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I am just letting off some steam because someone who gobbled up many hours of my time is very dissatisfied and oblivious to the significance of what I tried to convey . . . so I am reeling back several decades to try to explain some basics about the aura.

The etheric body is the matrix for the physical body and the dense precipitations that we regard as our physicality are shaped in this scaffolding which is also the source of energy for the physical body. The tiny lines in the etheric aura are supposed to be perpendicular to the surface of the skin and evenly spaced . . . oh, and straight. At various times in my life, I have been clairvoyant and could see this but later, I wanted to prove what I knew to be true so I immersed myself in Kirlian photography for a while. Have I ever mentioned that I am curious?

What the photographer and I noted in the experiments we did was that sick people have floppy lines, often completely collapsed and bending every which direction. This has two consequences, at least two. First, there are gaps that expose the person to bombardment because there is no proper mechanism for filtering and conducting energy. Second, there is devitalization, more or less for the same reason, the lines are not organized properly and cannot conduct energy. I signed a contract that I would not publish the images taken during these experiments but later, when I had a clinic, I was seeing a lot of flight attendants. Flight attendants, as we know, are not just travelers, but they are usually gregarious and have lots of time to talk to other flight attendants. Most of them were tired but there was nothing of a pathological nature that accounted for their fatigue so the idea arose that the aura was somehow juxtaposed because of the exposure to x-ray equipment, flying in the ozone, or something else uniquely associated with air travel, such as jet lag.

At this time, I ran into a few very interesting people. One was the late Dr. George Yao, grandson of the Dowager Empress. He invented something called a pulsor and wrote a book on the subject. According to him, the pulsor is an aura amplification device that achieves its end by arranging millions of tiny microcrystals so that the negative pole is always pointed outwards. Please don't quote me exactly because this was nearly 30 years ago and though my memory is good, it's not infallible.

We did in fact test the pulsor using Kirlian photography and did what he said. They straightened the lines of the aura and lengthened the lines. However, if one meditated and projected thought, the same could be achieved and the quality of the aura was superior. The difference, of course, was that with the pulsor, your mind was free for other tasks since it did not have to concentrate on keeping the aura organized.

Next, I ran into some dowsers and we performed some very simple experiments, with and without the pulsors. Basically, if you are curious, you can try this for yourself.

Get two old fashioned metal coat hangers, the type used by dry cleaners. Remove the cardboard, if any, on the long part where slacks hang. Then hold one coat hanger in each hand. Grip them very lightly, as lightly as you can without dropping them. Hold the long part, bottom of the hanger, and have the part that goes over the rod in the closet so that the open part is facing down. Now, get someone to stand on the opposite side of the room or outdoors (if there is no wind). Tap the ends of the hangers together and then hold them straight in front of you (be sure the coat hangers are free to move). Point the hangers towards your test subject and walk slowly towards the person to see when the hangers start to open (as in move outwards). Depending on many factors, the hangers could begin to open at a distance of 75 feet or not until nearly touching the subject.

Both of you take note of where they opened. Now, have your subject touch something electrical, like a light switch, top of the TV (anywhere on the TV), telephone, anything at all. Now, repeat the same adventure. Now, go outside (not under phone lines) and get some fresh air, repeat the experiment. Then, have your subject stand on a cord that is plugged in but obviously "safe" as in not wet or ungrounded. Test again.

What you will discover, I think, is that the aura shifts to the right, always to the right, and it takes a while to get back where it belongs. Now, let's say you have an etheric kidney but it is 20-30 feet from where it belongs so the physical kidney is depleted. It cannot recharge until the aura is back in place. There are people who probably almost never have the experience of an in tact aura. They carry their cell phones with them even when they are hiking or gardening. They sleep with the cell phone or other electrosmog nearby. There are some people whose work exposes them to such high frequencies that they cannot recover during the off hours. Someone should do a study of microwave tower maintenance people and installers. Some of the most difficult conditions I have ever confronted were with people who worked in radiology or near the radiology department of a hospital. The radiologists themselves might be somewhat protected by lead aprons but the clerks across the hall and others might be so severely exposed that their auras are practically never where they belong. In my opinion, the risks of associated with these jobs are every bit as serious as the first relief teams to Chernobyl faced. Hazardous duty allowances can never make up for the ongoing sacrifices these people are making, wittingly or not.

There are two separate, maybe three separate issues, associated with electromagnetic frequencies. The first is vitality. Initially, there is zero pathology associated with the fatigue and enervation. The only problem is that people will not get better until they are free of the aggravating factors and this often means changing jobs, residences, and perhaps also life style. The second complication is not so benign but it can be seen in darkfield microscopy. This illustrates the defense mechanisms the body uses to protect itself from the disorganizing force fields. A significant number of red blood cells act as the front line to guard a few cells that have been chosen to survive. If you watch the male penguins in Antarctica, you can visualize this. The blistering cold is so bad that the males take turns standing on the perimeter and then moving towards the center. They use all their energy to keep the egg warm because they take responsibility for sharing their warmth once the female has spent her energy producing the egg. It's pretty much the same in the same in the blood. The red blood cells work together as a team and they make sacrifices for others on the team. The ones on the outer edge suffer from perforation of the membrane due to electromagnetic fields and once this happens, the cells start to leak. Like the penguins, they may or may not survive. If they do survive, they will be somewhat incapacitated and if they die, they will become debris that the white blood cells have to clean up. Meanwhile, of course, the bone marrow has to replace the cells that succumbed and this puts a lot of stress on the marrow which tends to send out cells that are not fully mature. In this case, the blood might be full of microcytes and have other irregularities that are relatively easy to predict once one connects the dots.

Now, there are petitions circulating urging us to contact our elected officials, oh, good grief, again? We are to ask them to not to blanket our world with more microwave towers but to invest in underground cables. I am sure there are huge lobbies with fraudulent studies that are used to camouflage the risks. However, the proliferation of electromagnetic pollution is a biological experiment that is relatively unsupervised so we have every reason to be concerned. If you are concerned about wireless technologies, you can express your opinion here:

Meanwhile, get some coat hangers and be sure to make it fun!







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