has traveled around the world countless times. In short, there is no longer a ground zero that is defined as a particular radius around the point that was bombed. We all live within the circumference of an area that is dangerous but not scheduled for evacuation.

What probably triggers me the most is the realization that regardless of the nonsense one reads about medical use of radioactive substances and dangers from electromagnetic fields, practically no one is discussing the systemic nature of all exposures. To make this point very clear, let me just comment on a patient seen in Germany. He had brain cancer and was being irradiated twice a day. His darkfield tests revealed the presence of blood parasites and he said he had been to Sri Lanka, part of his work as a scientist. He was young and was probably being irradiated for something relatively easily cured with herbs, but the blood we examined came from the finger and showed the classical electroperforations from which I have been suffering since a few days after the Fukushima accident. His white blood cells were frozen in time, fragmented, and completely incapable of performing the tasks for which they are normally responsible. So, even if a radioactive beam is small and highly focused, the consequences on blood are severe. As we all know, blood circulates. We may not all agree on how or why it circulates, but we know that blood moves throughout the body so any consequence is possible. My point here is that holding a cell phone to your ear is not just going to overheat the tissue that is in proximity to the cell phone but any blood that is transiting that area risks electroperforation.

The constant internal and external hemorrhaging is devitalizing and takes its toll on the bone marrow because of the need to replace the irreparably damaged and lost cells. If we cannot accept this truth, we will be in denial over exactly what the nature of this biological experiment actually portends. If some skeptics say "no one will survive, not even plants", they are potentially correct, but some will hibernate or mutate and we have no idea what this will be like when it happens.

Our planet has a radioactive core but radiation is supposed to pass through miles of rock and soil so that surface radiation is tiny, very tiny. It is still enough to cause skin cancers among races that do not produce as much melanin as is needed for protection. The interesting factor in rejuvenation therapy is not so much that hair color is restored but the reasons this occurs. Partly, the body is able to produce more melanin, as evidenced in the new black hairs I am finding on my head, but also the limiting of free radical activity that was at least partly to blame for the symptoms of aging.


I want to repeat this. To work as intended, the herbs must curtail free radical activity, support repair of damaged tissues, and possibly also repair DNA. I realized almost two years ago that for my own rejuvenation, I would have to accept the repairs on whatever biological terms necessary. I.e., I could not be attached to looking as I once looked because I might be changing genes inherited from my ancestors. If those genes are repaired, who knows what other genetic traits will vanish?

For several years, I have been sending you links that suggest that all stress, including famine, illness, economic hardships, wars, etc., has repercussions that are seen in future generations. This cannot be surprising. If my ancestor survived the Black Death or famine or World War I, there must be inherited information that improves my coping ability. Likewise, if they succumbed, the fear that the same might happen to me is there. This means that our actions have tremendously far-reaching consequences and we should therefore consider the ramifications of what we do.

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