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Dear Subscribers,

Today is a holiday, well, it is a postal holiday, but it is the anniversary of the vows I took half a lifetime ago!

So, there are odds and ends I want to share, but first, let's play catch up. Quite a few people got lost looking for what they wanted, this after my having spent a month improving the navigation in the Kitchen Doctor Shop.

Let me explain a few features of the shopping cart used. First of all, it is hosted in England so the response time can be slow, depending on exactly where you are. Secondly, all the sites use the same cart so you can jump around and add from any site. Thirdly, there is a search feature on every page that allows you to look for what you want. Just be sure you spell the words correctly. Finally, there is a sort of buying club that is hardly being used at all, but it is the best way to get consistent discounts on everything but it requires a fee and registration which takes place on

There is also a forum that requires registration and approval for posting, but it is the only place where those seriously pursuing health can exchange information, ideas, personal experiences, and research. It is free and is on this site:

Now, let's talk for a moment about these sites. was a spin off of which, in turn, was a spin off of, my second site. As mentioned in the recent Vidanga post under fire and water, there is a system in Ayurveda that involves analysis of the proportions of the elements in food and herbs, actually in everything. The philosophy behind this is profound which is why the systems of medicine built on this concept have survived for thousands of years.

The premise of ancient Indian thought was that the worlds come into being from the mind of God, in this case Brahma. In His meditation, He thinks the Universe into existence and as the thoughts precipitate downwards, they acquire increasing levels of density until they take the material forms that we associate with the third dimension. To give this a context and perhaps tie it in with the event I am celebrating today, I might mention that I first heard the words "third dimension" when facilitating a memory recall experience for someone in Hawaii. There is a story here, of course, there is always a story.

Isabel Hickey was well known in the astrological community. When I met her at the airport in Hawaii, the energy was totally electrifying as she was very, very psychic and immediately saw many of my past lives. She almost shrieked, "So many monks!" Well, if I were at a church barbeque in the Bible Belt, this conversation might have precipitated quite some movement of eyebrows, but we were at the Kona Airport where just about anything goes. Izzie, as she was known to those on a first name basis with her, invested quite a bit of her precious vacation with me and she took the time to demonstrate something called the Awareness Technique. The person who developed the method landed in a mental hospital unable to remember his name, but that seems almost perfectly "normal" to me after seeing the method because on some level, we are what the Hawaiians call the "Aumakua" which has two meanings in Hawaiian. The first meaning is spirit guide and this concept is quite similar to that of many indigenous people who work with totem animals or guides. In Hawaii, the guides are usually specific to a particular group so the whole group might have an owl ( pueo) or a shark as its guide. This tradition seems to be a bit similar to the Maori relationship to whales except that the spirit guides are misty white, not dense physical. The other meaning of aumakua is something like oversoul which can be interpreted as a group or a personal collection of all your own incarnational experiences.

Anyway, to keep from becoming too distracted, I watched how Izzie facilitated this process of connecting with a source that is just beyond our normal perception and then I found people who wanted to "travel" and one them kept talking about a feeling of going into a sort of elevator. When a person is in an altered state, he or she needs a facilitator because the will to create direction is suspended. Let me state this another way. If you give up your ego and allow yourself simply to be, there is nothing pushing or pulling and there is no way to ask yourself a question because you are just a bit too far beyond self to do this. So, the facilitator can ask, "What do you see?" and then suggest that the individual look here or there. The work of a facilitator is very difficult because the suggestions made determine what will be sought and therefore what might be discovered. The suggestions or prompts must, however, be neutral. For instance, if a person describes something that moves up and down, I might ask if he or she would like to approach it closer and depending on what happens next, he or she may or may not go for a ride. In the situation in question, the person started riding upwards and once in a higher dimension provided an absolutely fascinating account of the third dimension. I knew the individual very well and in her "normal" vocabulary, there was no use of this term so it seemed to me that where we are from the higher perception is actually a dimensional state. Clearly, if we are having this conversation in the third dimension, there must be a first and second dimension somewhere and there could be lots of higher dimensions. I set about to explore all of them.

For the record, Izzie was very much involved with huna beliefs so she had a bit of a tendency to bring some of those ideas into her work. The time spent with her was fascinating and it definitely seeded some of my adventures into the unknown.

