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Dear Subscribers,

Some of you know by now that silence can usually be interpreted as ominous, at least my silence usually means I am dealing with deep and difficult matters. This year has probably not been a fraction as challenging as many expected and since it is nearly over, we don't have much longer to wait to see how many prophecies were on target and how many were simply distracting.

As a healer, I can often obsess over the origins of illness, the pathologies of various diseases, and the ramifications of our actions on others as well as our own futures. For the last many years, I have been consulting in various countries, most recently India where deferred maintenance and ineffective treatments seem epidemic. This is confounding since Ayurveda is probably the most perfect system of medicine still in existence but it only services about one percent of the population while the masses are as gaga over modern medicine as they are over television and shopping malls. This however is not the reason for my quietness. There has just been a lot of turmoil and wear and tear on my heart due to the loss of my precious companion, Savika.

As you may recall, she was a rescue dog and I adopted her in late summer 2008. We worked through one after another issue with the help of our animal communicator so what I would like to say in the context of her passing is something that everyone should consider. As many now accept, our pains and suffering are deeply engraved in our subconscious awareness so even when we try to overwrite our memories, the new files can become corrupted if there is a reinfection of an old experience. I was starting to see this with Savika but had trouble getting an appointment with the animal communicator. She was available but emails went missing . . . oh, well, this is not the story

What I noticed is more hesitation around doorways, our old nemesis. It meant she was regressing but why was the question. I can't say her life was perfect but she was very much loved by quite a number of people who had come to appreciate her magnificence, and everyone treated her very well. However, according to the animal communicator, she had pain inside her head and the fear of suffering was greater than her will to live. She wanted to escape the risk of further pain and decline. I had to brood on this a long time. Then, there was a flash of my friend who chose to be euthanized. She had an email relationship with Savika, whom she called Savy. I realized that she too was afraid of more pain and suffering and she wanted to be free in spirit. When she made her decision, she asked, as her last request, that she hear my voice. She promised to help me with my work from the other side. This is an enormous promise and such a valuable gift. One simply cannot estimate the value of such a commitment. Then, she said, "and in our next life, we will listen to lots of opera together." She was joyful, not sad. It was so hard for the healer in me to give up the effort to regain health. I had to be a friend, not a healer, and accept our relationship as she wished it to be for all eternity.

Like Savika, she had lived much of her life in an abusive matrix from which only a few really manage to escape. She found the life of spirit but the damage to her physical body was horrendous. I could not protect either her or my precious Savika.

However, as we have come to understand, the life of spirit is blissful. Those of us who remain here are tasked with our challenges and responsibilities, but those who leave become complete. Savika said, via the animal communicator, that she had learned so much that she often wanted to be in several places at the same time. Now she can fulfill that wish.

You know that as Buddhists, we vow not to enter Nirvana until every blade of grass has gone before us. When I reflect on this, I see the immense importance of every single action and why it becomes imperative to accept a personal code of ethics that relies on harmlessness. Everything that is out of balance will have to be harmonized and every wound will have to be healed. Since this is a truly holy season and an incredibly intense time on our Planet, I urge you to make time in your busy holiday schedules to give consideration to what is really required to make this a better world. I also urge everyone not to defer maintenance on either the physical or emotional aspects of ourselves. Please be kind to yourselves and others and celebrate this pivotal time with those you most love.



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