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Posted to Subscribers on 27 July 2007


From time to time, I want to pass along really simple suggestions that can make your lives easier.

Dogs in Heat

The first today is about chlorophyll.  It really masks odors, including the scent of lady dogs in heat.  I used to breed white Akitas.  I like to say, I had a dynasty of these gorgeous dogs.  At one time, I had two females and a male and both females came into heat at the same time.  I gave them chlorophyll in tablets because if they happen to bite into a capsule, the green goo can be a mess.  It usually takes several, but you will discover the right dosage and eliminate all suitors.  The females are often a little confused by their lack of sex appeal and they may paw the male to try to rouse him from his slumber, but if ever there were proof that it takes a smell to get the hormones cranking, at least in canines, this is where I had my proof —and really, honestly, no unwanted pregnancies but a few ladies who lost their confidence in their appeal.


The second is a direct response to a number of recent inquiries about natural ways to manage insects.  Being that I subscribe to the doctrine of ahimsa, I look for deterrents rather than pesticides.  I have found that the insects hate pungent spices.  If ants start to crawl around, I put a line of cayenne or turmeric or cloves or cinnamon powder to mark my limits.  For instance,  hummingbirds can be so aggessive that they shake the feeder and the sweetened water falls on the ground.  The ants love it there, but if I make a circle of cayenne, they do not gather under the feeder and then get the idea that maybe there is something even better inside the house.  I have also sprayed the inside of the floor registers with cinnamon essential oil because that discourages bugs from taking up residence.  When I am feeling charitable, I create a place for them outside.


For instance, I had bats in the attic of the garage once.  I spent months trying to figure out how to deal with this.  I built bat houses and then put lights in the attic.  They hate the light so they moved to the new accommodations.


Finally, one for everyone.  There are a few halfway decent shampoos and conditioners now.  Once upon a time, I had the base, but I can't source it any more.  I called it "blank" because it was unscented.  I suspect the shelf life is treacherous and they had to discontinue offering this.  However, one of the black cumin shampoos is nearly as bland.  You then create the fragrance of your dreams with your choice of essential oils or you try to conjure up something medicinal, like tulsi to combat the risk of aspergillus from your pillows and aid deep sleep or frankincense for parasites or peppermint for acuity.  I have a lot of fabulous, therapeutic grade oils with thumbnail sketches of their traditional uses and affinity for blends.



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