Now, according to Ayurveda as well as Ancient Greek and even Hildegard of Bingen thought, in this third dimension, everything is built with the elements of air, fire, water, and earth. The ethers are the matrix for what is built and I want to spend a lot of time on this when eventually returning to the Haramein video and the idea that space is 99% empty, well probably 99.9999% empty. It seems unlikely to me that this is straight fact because of what the spider taught me when I was unable to walk for a year due to the bite. She had another story that I will definitely share when I can organize my flow enough.

The idea that is important for now is that there is no clear border between any element because everything is a mixture. Think for a moment, we have water and we recognize it in three forms: ice, liquid, and vapor, but the difference is due solely to the amount of fire present in the water, ice having a drastic shortage of fire and vapor having a lot more fire, but in all these forms, we are still talking about the water element. Likewise, between water and earth, there are many degrees of density from mud to very dry and hard desert soil and granite mountains. The thinner the earth is, the more watery it is, but even water will contain some particulates — that are still 99.9999% empty!

The difference between the elements is their vibration so reality changes when the vibration changes. We are actually "motor morons" of a very specific type, the motor governing our human moronic state being the third eye. To the extent that we write our own software for our own operating systems, we are royally stuck. This is why getting out of our ruts takes effort, but making the effort on one's own terms is just high folly. We have to make the effort on no terms at all, i.e., let it flow and let it reveal itself to us by effortlessness, the divine Mu which we translate as emptiness, but is it? It is "thisness" or "suchness" or anything at all except it is not what we will it to be nor what we imagine it to be. It is Itself in its own Isness.

Now back to the third eye. In the state in which it currently exists for countless earthlings, you can call it the place where habits project themselves into reality. That is about as polite as I can be since the third eye is hardly functioning correctly due to its encrustation with opinions and inertia. We have no idea what would happen if we really had an epiphany of being filled with light? I have been privileged to have seen this a few times in my life and it is beyond awesome. We have no words for this because the language is part of the third dimension and the transcendence makes us interdimensional.

Let me rewind and take another go at this from an entirely different direction. The elements are associated with chakras which are, in turn, influencing the way the endocrine system works. This is why I have taken such a strong stand against synthetic hormones and hormone disruptors. The earth element governs the first chakra, the water the second, fire the third, air the fourth, and then there is the fifth, ether, and then the third eye and what have we now? We are beyond what we associate with third dimensional reality, we are potentially at the level where awareness could be intuitive, not rational or scientific or quantifiable. However, forget it because the third eye is not working as intended because of a litany of misfortunes that would take volumes to describe. What happens now in the third eye is that people project opinion instead of insight and this is pretty tedious.

Hypothetically, the moment one is able to work with the third eye, the third dimension would be transcended. It only exists in your mind so if your mind is somewhere else, it won't notice the bricks and mortar of the third dimension. In my life, I have had the great good fortune of many experiences where perception occurred independently of the third dimension and this, of course, has a big impact on what is accepted as conventional reality.

You would not want me to sign off today without connecting a few more dots, would you? One of the huge reality shifters is not bisphenol A but rather a body hosting parasites. In one veterinary book I read, it was alleged that parasites produce over half the hormones experienced by the host. Gents, let me help you understand this. Think of your PMS wife and how just a tiny hormone imbalance turns the love of your life into a witch and there you have it. We have people locked up in mental institutions who would probably be fine with a little bit of vidanga every day and we have people who fly into rages and who are completely out of control "at times" who probably would benefit by a really good detox. I am not saying that parasites cause PMS or rage but rather that behavior is very often more hormonal than conscious so if parasites are mucking up our plasma with their own jazz, we act out some their reality . . . which is not really what being a human is all about.

So, now for those who got lost, there is an entire web site devoted to parasite cleansing:

For those who couldn't find the UV gadgets, they are here:

I jinxed myself. Right after saying the batteries seem to hold up well, mine needed to be replaced. I use rechargeable batteries and the charger works off a USB port (because my mouse is the main battery drain) so it really was no big deal, but let's say the batteries last more or less a month?

Now, the dots are pretty well in order, but there is another idea I would like to seed. Uranus has been retrograde for four months. It goes direct in about a month and things are going to change much faster once this happens. Change under the impetus of Uranus is often sudden and sometimes injudicious, but Uranus is sympathetic to curiosity so if you cultivate a desire for the truth at all cost, you will probably feel good about what ensues whereas the worst possible strategy would be resistance. By clinging to the familiar, huge jolts are needed to get our attention whereas an intense desire for the good of all beings might bring changes that are for the good of all. Just think about it.

Many blessings,


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