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Posted to Subscribers on 13 March 2011


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I will try to write a number of short posts over the coming days instead of the long posts that often require heavy concentration. However, I want to mention one personal issue because it shows how everything is ultimately related. You remember I broke a crown on a molar and the dentist basically told me what he was ordering without including me in the decision making process. When I had a chance to speak, I asked for a list of my options. As it turns out, what he had ordered was a zirconium crown, highly recommended for its strength and cosmetic features, but infamous for radioactivity that has been linked to oral cancers. I already wrote a post about this but am sparing you a deluge. Needless-to-say, I am not going along with this solution.

This zirconium is, like many other things in our modern world, a by-product of the nuclear power industry. So, let's try to understand exactly what this "clean energy" is and get our heads on straight. A nuclear power plant uses the heat generated by radioactive decay to boil water to turn turbines. It is arguably the most expensive and dangerous way to boil water the world has ever known. Moreover, all these technologies have by-products, waste, and life spans that are nothing short of a nightmare. For instance, the Fukushima Daiichi Plant has six reactors, one of which was scheduled for retirement this year. It was designed to be operational for 40 years.

It takes about a million gallons of water a minute to cool the reactors so they are built close to fresh water. The sea water used in an emergency effort to prevent meltdown at the Fukushima Plant means that the plant, one that supplies 30% of Japan's power, is terminal because the sea water is corrosive. This action has therefore to be seen as a last ditch effort to prevent a meltdown. In short, to prevent a nuclear disaster, they took measures that would make the plant inoperable in the future. I will predict that Japan will astound the world with its quick implementation of alternative energy technologies because there will not be any public support for more of the same recklessness.

Nuclear energy is unintelligent. Sure, we can say it takes many Einsteins to harness it but at what cost to Lady Gaia and her many citizens in all kingdoms of Nature?

Hopefully, Obama's "carbon free energy" disinformation rhetoric will also lose whatever credibility constant repetition of lies tends to establish in mimicking minds.

Cesium Released

Anyway, this is water over the dam so to speak, but to keep this short, let me simply say that as of last time I checked, the only known leak is the one intentional release to reduce pressure. It contains radioactive cesium and while one report stated that a person working at the escape vent died, other news sources seem to deny this. Quite a few others in the immediate vicinity of the reactor had exposure levels requiring decontamination. Though many expect radioactive iodine will escape, no reports I have seen suggest that this has happened. Radioactive iodine has a half-life of eight days but as mentioned in the last post, it is radioactive cesium that has been detected, not iodine. There are many types of radioactive cesium. The Union of Concerned Scientists is reporting that cesium-137 has been detected (not 135 as some others reported). It has a half life of 30 years which means that half decays in 30 years and another half in the thirty years after that and so on and so forth, meaning the contamination will be a problem for more than a century. Cesium is not iodine so the management protocols need to reflect this.

All nuclear power plants are accidents waiting to happen. In our lifetime, we will not be able to clean up the aftermath of our folly, but if there are more accidents and more attempts to dispose of waste in the form of weapons using depleted uranium and medical products noted mainly for their strength, not safety, the Planet itself will have to be evacuated because it will be uninhabitable for thousands and thousands of years. What a senseless, mindless, and unnecessary pity.

In the meantime, I will persevere and keep sending "bulletins".

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