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Posted to Subscribers on 3 May 2010


Dear Subscribers,

Thank you for your warm response to yesterday's post. It will be continued, but the priority at the moment is our Planet. The moment I go "too far" — whether it is left, right, or center — there are emails from readers that are completely unpublishable. Since there is no one perception upon which everyone can agree, I try to put "it" out there in a way that at least causes a few synapses to fire. Obviously, there are areas in which I have considerable expertise as well as areas in which I have had a long interest. Oh, and like you, I sometimes do have strong personal opinions. So, here it goes.

You know I have been talking about visitors from other parts of the Universe for a long time. It is because they have appeared to me in visions, meditation, and dreams. The ones with whom I have had "contact" are gracious, benevolent, and prepared to help. They have been aware for a long time that we are on a collision course and intervention might be necessary at one minute to midnight. Because of our free will, we have been allowed the opportunity to mend our ways, but when the issues come down to Lady Gaia versus free will, She prevails. They have shown me various technologies and even some plants that are positioned more or less the way we would warehouse emergency supplies for use following an earthquake or tsunami. Everything has been ready for years and years.

They are in possession of technologies completely unknown to the general public. Whether or not certain people functioning within the most secret levels of government have access to any of these technologies, I don't know. Obviously, you can find anything you want online and you will be persuaded by whatever resonates with you. Moreover, since none of my own visions were "real", you can interpret them as hallucinations, wishful thinking, or whatever you want, but if I am deluded, it started a long time ago, around age three. That's more or less when my first memory lodged in consciousness.

To construct a matrix to contain visions, I read, think, surf, sift, discern, etc., and I am absolutely convinced that there are countless people who have had more tangible experiences than mine and that the only reason the existence of these visitors has been ridiculed is that if the extraplanetary technologies were introduced to our Planet, the power structure would topple. In short, the reason governments have tried to hide realities is not because the visitors would give rise to fear but rather they would usher in an era in which the politicians and the corporations backing them become obsolete. Since the governments of the world are quick to spread fear when it suits them, fear is not the reason for secrecy. If you doubt this, ask why we live in a nuclear age with manmade biological weapons positioned all over the globe.

Okay, you are either totally on the same page with me or bristling.

As it appears to me at this time, we do not have a technological solution for Deepwater Horizon, the weird name given to what is probably the biggest ecological nightmare of recorded history. As one author put it, "We drilled into hell" and whether or not this is straight fact is less important than what each of us can now do in the way of damage control.

Several ideas have crossed my mind. One is to invite the visitors to appear. They have said, through their many spokespersons, that they are waiting to be welcomed. We need them. It's time to invite them.

Secondly, each of us can pray for the highest good of all concerned. If one person prays for this and another for that, we create chaos in the ethers. Thus, in my opinion, "the highest good" is always safe and, as I have sometimes reported in the past, we are often surprised by the wisdom of those who might know what the highest good is. To refresh your memories and perhaps stimulate you to devote some time and energy to planetary rescue, I will retell the story of the fire at Los Alamos that was blazing shortly before I left Santa Fe. That also was a very high risk situation. If the nuclear waste had gone into the Rio Grande, the Gulf and eventually all waters of the world would have become radioactive. The number of barrels of recklessly stored waste was staggering. Sometimes, the lids were not even on the 55 gallon drums and sometimes the drums were rusted through and very few were properly buried. Some people wanted wind to blow out the fire, some wanted rain. As Ammachi was arriving for her annual visit, I noticed it started to drizzle. Then, it stopped, then it started. I was sitting in the La Fonda Hotel with a visitor from Australia and we burst out laughing because, obviously, this was the highest good . . . and why didn't we think of it ourselves!

In the present situation, I have no idea what the highest good is, but I know we need to invoke it.

Lastly, as a result of some book purchases for the research on regeneration, I have received a lot of emails from publishers, including one that sparked my interest. You can read about it here:


There is a nice visual presentation, but what apparently happened is that two ceremonies were conducted simultaneously with the result that India and Pakistan resumed dialogues and lowered the tensions between the two countries, the weather shifted for the better, and various nearly impossible to explain phenomena occurred that pundits are now trying to interpret and publish.

In the last few days, I have received truly an abhorrent number of angry emails, and I want to caution people that furling fury at those whose behavior is irritating rarely results in improved relationships. We are each of us responsible for mastering our triggers and managing our reactions to situations that displease us. Unfortunately, even if BP was remiss and even if we are angry or terrified, it won't help anyone to rant and rave. There are positive ways to respond, but they may take a few deep breaths and an act of faith that your thoughts can influence outcomes. Going into deep terror only paralyzes you and whoever else is affected by your fear. Rage, of course, is even riskier.

I believe many situations appear to be out of our limited control which is why I often advise sitting under a tree, in silence, because at least we begin to hear something other than our jumbled thoughts which, likely as not, consist of a wild hodge podge of media bytes and nervous responses to input. Let your aura regroup and then calmly ask if there is anything constructive you can do to lessen the risks.

On another note, there is a queer upside to this situation. People are disgusted with obsolete technology and the fuels used to support those technologies. The green revolution will only gain in momentum now. Included in this is free energy. I know I have posted on this subject before but the technology exists and could be implemented if the political obstacles were eliminated. Those of course only exist because of the interests the politicians serve. I believe change will be very rapid now.

Many blessings,



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