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I really appreciate all your emails.

If you missed the post about animal communication, I just wanted you to know that nearly all of the emails from the last few years are archived on my personal web site, including the last one on Animal Communication.  There is an index to the posted emails and usually there are photographs on the web site that most of you said you did not want included with the emails.

There is a Hawaiian system for identifying the main parts of ourselves.  There is something called the unihipili which is like an inner child or lunar self.  Among other things, it is the repository of memories that are below the threshold of consciousness.  These are organized by vibrations and can be accessed by aligning with a feeling that is associated with a larger memory bank.  Any feeling can potentially trigger an avalanche of feelings that we might say are related to our instinctual memories.  This is the normal focus of awareness for some people and perhaps most animals so when an animal takes a fancy to something or someone, it is because the something or someone evokes pleasant memories.  Likewise, aversions have histories and associations that were not so wonderful.  With some people, these memories are so inaccessible that the only way they can communicate with the conscious self is through allergic reactions or nightmares or "inexplicable" and/or "irrational" feelings.  Animals are completely bewildered by our failure to relate to this part of our nature, and it is therefore completely understandable if sometimes they think they are a great deal smarter than we are.  When a dog barks or is unfriendly with someone, it is rarely because the dog is aggressive or asocial, but he is warning us because we are so likely to get involved with old karmic enemies or participate in some other folly that animals try to avoid.

The conscious self is called uhane in Hawaiian and it's rather solar.  The higher self is called aumakua and this has a far wider metaphysical interpretation than in most esoteric systems.  The aumakua is both a spirit protector, often in the form of some animal like a shark or owl or even pig, as well as the soul group.  As I said, it is vast compared to other attempts to explain the higher self. 

A tiny digression and then back to my story. 

In the Image

As a child, I took the idea that we are created in the image of our Creator quite literally.  I was also intrigued by the idea that we could also create so I took all the mirrors in the house out into the back yard and tried to capture enough sunlight to build my own little sun in the image of the sun.  Okay, I was only around nine years old but I had the idea that a lot of mirrors could be positioned so that all reflected light towards one point and if this were intense enough, I would have a little sun, at least for a moment since I knew the sun would appear to move and my experimental sun could not be sustained.  Somehow, I thought this is relevant to the discussion of our selves since they too give the impression of appearing and disappearing and something Tundra said to the animal communicator really resonated with me.

Tundra has been living with me for a bit over 12 years and was an adult when I adopted her from the shelter.  She is obviously some kind of spitz breed and she sometimes behaves a lot more like a wolf than a dog so I often call her my red wolf.  She told the communicator that she is 14 years old and that every morning when she wakes up, she is astonished to find she is still in a furry body.  There was such a peacefulness about her comment.  She did not express any fear or apprehension and she just said more or less, "Oh, incredible, I get to keep this furry body another day."  She was very clear that she is not in any pain at all, just a little weak at times.  I am rather astonished also because her hearing, eyesight, and teeth are so good that the veterinarian who examined her when she was missing for a month last summer thought she was only five years old.

Savika had asked a question during one of our sessions.  She wanted to know why there was a spirit dog under my desk.  I guess she thought it was in her space, but if you recall, Celeste had also responded in a somewhat indignant way when I asked her if she sees ghosts.  She said, "I don't see things that aren't there."  Yes, well, we were not implying she was delusional, merely asking.  She went on to describe someone who is clearly my late mother.

Tundra said something else astonishing.  I asked if she wanted to say anything through the communicator while we had an interpreter.  She said, "I know how to communicate with you."  I took this to mean, "I don't need an interpreter."  She went on to say that when I have a thought, very often those thoughts aren't mine but rather her telling me something and I shouldn't think that just because I think I am thinking that the thoughts are actually my own.  I found this intriguing because I might have a thought like, "Let's see if there is water in the bowl" or "I wonder if I should make some more noodles for Tundra."  She was basically telling me she authors these thoughts that I mistakenly think are my own.  Obviously, this was very interesting to me.

On a lighter note, there was one rather funny incident involving Fiesta, the sun conure.  He wanted to know if I planned to cut his toenails.  I asked if he wanted his toenails cut.  He said, "Are you planning to do this?"  I asked again, "Do you need your toenails cut?"  He said, "I just wanted to know if you had plans to cut them."  Finally, I said, "Well, we were talking about Savika's toenails, not yours, but if you want them cut, that's fine."  He said, "Whew, thank goodness.  I really didn't want mine cut."  So, I remarked to the communicator, "They seem to gossip" and she affirmed this saying they are all talking to each other all the time and everyone knows everything that is going on.  I figured this must be really awful if the circumstances are miserable and really wonderful when something good is about to happen. However, it diminishes the notion that one can be sneaky about anything, like try picking up your car keys and not having a dog at the door before you get there.

Finally, I might mention that once upon a time, I asked to visit consciously with my own soul group, maybe what the Hawaiians call aumakua.  I would guess there were one or two thousand members, only two of which appeared to be humans and only two of whom claimed to have any experience on this Earth Planet.  I wanted very much to get to know the others and the first one to speak said, "Being a human is not all it's cracked up to be."  I know this offends some people, but I find it thought provoking and interesting.




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