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Posted to Subscribers on 8 August 2011


Dear Subscribers,

Some might think I am taking leave from my sanity, but it being the "day after", I want to unwind a bit and provide a wider context for what has happened since March and how this might impact your future.

First of all, Dr. Hiranuma and I have been in daily contact now for months. We are both extremely heavily networked with others who have contributions to make on the radiation issues. These include people who were actively involved in the aftermath of Chernobyl, soil remediators, and an astonishing number of scientists, mystics, and bloggers. However, we hit a point after the crisis in which we needed to pause, assess, assimilate, rethink, strategize, and refocus.

As we expected, the news released in March and April was completely unreliable and what happened was not only much worse than what was reported but "they" knew within hours what had actually happened. I think this is called "politics as usual" but even if politicians will be the last people on Earth to reform, other people are much more innovative, insightful, intelligent, and determined to solve the problems ahead. Faced with disaster, the Japanese appear to have reached deep into their cultural heritage for insights and understanding; many have also tapped into their social consciences and divine gifts. For me, I feel richly rewarded to have a box seat at what appears to be the biggest event of recorded history. For this, I have Dr. Hiranuma to thank but many others have shared insights and understanding as well as their time and energy.

Though both erudite and speculative opinions vary widely, it appears that countless Japanese have decided that whether or not radiation is or will be harmful depends entirely on your opinion of it. Of course, on a completely "factual" level where straight science is concerned, radiation is dangerous and those who claim otherwise — so as to sell food or keep children in school — are lying. Well, they are definitely perjuring themselves, but there is an immense movement in which people — whose influences come from another realm — are talking about transformations of consciousness and higher dimensional experiences. The characters used to write this were interesting for me. Literally translated, they mean "next heaven" and this conforms much more to more classical views of the structure of the Universe, this whether taken from the memory theatres of Marsilio Ficino or Tibetan mysticism. Words are often extremely revealing and these made an impression on me.

In any event, what is emerging from Japan is a movement to return to ancient values and harmony with Nature so as to live in this higher dimension of consciousness (and purity) and also rise above the level where radiation is toxic. For my part, I have insisted from the beginning that the problem is not that radiation is "bad" but that what causes the radiation is instability of the metals. They are unstable because they have unpartnered electrons and this is corrected through partnering with what is needed for stability. We are aware that plants can provide this balance but whether the psyche can emulate the plant behavior in a manner that achieves the same stable relationship is not known. Theoretically, this will work for some and fail for others simply because of what we believe to be true. Fear, of course, is a severely undermining force so to deal with my own demons, I have to disconnect from "there" and reconnect with "here". For instance, I spent time on Saturday inviting the wild animals who live here to become more friendly. It was a fabulous experience because almost the moment I had this thought, a squirrel came to have her portrait taken. She was so obliging that I rewarded her with some peanuts that she calmly ate while I shot more pictures, no grabbing things and running. A little while later, a rabbit came to introduce her baby bunny. I felt very fortunate indeed and decided to test my luck. There have been way too many ants and I decided to tell them they really needed to live outdoors and they immediately left, proving one does not need insecticides if one can deal with apparently conflicting needs in a civil manner. By evening, I was supercharged. It seemed like the perfect time to try a new flower essence to see just how far beyond the veil I could go. I think the point is that we have to "do" this, meaning we have to formulate the intent and set aside the time and then follow through on the energies initiated by the mind.

After the posting of the third part on the root chakra, someone sent me a link to David Wilcock's new video in which he promotes his soon to be released opus magnum. Wilcock reminds me of a younger version of Carl Sagan except that he often takes huge leaps where Sagan was more cautious and skeptical. Both seem to me to belong to the entertainment industry but sprinkled through their work are nuggets that merit further investigation. I think this sums up The Source Field Investigations. Two points may encourage others to squander two hours watching this video. First, I think Wilcock makes a case for showing that the founding fathers, aka Freemasons, are privy to information not generally known. However, where he goes beyond similar statements alleged by critics and conspiracy theorists is that he shows us the evidence is in plain sight in the Capitol Rotunda itself which not only depicts George Washington as an ascended being but shows the Mayan Calendar behind meetings between Mezoamericans and Spanish conquistadors. For me, this warranted the agony of some of the less redeeming parts of the presentation. The second nugget was a reminder to revisit the Russian experiment with frog eggs and salamander eggs. Dr. Peter Gariaev successfully transformed DNA using a green laser. Well, depending on your starting point, you may find other nuggets and get more out of the video than I did. I was pretty up-to-speed on things like remote reviewing, hypnosis, pineal glands, etc. and there was absolutely nothing new for me in most of the lecture. However, because of this, I would also urge you to go for the bigger picture and not munch on tidbits. This is especially true where the pineal gland is concerned. My reason for saying this is that obviously where we are heading from the root chakra discussions is upwards. Meanwhile, I have been trying to lay a foundation for how our energy bodies are really constructed and what makes them work the way they do..

Knowing a bit about some subscribers, I am certain some will now watch the film and others will ignore it. Actually, if you can stand it, watching it may be a good exercise; and if you can accept it, it ought to cure some anxiety over the future we are creating as we speak. If you just want to see the Apotheosis of George Washington:

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The image of Cortez:

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Now, it's time to have another visit with the squirrel.

Many blessings,



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