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Posted to Subscribers on 26 June 2007

Over the weekend, I took some time off to watch a few online videos.  I thought many of you would like to view the following interview with Dr. Nick Begich:


For the record, I have a cell phone and I use it occasionally.  I have a little device in it to reduce radiation and I have run some experiments to see if it make a difference.  Subjectively, I feel the phone is less harsh, but I tried to be objective.

I have written before about experiments others have done:  German school children did darkfield blood examinations of classmates who had used cell phones.  Others have cooked eggs, takes a while, but it can be done.  Begich explains this and issues some warnings that are moderate, i.e., he does not scare you into disposing of your cell phone much less knocking down microwave towers, but he offers some advice.

In my experiments, I saw that the blood reorganized itself so as to defend against harm.  It was interesting, but it's always hard to compare what happens on a slide to what might happen inside an artery or vein.  The erythrocytes did become leaky, but some were able to repair themselves over a period of 5-6 hours.  This was an interesting recovery time, but not actually very consoling.

For those who might be inclined to replicate the experiment, I put a cell phone near the microscope stage with the antenna pointing to the slide.  Then, I called the cell phone using my land phone.  I ran the experiments with the Green8 and without.  The Green8 offered modest protection, probably significant, but as Begich suggests, hardly complete.

If I were offering any advice at all about what to do that might be protective, it would probably be to improve the lipid membrane of the erythrocytes.  My work indicates that ghee is the best cooking oil for such purposes, but I don't know how some of the specialty oils would perform, things like black cumin seed oil or even flax oil.  I only looked at ghee in comparison to olive oil, sunflower oil, and sesame oil.



The following page is well worth reading:

Arthur Firstenberg, Killing Fields






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