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Posted to Subscribers on 19 March 2011


Dear Subscribers,

Over the weekend, I will upload some more to the section where all the posts on radiation are archived.

Please try to be patient both with me and longer-term issues. I am really putting a lot of time and thought into what I post and why. I am also trying to send Pacifi Ka to all the Fukushima workers but this has to go through the Prime Minister's office and time is obviously critical to whether or not these valiant and self-sacrificing people will or will not survive. Frustrated as we are, my gratitude goes first and foremost to these people.

Most of us are not faced with such immediate life and death issues. In my estimation, it will be the workers at the plant and a few in the immediate vicinity of the disaster who will show the first signs of radiation sickness. It's possible that some others who are part of the emergency effort will also be overexposed. Meanwhile, the rest of us have time to make our adjustments. The majority will not show any signs of exposure for years and years to come.

So, if I were to try to lay out a risk and priority overview, it would be:

  1. The workers at the nuclear facility in Fukushima
  2. Some people who are downwind of the reactors but beyond the area that has been evacuated
  3. The environment in and around the Fukushima as well as the downwind areas that are close, including plants and animals
  4. The environment in much more distant places, such as the Pacific West Coast of Canada, the U.S., and Mexico
  5. Human and animal health, perhaps globally but surely extensively

People are sending a lot of links, arguing, asking questions, making suggestions, but I can't cover all bases. However, I want to mention a few points that are going to help many people to make the preparations they deem necessary.

Just because someone detects something radioactive does not mean that it necessarily came from Fukushima. There are other sources of radioactive materials and more will be reported now because more people are looking for radioactivity. So, if reports seem to indicate that the plumes have already contaminated many areas, we can probably dismiss some of the reports as unrelated to Fukushima. This said, no radiation is safe so raising our awareness of this fact is probably going to help with the enormous shifts that are absolutely necessary. All nuclear facilities are polluting and nuclear waste is generated by all of them.

Of everything I read about the Chernobyl disaster, the efforts to contain it, and the aftermath, the most astonishing statement was that releases of plutonium turned out to be less dangerous than cesium. This went counter to everything I thought I knew, but for the record, the body treats plutonium as it would iron so once again, I want to underscore the importance of supplying proper and adequate sources of natural minerals and trace elements so that the body can swap out the radioactive exposures with stable and useful substitutes. I will try to post a list in table form some time this weekend. I will also try to find time to present a few how to make your extracts for long-term use. It's taking a lot of time because there is a lot to do.

In the meantime, I might also urge you to go slowly. If you panic and think that high doses are better than low doses or recommended doses, you might stir up more problems than you can handle. To be honest, I found this out myself because when the Pacifi Ka arrived yesterday, I started with half a dropper, probably double the recommended dose. It was too much so I can only assume that there were some unknown repositories of antioxidants or radioactive substances. My symptoms were very localized but definite, more less the same that people who are mercury toxic report. They can feel the movement when they begin to chelate and I definitely felt a lot of shifting. I would not call this pain or discomfort, just a bit of physiological turmoil. I cut the dose in half and am fine now. So, I will remind you of what I told myself last night: we have at least ten years grace period to make these exchanges so trying to overcome decades of environmental pollution plus Fukushima in one day is folly.



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